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    Istanbul Agop 21" Signature Thin Ride ~2080 grams

    I guess the seller changed his mind . I also sent a pm with an offer to buy.
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    Turk Flat Ride 22 Agop $350

    Pm Sent
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    WTB: Camco L.A. 12" Stradivarius Tom Tom

    Hey there, I have one but would need a Mahogany to take its place. Find one and its yours! h.
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    Sonor Phonics late 70's early 80's

    If you change your mind about Rosewood, I can put you in touch with a cat that is looking to move a beautiful 22-10-12-13 with 14-16 on the floor. h.
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    clean Zildjian K Istanbul 20" thin ride, 1850g for older 3pc ludwig / gretsch

    Hey there, Any chance of hearing this? Thanks, h.
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    Vintage Bass Drum 22x14

    PM sent
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    Bass Drum Pedal Collection, Any Other Collectors Out There?

    Hi all, Have these two pedals if anyone is interested. PM me. Thanks, h.
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    SOLD! Istanbul Agop 21" Special Edition Jazz Ride

    Soundfile? thanks, h.
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    hey there, Nice cymbal... Looking for anything particular in a trade? thanks, h.

    hey there, Nice cymbal... Looking for anything particular in a trade? thanks, h.
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    PM sent.
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    LA 12

    Even just a shell could be cool...Thanks
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    LA 12

    Yes yes, New Year search... Camco LA 12 to go with this Mahogany kit. Have a Strad up there now. Thanks for looking.. h. h.
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    Collection Update

    Thanks buddy. Don't really collect these so do not need yours. Enjoy! H.
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    Sonorlite Serial #

    Sorry NOT parallel! Thanks for the info. h.
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    Sonorlite Serial #

    Thanks! Not parallel. # on the inside is 406 so June 1984? I also have a white one with no # on the inside. This too is not parallel. h
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    Collection Update

    hey there,,,Nice! I do have these 2 pedals if you are interested. Thanks, h.
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    Sonorlite Serial #

    hey there, Been playing a Scandinavian Birch 7 1/4 x14 snare with serial # in the low 4000's. Any idea of year? Thanks, h.