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    Bonham Thermo gloss Self made?

    Hello, Does anyone have made experience with building a ludwig Thermo gloss replica in the Bonham sizes? Maybe I will buy the shells by keller shells. The sizes: Bass Drum: 26" x 14" x2 (mounted) tom: 14" x 12" Floor tom 1: 16" x 16" Floor tom 2: 18" x 16" I have no Idea how to get...
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    Ringo's Paiste Giant Beat

    I have searched for over than eleven years. Now I have found some good pics for the evidence that Ringo has played a Paiste Giant Beat 20". I compared it with mine
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    Ringo's Cymbal ?

    Hello, I have found this Pic in the Movie Help. And i thought this must be a special Cymbal. Look at this Kind of ring around the edge of this cymbal. So what a kind of Cymbal is this? I'm pretty sure somebody knows. :D Thanks, Alex