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  1. TheBeachBoy

    Halloween Gig Sunday

    We didn't really have any Halloween gigs this year (Friday the singer and I had two gigs & no gig Sat.), so we decided to dress up yesterday. A fan/friend of ours dressed up as our bass player. He told me and the guitarist about it a couple weeks ago, so with that knowledge I decided to dress up...
  2. TheBeachBoy

    The smallest stage

    We've all played small stages, but I think this one wins for smallest. They're called De Vierkante Meter, which literally means "One Square Meter" Here's one video of them:
  3. TheBeachBoy

    What's going on with this kit?

    I saw this on Reddit. The more you look, the worse it gets. I figured DFO could use a little levity after some of the more serious threads here lately.
  4. TheBeachBoy

    4th of July weekend gig

    Played a Scottsdale bar called Rockbar this Saturday. We were worried that because it was the weekend after the 4th that everybody would either still be out of town or too burnt out to come out. Fortunately we were very wrong and we had one of the best turnouts we've ever had there. It was...
  5. TheBeachBoy

    OT: It's been a month of fatherhood

    It's been a month since my son was born. Good grief does time fly when you're busy feeding and changing diapers... My wife's parents were here for a week (they live out-of-state) and my mom stayed a couple nights, plus my sister, brother & sister-in-law stopped by a few times to help out too...
  6. TheBeachBoy

    OT: I'm a dad!

    My wife started having some light contractions Friday afternoon, but not so bad that I had to skip my gig. Made it back home a little after 10 pm and the contractions were getting stronger and more consistent. She tried going to sleep, but they were getting bad enough we went to the hospital...
  7. TheBeachBoy

    OT: Weezer's (surprise) Teal Album

    So Weezer just released their Teal Album before they release the Black Album in March. There was no promotion or hint that it even existed, just "Here it is!" Of course, it starts off with "Africa" and includes mostly 80's covers by the Eurythmics, a-ha, Tears for Fears, but also throws in the...
  8. TheBeachBoy

    Most Favorite Cover Songs To Play

    Inspired by the other thread with your least favorite songs to cover, what are some of your most favorite songs to play? I'll start: To Love Somebody - The Bee Gees Girl - Neil Diamond I Am...I Said - Neil Diamond Luckenbach, Texas - Waylon Jennings Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks Pretty...
  9. TheBeachBoy

    INDe BR3

    I'm looking at the BR3 to add onto my Rogers bass drum to replace a lug for a cymbal L-arm. It looks like these mounts will fit 1 to 2" hole spacing, and the Rogers has a 60mm spacing (just under 2 3/8") center to center. Does anyone know if the BR3 hole spacing is also center to center? I'm...
  10. TheBeachBoy

    Halloween Costumes

    I know Halloween isn't until Wednesday, but most parties happened over the weekend. Who dressed up for either a party or a gig or both? I'll start: This was at my regular Sunday gig. Turd Ferguson. It's a funny name.
  11. TheBeachBoy

    My band's album release!

    After more than a year in the process, we're finally releasing our album "Original." We chose the name since we didn't want to get known solely as a cover band. Track 8 "Freefall" does have the word "f*ck" in it twice, so be warned. Other than that, it should be safe to play at work/home/around...
  12. TheBeachBoy

    My band on the TV

    We played one of our songs from our upcoming album on a local news program, Good Morning Arizona. We didn't get much of soundcheck as we could only play during commercial breaks, so I didn't know it was a fairly bad mix (acoustic guitar is way too loud), but it was still fun. I mic'ed the drums...
  13. TheBeachBoy

    OT: Another mashup

    Inspired by Merlin5 and this thread, I remembered a mashup I made a couple years ago. A friend of mine came up with the idea and I ran with it. I'm pretty proud of it.
  14. TheBeachBoy

    OT: Baby update: Boy or girl poll -- UPDATED

    We're going to reveal the sex of our baby next Sunday at my homebase gig (we've played there 10 years and feels like a second home). We're setting up a display board where people can mark their guess, then I'll announce it right before we go back for our second set (we only do 2 long sets...
  15. TheBeachBoy

    Thurdsay and Friday gigs

    We had a pretty busy weekend, kicking off on Thursday. Both Thurs and Fri we played at Bartlett Lake (about a half hour outside of Phoenix). It was for the Barrow Neurological Institute's "Day On The Lake" to give those with physical and neurological disabilities an opportunity to have some fun...
  16. TheBeachBoy

    OT-ish: My band's new album being released

    Some of you may remember my thread last year about recording our album. Well, after lots of back and forth between the band and with the producer, plus figuring out the artwork, we're finally releasing it this fall. It's 10 originals and I can't wait for the CD release party. It's been a long...
  17. TheBeachBoy

    OT: I'm gonna be a dad

    As the title says, my wife and I are going to have a kid. The expected due date is Feb 1st, which is a day before my wife's birthday, so there's a chance they may end up with the same b-day which I think is kinda cool. All my friends/bandmates call me Ringo (Ringo Fire), so that's why I put it...
  18. TheBeachBoy

    New (to me) Rogers drums

    Apparently I just wrote a novel. Bear with me or jump to the end for pictures: So, a long-time friend of mine just gave me this kit...well, more like an indefinite loan. He's a singer/guitarist and in the past he's had me record drum tracks for himself and his studio, and plans to do a lot more...
  19. TheBeachBoy

    Bass drum spur failure

    When I was setting up my bass drum for my gig last night I felt that very distintive "pull" when a bolt is about to give way due to being stripped. Sure enough, one more little turn of the wingnut and it stripped out completely. This kit is close to 20 years old and was my main gigging kit for...
  20. TheBeachBoy

    Ludwig Breakbeat tom arm

    Does anyone know where to find a tom arm post with a ball L-arm and an accessory clamp? This is what my Breakbeats use, but I couldn't really find anything similar that has the post as well. Most are just made to clamp a tom to a cymbal stand. The diameter of the L-arm isn't too critical as I'm...