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  1. drumgadget

    Gretsch "Monster Mount" retrofit

    Well, I finally got around to doing something about the unsightly W & A mount on my '70's Gretsch 12x8" tom. After (1) trying to actually use it, and (2) using a RIMS mount, and (3) replacing one of the tension lugs with the swell INDe BR-3 combi-mount ....... I got sick of staring at the...
  2. drumgadget

    "Guilty" - Streisand/Gibb duet

    Anyone remember this song from 1980? Or better yet, tried to cover it? I was "free associating" last night on YouTube, listening to 70s and 80s pop stuff; a group I play with has been "tasked" with adding more recognizable pop to our repertoire...
  3. drumgadget

    Suspension Mount for 14" floor tom

    Anyone got one of these they would like to sell? I'd prefer the older style RIMS setup, with the leg clamps (not fussy here, just good) if possible. I've got LOTS of legs lying around ........ ! My tom is a Gretsch 8-lug 14x12. Thanks, Mike
  4. drumgadget

    Anyone heard young Elé Howell?

    Wondering if any SF Bay Area drummers have seen this 17-year old phenom? He is the son of veteran sax player Richard Howell; I saw him last night sitting in for a couple of tunes with Babatunde Lea's group in Healdsburg (Sonoma County). This is the second time I've seen this kid ....... he...
  5. drumgadget

    WTB: Axis Vortex Lite cymbal stands

    Hello all - Anyone have one of these and feel that it's just TOO light? Let me know if you would like to sell or trade it; any condition OK. Axis model # is LCS, I think ..... or LCS-B with the boom. Thanks, Mike
  6. drumgadget

    Any Bill Frisell fans in here?

    I just had the great privilege of hearing Bill with the legendary Charles Lloyd .... not with the entire recorded group, but just the two of them. Intimate and inspiring ..... and right here in my little hometown of Healdsburg CA. So that in turn sent me to the computer to fill in the vast...
  7. drumgadget

    Rogers swivo-era floor tom/bass drum conversion

    Hello all - Not really sure if this belongs in the Builder's Workshop as opposed to the Vintage Venue, but thought I'd start here. I own a Rogers swivo-era 18x16" floor tom that was re-purposed by a previous owner; it is really a pretty decent sounding bop bass drum now (in one of my practice...
  8. drumgadget

    Axis hardware

    Anyone out there using Axis Vortex hardware ....... particularly snare and cymbal stands? I've recently picked up on this stuff, after years of familiarity with the Axis bass drum pedal. I really dig the light weight and precise feel of the stands; admittedly, the price is a downside. So I've...
  9. drumgadget

    Wanted: drum rental - Boston Area in May 2014

    Hello all - I am returning to Boston in mid-May for my (yikes!) 50th College Reunion. We are putting on a Revue show; I'll be playing in the onstage combo (trio or quartet) backing some of the musical numbers. I'm in California, so I'd like to find a decent bop size shell pack in the Boston...
  10. drumgadget

    Hello All!

    Another refugee from Cymbalholic here ........ Thanks for the updates on the status of our beloved "addiction enabler" ........ perhaps Drumforum will become one also! Mike MacKenzie Corte Madera CA drumgadget