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  1. musicman64

    2017 Stubblefield 5 x 14 snare drum..all the best of everything on this one

    Beautiful 5" x 14" Stubblefield Snare Drum.. 7 ply maple...10 lugs with gaskets..DW Mag throwoff and 3 position receiver..lightweight aluminum die-cast hoops...light blue metallic lacquer with silver duco center accent.. Hendrix sleeved tension rod washers....puresound snares..Remo top & bottom...
  2. musicman64

    How similar? Pearl Wood Fiberglass new VS old

    buy that will love the sound... if not , could you tell me the name of the shop that has them?
  3. musicman64

    Ginormous ride on video

    so i guess some things are bigger in Texas
  4. musicman64

    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    My all time favorite...1981 Eames Master Model 15 ply american birch..with Yamaha 9000 and Rogers Hardware. Smile whenever I hit it..
  5. musicman64

    A new size for me - 8x14

    1980's Tama Artwood for me...deep and loud
  6. musicman64

    Slingerland Aluminum

    The one with the squiggly little lines/shapes on the shell. Much rarer than the banded version. Great sounding drum...enjoy it
  7. musicman64

    Supra-Phonic? Acrolite?

    Here's my combo..from years ago...I just called it my "Hot Rod" snare
  8. musicman64

    RIP Ginger Baker

    First drummer I ever saw with "Stacked" cymbals....thought he was the greatest at the time.. tried to play everything he did...Hope he does well in R & R heaven!!!! .
  9. musicman64

    SOLD//SOLD....1960's Slingerland 4/5 piece drum set...20"/16"/14"{snare}/13"/12"...players condition..slightly modified

    1960's Slingerland 4/5 piece kit. I think it was wrapped originally. Now it has been re-wrapped in maple veneer.stained and clear coated. It is a 3 ply, clear interior kit to start with, with re-rings.Has added plies under tom mounts{ bass and toms}. Tom mount system has been replaced with...
  10. musicman64

    Ddrum snares - any opinions?

    I've had/played a 2006 Ddrum 8 ply dominion custom maple for years..very tunable, well-built drum..simple and effective drum
  11. musicman64

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    Great job..looks so good!! isn't it fun to do those projects?? I've been doing restorations/reconfiguring..for relaxing..and when it's done..aaaahhhh !!! Like a really interesting 3-D jigsaw puzzle...and you can play it afterwards!!!
  12. musicman64

    Cleaning/soaking tension rods ->rust & gunk

    I have always used lemon juice{ bottled} and baking soda...overnight
  13. musicman64

    Bop-kit parameters...what's important ???

    I have a " shell bank" to choose from..I could do a mini-bonham..18..12..14..16..but that's just a smaller version of a big kit...might sound too thin...I am thinking of a light,bright color scheme,,, sparkle, or a chocolate/creme duco...anythings possible I...
  14. musicman64

    Bop-kit parameters...what's important ???

    I have all the pieces for a bop kit,but want to ask all you about what would be most important in the build. I have an 18" bass, 10" tom. 14" floor tom...but also have 8"tom, 12" tom, 16" floor tom. So what is the top criterion...Sound is what's next. Portability...stage...
  15. musicman64

    Favorite drum hardware.

    EGGS ACKLEY !!!perfect trio...Yamaha...Gibraltar...Maintenance
  16. musicman64

    OT..cymbal rivets

    Get chicago fasteners at any good hardware store..probably 50 Cents or so...different sizes available..probably better than the TRX cost{ and they did'nt " develop" them, they have been around since the 60's} !!!
  17. musicman64

    OT..cymbal rivets

    The easiest way for these types of rivets is to use a steel ball bearing, just a bit larger than the small end of the rivet and a pair of large channel-lock pliers..Squeeze until the end is flared enough to suit your hole size.
  18. musicman64

    OT..cymbal rivets

    Just sold one of my 50's Block stamp rivet rides...this one was a real cowboy cymbal...the rivets were 22 caliber brass shell casings..pinched flat to stay in. The buyer mentioned that after removing them, the remaining holes were too large for his new style rivets.. Got me thinking about...
  19. musicman64

    Grommet repair for keyholed hi-hat.

    rubber grommets have always worked for me...there are a few different sizes, for different era hardware
  20. musicman64

    Black Panther/ Slingerland snares for sale

    2000's Black Panther.. 14 x6.5"..blackchrome 1mm steel shell...10 lug..Mapex die-cast hoop upgrade. all stock except batter EmperorX.. excellent closet queen condition $225 shipped CONUS 1990's Slingerland HSS/MusicYo COS 5 band shell.. 14 x 6.5" snare drum..10 lug..die-cast...