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  1. drumgadget

    Tama HP50 to Strap/Belt Drive?

    Thanks, Joe61 - The beater rod is a piece of stainless that I had shaped some time ago to work with my edrum trigger; I think those minimalist beater heads are a Tama product, at least originally. You could get a variety of materials on the striker face, from felt to hard rubber. The heads...
  2. drumgadget

    Tama HP50 to Strap/Belt Drive?

    Here's a pic of my (lightly) modded HP50 - changes are the shaped beater shaft, allowing the cam to be rotated back (retarded); and an added bump on the cam nose to inrease the snap action. I like it ......... !
  3. drumgadget

    DW 5000 Single Pedal

    This was really a great buy for someone ....... the DW 5000 is really the zenith of the old Martin-Gretsch-Camco-Tama design pedals, at least from a quality standpoint. A couple of points: first, the chain-drive sprockets really don't lend themselves to conversion to strap drive, mostly...
  4. drumgadget

    Mounted a cymbal stand off my bass this morning.

    Pretty much all of my kits have some sort of bass drum mounted ride cymbal arm, either a classic-style "L" arm on a dedicated mount plate or a boom tilter clamped to a central rack tom mounting post. The INDe BR-3 combination lug figures into a couple of those setups. I always play a...
  5. drumgadget

    Tama HP50 to Strap/Belt Drive?

    Sure it can ........ hey, anything can be done (within reason!). You might have to make a rather narrow leather strap - say, 1/2" - 5/8" wide - but this could be simply exchanged for the chain. I thought about doing this on my HP50 ........ I'm a confirmed "strap drive guy" ........, but...
  6. drumgadget

    OT - looking for portable Bluetooth Speaker Recommendations

    + 1 on the Oontz - very useful for "near-field" monitoring (like on a desk or table top), pretty impressive bass response and overall smooth frequency response. Runs for quite awhile on a charge, convenient USB charging of the built-in Li battery. Mike
  7. drumgadget

    Sometimes I Forget: Bill Stewart's Smoothness

    Good idea not to forget ......... Check out Bill's brushwork with Bill Charlap and The New York Trio: One of the more interesting brush solos I know of .......... Mike
  8. drumgadget

    Who Is The Best Cymbal Player?

    Victor Lewis Jeff Ballard Brian Blade Bill Stewart Tony Vinnie and oh yeah ........ Elvin
  9. drumgadget

    Bent/Warped Cymbal repair: Anyone tried this???

    Does the bend or warp affect the sound in any way? Mike
  10. drumgadget

    Attended a clinic by Jeff Hamilton

    One of my greatest inspirations as a player. Like many others, I consider his brushwork to be without peer. I'll never forget seeing Jeff play a date with Joey DeFrancesco at the Steamers club during the NAMM show back in '04 or so ....... that was when Joey was sounding a bit more "fusion-y"...
  11. drumgadget

    Axis Remote Hi-Hat

    Remote hats are fun ....... I've got a fixed X-hat pair in my practice kit over on the right. But when I'm gigging, I keep it simple ....... and light! M.
  12. drumgadget

    oil on wire brushes

    I think you can pretty much expect anything made of steel from China to be coated with a thin, weird smelling oil. Definitely a rust preventative measure ..... I've seen it mostly on machine tool parts; that hardened steel seems particularly susceptible to oxidation. Mike
  13. drumgadget

    Axis Remote Hi-Hat

    Hey there ..... and welcome! Looks like a nice job you've done there! Seems like your hats are located over on the right side of your kit; how long is the cable? Some years ago I built something similar, more or less from scratch - see pics. My goal was a "center hi-hat", so my cable was...
  14. drumgadget

    12mm ball L-arm with longer horizontal part?

    Hey Doc Polis - Good to have you aboard! I too have wrestled with this problem; the only "solution" I've come up with is using one of the flat tabular ball mounts (I think Gibraltar makes one) clamped to a 1" center post. This gives you about a 2" offset to the left compared to the dedicated...
  15. drumgadget

    I need to repair my DW9000 pedal and I found this video. I can't stop laughing!!!!

    I admit that I have not made it all the way through this "production" ......... But I will say, as a reasonably skilled machinist, and a drummer reasonably familiar with DW pedals, the use of LocTite adhesive, and a person with a certain amount of patience .......... : This video reminds me of...
  16. drumgadget

    Acousticon drum shells

    In all fairness, that kit had a hard life; heavily gigged, carelessly handled, and obviously not well maintained. But it was needed for a rehearsal space, so patched up it is ......... I personally own a set of Leggero toms - 10-12-14 - used them very little, but they still look nearly new and...
  17. drumgadget

    Acousticon drum shells

    I don't believe that they did ....... sadly. I had to repair/replace (1) bass drum spurs, (2) tom mounts, (3) RIMs connection to the rack tom shells, (4) numerous stripped threads (HeliCoil fix), and most problematic (5) a severely warped cast batter hoop on the 12" tom. This last is still...
  18. drumgadget

    Acousticon drum shells

  19. drumgadget

    A funny 2:1 ratio...

    Oh, just a little review of high school algebra ......... Who knows, folks ..... it might just come in handy some day! M.