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  1. mfryed2112

    Splash holder

    Looking for something very specific. A holder for a splash, just a short straight tube where the bottom would slip over and tighten onto a ludwig L-rod, dame L-Rod that is used to hold a tom on a classic double tom post. I use a double tom post but only one tom, on the right side over my ride...
  2. mfryed2112

    Deal? Yes, for sure

    Facebook market place $175.00, cymbals zildjian scimitar and Yamaha rydeen. Basically a free supra, (1964) my buddies nephew needed a good snare, I resold it all for 200, hes a happy camper
  3. mfryed2112

    Cheap lugs and claws

    I need 2 of these lugs for a bass drum and 4 of these t rods and claws
  4. mfryed2112

    Rogers info needed

    Based on this picture, what do you see along with a possible value? Looks like there is a radio king tom in there also
  5. mfryed2112

    Jethro tull 1970

    Very cool and raw
  6. mfryed2112

    Ludwig gong

    Any idea who made it ?
  7. mfryed2112

    Ludwig 6 ply maple floor tom

    Looking for a 16 inch 6 ply rounded corner blue/olive badged natural maple floor tom, chrome has to be minty and the finish of the drum needs to be close to that, tell me what you have?
  8. mfryed2112


    these came with a really nice set of ludwigs that I flipped. The drums were bought and put away in cases . The cymbals are a different story, homemade logos. There is no damage. Paiste/ludwig 19 and 10, the 19 sounds more like a crash than a ride. Homemade logo will clean off easily. Zildjian...
  9. mfryed2112

    New Sabian models

    has anyone had the chance to play the AAX thin hats or rides? They really sound nice in the videos I have seen and I bet they are fun to play
  10. mfryed2112

    Sold Zildjian new beats

    14 inch new beats, not new, but I can’t even find a stick mark on them. So let’s just call them new, holes are good, no cracks, no edge dings, no bends, no nothin, just new, lol, $125.00 shipped
  11. mfryed2112

    Ludwig finish question

    lates 80’s, classic kit, red laquer paint, what is it called?
  12. mfryed2112

    Sabian crash/splash set

    10,16,18 AA metal-x cymbals, these are in great shape with no damage, lightly played. These are not heavy cymbals and don’t play like heavy metal type cymbals. They sound great $225.00 shipped
  13. mfryed2112

    Slingerland jellybean sparkle kit

    Stage band drums I have a blue sparkle bass drum and a green sparkle snare drum. I need to get the 12 and 14 wrapped, I want a purple sparkle drum for sure, need one other color not sure of what color I want? black sparkle, red sparkle, gold sparkle, pink sparkle, pink champagne, maroon...
  14. mfryed2112

    OT: New type of show
  15. mfryed2112

    Tama I spy

    What do you see, $200.00
  16. mfryed2112

    Zildjian ?

    It's a 12 inch, what is it? Military?
  17. mfryed2112

    Zildjian cymbal set

    These Were all bought together, No damage or issues whatsoever they just need a light cleaning $250.00 shipped or best offer 18 inch medium ride 16 inch thin crash 14 inch new beats
  18. mfryed2112

    Sonor, big question

    explain the different lines, what's what's, what's maple, birch, beech, jazz, rock etc etc
  19. mfryed2112

    Sold Zildjian and paiste

    14 inch 2002 crash 740 grams 14 inch zildjian hollow logo hats, not sure what these are, the bottom cymbal has 4 holes like a quick beat, could be prototype ??? I really don't know, looks factory Top weighs 960 grams Bottom weighs 1280 grams, I played them, they sound good. 20 inch, I am not...
  20. mfryed2112

    Zildjian hi hat question

    I have a set of new beat hi hats, the bottom has four extra holes in it like a quick beat bottom, hollow logo, has anyone ever seen anything like this ? 14 inch