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  1. MrDrums2112

    PA Drum Show

    Anyone headed to PA this coming weekend? I'll be with JoeyBoom at his booth. Stop by and say hello!
  2. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD** TRS 6x14 Snare - LOWER PRICE

    For sale is a beautiful TRS Custom Craft series 6x14 snare. The shell is maple/mahogany, the finish is called “Caribbean Blue”. 8 lugs, Trick throw, PureSound wires and maple hoops. Serious deep tone on this one, especially with the wood hoops. I have not tried it with flanged hoops, but you’d...
  3. MrDrums2112

    Paiste Sig Trad Medium Light Hats

    I picked up a pair of these (used) at the CT Drum Show. Wow! These hats might be the best I have ever played. I don’t know much about them at all - I do know they are the sound I think about when I consider the “perfect” hi-hat all around sound, if you know what I mean. Anyone else playing these?
  4. MrDrums2112

    Nicko McBrain & Iron Maiden

    Last week, I went to see Iron Maiden (Hartford, CT). I had last seen them back in the 80s. They were absolutely fantastic. I'm not sure I was expecting them to be as good as they were. It was 2 hours of on your feet intensity and tons of fun. And Nicko McBrain, character that he is, was just...
  5. MrDrums2112

    Paiste Bell Ride

    Thinking of pulling the trigger on the 22” Reflector Bell Ride (Nicko McBrain signature ride). Anyone have one of these? Thoughts?
  6. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD**Amedia 20” Flat Ride

    For sale is a Dervish series flat ride, 20”. Beautiful and shimmery. No issues at all. $185 shipped. In another thread I’ve got the 15” hats to go with it, and would be willing to do a package deal.
  7. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD**Amedia 15” hats...

    For sale is a set of 15” Amedia Dervish series hi hats. The bottom hat is flat with 4 holes (from factory - these have not been modified). I am the original owner - there are no issues with these cymbals at all. These are dark and dry, and the holes in the bottom cymbal allow for a quick, dry...
  8. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD** Paiste Masters Dark Crash

    For sale is a Paiste Masters 18” Dark Crash. At 1300 grams this is a fantastic sounding cymbal, great swells, dark and slightly trashy. No issues whatsoever aside from some stick marks. $285 shipped.
  9. MrDrums2112

    New Snare...

    Thanks to my good friend (and fellow N&C enthusiast) RickP for this one - a 5x14 Maple Solid Shell Classic. I had one of these in piano black for about 20 years. I let go of it a few years back to a forum member (can’t remember who - if you’re out there give me a shout!). It’s the only drum I...
  10. MrDrums2112

    NO LONGER FOR SALE - Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic

    For sale is a 4.75 x 14, 10 lug, Alloy Classic snare. It is a cast aluminum shell. This shell dates back to 2001, I believe, and it had powder coated hardware on it at one time. All of that was replaced and updated by Nick Jones at N&C. It now has black chrome, triple flanged hoops and black...
  11. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD**TRS Piccolo Snare

    For sale is a TRS Studio Series Maple Piccolo Snare (3.75 x 14). Lacquer finish in “midnight stain” - it is purple-ish / blue-ish, you can see the wood grain through it - very classy looking with the black chrome hoops. Painted white interior, wooden badge, sharp and precise bearing edges, great...
  12. MrDrums2112

    Small changes...

    I play a 4 piece set up these days, with drums and cymbals in the usual places. Today I made a small change. I moved the rack tom over to my right, where the ride usually goes. I moved the ride to where I’d normally place the rack tom. Although it seems strange (and my OCD is making it tough...
  13. MrDrums2112

    State of the Snare Collection

    The snare arsenal has undergone several changes over the past 3 years or so. Yes, they all get played. First up are the Slingerlands - ‘59 Capri Pearl and it is indeed a Radio King. Next to that is another RK, a ‘49 BDP. The COB Sound King has many battle scars and is slightly out of round, but...
  14. MrDrums2112

    New Snare Day!

    So today I picked up this beautiful N&C Walnut Solid Shell piccolo (from Nick Jones at the N&C shop). What a fantastic drum, I am really excited to play this one. Also, earlier this month, RickP and I made a trade - he now has a killer 5x14 solid shell tulip, and I have this amazing 6x14 TRS...
  15. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD** 15" Paiste Giant Beat Hats

    For sale is a set if 15" GB hats. There are no issues at all with these. The top cymbal is more of a brown-ish color than the typical green GB tint. Hard to tell from the pics. These are not particularly loud hats, but they are very musical and blend well with such a wide variety of other...
  16. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD** 14" Die Cast Snare Hoops

    I believe these are DW hoops. Chrome, die cast, 14 inch 10-lug snare hoops, top and bottom. No issues at all with these. $85 shipped for the pair.
  17. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD** 2 Paiste Sound Formula Splash Cymbals...

    12" Sound Formula Splash - no issues, great little cymbal - $85 shipped. 10" Sound Formula Splash - has some minor dings, no cracks. Nice splash - $30 If you want the pair, I'll do $100 shipped.
  18. MrDrums2112

    No Longer For Sale! N&C Solid Shell Tulip Snare

    For sale is a 5 x 14 solid shell tulipwood snare - gloss finish, 10 lugs, die-cast hoops. This is a great drum - I find it to be very full and lively. Tune it up high and it is like a gun shot, and tuned low (which is where I really prefer it), it has incredible depth and body. It is quite...
  19. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD** Noble & Cooley Walnut Ply Snare

    This is a 4.75 x 14 walnut ply snare, natural matte finish, brass lugs (8 lugs), and it is in great condition - no issues at all. Usually these come with black chrome hardware - this is one of the first batch of the walnut ply snares that N&C made. I bought it directly from them as a "web...
  20. MrDrums2112

    OT - Depression & Anxiety

    So, like a lot of people, I usually go through a "winter blues" period right after the holidays - from January until about March or so. It has never really been something that I have not been able to plow through before, and once the weather warms up a bit I am good to go. However, this year, it...