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  1. Nacci

    Favorite groove drummers.

    I absolutely agree with Vinny Appice. I also think McBrain is a great groove drummer. He is always in lock step with Steve Smith and Dave Murray but because Smith’s compositions are so complex McBrain can be a little tough to cover. ....and let’s not forget about Phil Rudd. He could groove a...
  2. Nacci

    Nicko leaves Sonor for British Drum Co

    I play Sonor drums but don’t really have any loyalty to the company as it stands today and what drums a fella plays is somewhat irrelevant to me. Perhaps McBrain answered the call of Nationalist pride and decided to throw his considerable influence behind the home team. What kind of support do...
  3. Nacci

    Nicko leaves Sonor for British Drum Co

    That’s a tough loss for Sonor right there. If I were them I’d be sending Steve Smith a van load of Russian hookers. The graphics on McBrain’s new BDC Drum are amazing.
  4. Nacci

    Sabians, Zildjians

    I’m interested in the 22” K Hi Def. I have 16” Paiste crashes in 2002, 2002 Thin, Sig Full, Sig Fast, Sig Power ...and a 17” Dark Energy to offer up for trade.
  5. Nacci

    Repair this?!

    I have had good luck repairing cracked bells with JBWeld. Before you toss it I would try that. Maybe even drill some holes through the crack so that the JB creates a bridge through both side. Might even use some mesh drywall tape imbedded along the worst of it. Brazing is really the...
  6. Nacci

    22" Zildjian K Light

    Hello Michaelg, no, I have not heard a 22” in person. 22” is just the ride size I love. I have been mostly listening to YouTube videos from Memphis Drum Shop. Now that gives me an idea, they list their cymbal weight, I forgot that. That could help me figure out what weigh sounds best to me.
  7. Nacci

    22" Zildjian K Light

    After a whole life of being a Paiste Man, I have fallen hard for the K Lights. I just picked up a set of 15" hats and 24" ride. I am on the hunt for a 22" ride and of the two I am considering one is listed as 2524 grams and the other 2370. Could you fellas educate me what these weight...
  8. Nacci

    Suitcase Drum Kit Survey

    I use mine quite a bit. People love the look of it and always come up and compliment how I can get so much sound out of this little bad boy.
  9. Nacci

    22" paiste blue bell ride

    I’d like to own this bad boy. I’m going to follow this thread in case you open up your trade options.
  10. Nacci

    Help with Wonderwall fill timing at 2:07

    Interesting version of these boys kicking this thing off live. The fill comes a bit early. I thought the guitar rushed the tempo in the beginning and the drummer fell in line.
  11. Nacci

    OT: Which Is Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album?

    Yep, Physical Graffiti has everything you could want from the Mighty Zep.
  12. Nacci

    Who Is the Best Rock Drummer of 2019?

    Carey is probably a lot better Drummer than I even know. Undertow blew my mind as a twenty year old. My friend took me to one of their concerts and I remember sitting there thinking how dark the whole thing was, like some kind of Black Mass. I dropped them after that and never listened again.
  13. Nacci

    Who Is the Best Rock Drummer of 2019?

    Well, the whole scene changed in a blink of an eye, the culture, the fashion, the “it” girl, everything. So, within that new “Rock” Paradigm I’m going with Matt Cameron.
  14. Nacci

    Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

    Is not Mitchell’s count in to “All along the Watchtower” the same and done years before?
  15. Nacci

    Who Is the Best Rock Drummer of 2019?

    I’d be the last guy to ask. Ask me who the best rock drummer from “91” is and I’d have something to say.
  16. Nacci

    Help with Wonderwall fill timing at 2:07

    Didn’t someone post an interview with Doane Perry from Jethro Tull where he said, something to the effect, that he was in the States touring and an established American drummer complimented him on the “stumpability” of his drumming and he said that it was because they were all self taught...
  17. Nacci

    Help with Wonderwall fill timing at 2:07

    I remember this puzzle well. We were hiring bass players, I told our band leader, don’t pick this guy, he is not solid...but he did and came with a list of a half dozen songs that he wanted to do including Wonderwall. Wonderwall, what kind of teenybopper nonsense?...But I soon learned that it...
  18. Nacci

    Qsn about the history of Ochletree Tree Bronze drums

    What always stumped me about Ocheltree is the margins. Any of us who have had experience with Duluth know what a drilled shell and hoops cost shipped. My understating is that his iconic lugs were machined by a friend that has passed but my guess is that his end cost on those were $250-300 a set...
  19. Nacci

    Qsn about the history of Ochletree Tree Bronze drums

    First time I heard about Ocheltree was when a fella who was a real heavy hitter in the Vintage Sonor world sent me a link to a thread here which detailed an expose from a member who got burned by Ocheltree. I had been kicking the weeds in Vintage Sonor land trying to flush the foundry that cast...
  20. Nacci

    Are these from Sunluck publishing?

    Looks like he can play drums to me, and he’s singing...and there is not an other drummer on stage doing all the heavy lifting. Much respect Micky.