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    My Rosewood Slingerland Spitfires

    I have two of these 12-lug beauties wrapped in factory rosewood: A five ply 5.5 X 14 and a 3-ply 6.5 X14, both circa 1980. I have yet to fix the small nicks in the finish (easy), but the hardware is near perfect. The finish of the 5-ply is slightly darker. 0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-1 by...
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    For You Rogers Folks

    Kinda ironic that this was the home of the "Big-R" drums. :confused1:
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    Oddly Even Yellowing

    In the Rogers world, I believe "yellowing" is called "Spanish-Gold-ing". :rolleyes:
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    Identifying Slingerland Drum set?

    Wow! I always though the 70's set-o-matic hose-clamp strengthener was kinda cheesy, but I never saw that ugly section of hose before ! Hoses and hose clamps? Sprinkler-land Drums!
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    Modern Version of This Hoop Cymbal Mount?

    I bought a Ludwig arm mount in the 1970's, and it was secure enough for my 8" splash! But it did indent and scratch the hoop.
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    The Buddy Rich Show 1982

    Too bad the network didn't buy the show. Those Luddies do sound nice! At the end of each episode, it was planned that Buddy would take a random audience member into a bus and scream obscenities at him. :director:
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    Bass Drum Pedal Collection, Any Other Collectors Out There?

    Curious. Are there any modern pedals that you like to play?
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    Question for the rogers experts

    Funkypoodle: "Trunk paint?" - don't you mean "special sonic coating"? :confused1:
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    Forty Three Years Later....

    You remember correctly!
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    Forty Three Years Later....

    I have a pre-Memrilock Rogers Supreme stand, a tubular Slingerland BR, and a Capelle/Promark hi-hat stand - all in near mint condition. The Supreme is by far my favorite. I used to have your exact model, and a matching bass pedal, but my socks kept sliding off the Big R versions!
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    USSR BASS DRUM-look at those rods!

    I guessing that the factory manager was told that all decadent, western bass drums have claws ... ?
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    Slingerland (not mine) Avante kit on eBay

    I always thought it was sketchy for Slingerland to have to mount two tom-mounts - a single and a double setomatic - in order to do this. Two sets of five holes, in the same plane, doubtless weakens things. Rogers made a special triple mount for their "Londoner Six". Slingerland should have made...
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    Slingerland (not mine) Avante kit on eBay

    I wonder what the long term affect was of having three large heavy toms mounted on a bass drum was ? Would 3-ply Avanti's eventually slightly squish out of round, if left set up for long periods?
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    Yamaha Canadian Maple drums??

    Back in 2011, Sonor was promoting a special line of Canadian Maple drums, presented here by one of my favorite young lady-drummers, Quebec artist Emmanuelle Caplette:
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    What is wrong with people??

    I hope so - a rare thing it is, that green-eighteen!
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    What is wrong with people??

    That 18" tom is suspended somehow from a stand - but by what kind of mounting - more tube?
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    10 & 12 or 12 & 13 toms?

    I use a 10" and a 13" (Rogers, resonant, and black) on a stand to my left, with an 18" floor tom. To which I can add a 16" floor and/or two 8" toms of varying depths on a boom over the hats, if desired.
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    1980s Rogers R-360

    Then you shall have another! :blob3:
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    1980s Rogers R-360

    On an aside, a few years ago, I never even heard of the "Gypsy-jazz" genre, of which you play, but now I'm a huge fan of it!. The Avalon Jazz Band is a favorite of mine, although they don't always employ a drummer: