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    OT: Ben Folds selling 250 items from his studio on Reverb

    From RCA Studio A in Nashville . . . his Reverb store just went live. Listings include drums, drumkits and cymbals
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    Being a drummer in the Country & Western/Western Swing world

    As much as I fancy myself a rock/contemporary drummer. My most regular gig is playing a country dance 2-3 times a month at a city-run rec center. Most of the music is C&W from the '50s-'80s along with some Western Swing in the tradition of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. I often share the...
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    OT: Help me prep/pack for a nearly two-week vacation

    My wife and I will soon embark on the trip of a lifetime, beginning with a week-long tour through interior Alaska and finishing with a four-day cruise from Glacier Bay to Vancouver. This adventure is so far beyond the scale of any trip we've ever taken before. It is our first ever group...
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    Surprised Matt Halpern doesn't get more attention here...

    He has the funky sensibilities of Chad Smith and the ability to groove his way through mind-bending meter changes, in the same fashion as Mike Portnoy. Quite the powerhouse drummer.
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    Another fascinating performance by Nate Smith

    Dude has a sense of rhythm that occupies spaces unfamiliar to me. If Nate's drumming was represented by a Venn diagram... the three circles would be Intuition, Mystery & Stank
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    Rick Beato: Playing drums with sound waves

    I thought this was a very interesting insight into a recording technique to bring more life to synthesized drum tracks...
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    Contemporary drum solos have changed... but I can't put my thumb on it

    The drum solo here by Lenny Reece (beginning around 3:00) is great. Lots of interesting ideas. To me, this video is more proof that the solos of younger drummers have evolved beyond the convention of my generation. It's different, but I'm not quite sure exactly how. nothing swung? not many...
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    OT: This new Vampire Weekend song is one hell of an earworm!

    Woof. This one's been coursing through my noggin for the past week!
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    Interesting interview with Carter Beauford's tech

    Dude's been Carter's drum tech from back when they couldn't afford tour quality gear. Some fun stories and interesting hacks.
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    New Vic Firth Freestyle Drum Sticks

    Basically longer versions of common size/weight sticks. 17" Hickory sticks in legacy diameters with a longer taper. I remember playing The Questlove sig stick a few years back. It's long with a longer taper and, while they proved to be fragile, the rebound from these sticks was tremendous...
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    Yamaha Releasing Tour Custom Snare

    I searched DFO to see if this had been mentioned... Now you can have a complete TC kit!
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    Ceramic Dog on KEXP - Rockin' performance from Ches Smith

    This is one of those performances where you just sit back and smile while the drummer rocks out. I love the aggressive, nuanced and fun display Ches delivers. And, is it just me, or do his cymbals sound AMAZING? The crashes just explode from his sticks.
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    Loved & Respected Oklahoma City Drummer and His Wife Murdered by Own Son

    If you're a musician in OKC, you probably knew Michael or at least knew his name and reputation. He comes from a beloved family of uber-talented people. His father, Logan, (Still living in Lawton) a local jazz legend. His sister, Maya, was Miss Oklahoma back about 25 years ago. One of Mike's...
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    Memphis Drum Shop Unpacks Well-Preserved Trap Set

    I searched DFO to see if this had been posted. This is an amazing watch, especially when they find out what a kit like this cost back then. ...and that snare drum ....oh that snare drum!
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    New Gianluca Pellerito video. (wow!)

    In my opinion, this is a fantastic representation of cutting-edge excellence our art's latest generation. I see it as proof of evolution in contemporary drumming from the masters of past decades (Cobham, Colaiuta, Weckl, Mangini, Mayer et al.). Its equally impressive but the approach is different.
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    "SR" designation on Zildjian Hats?

    In 30 plus years of playing, I don't recall ever seeing "S.R." stamped on hi hats.
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    New(er) Club Dates Spotted on Austin City Limits

    Brandi Carlile's drummer, Chris Powell with some duco CDs
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    Sons of Kemet - Saxophone, Tuba & Two Drummers

    What do you think?
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    What was Your Drummer Highlight of 2018?

    Amazing Gig? New Kit? Got to see a great drummer in person? What was good for you in 2018?
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    Never Heard James Brown Like This!

    Instrumental with rockin' guitar licks and solos! Apparently the entire "Sho' Is Funky Down Here" album (1971) is all instrumental