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    LA 12

    Yes yes, New Year search... Camco LA 12 to go with this Mahogany kit. Have a Strad up there now. Thanks for looking.. h. h.
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    Sonorlite Serial #

    hey there, Been playing a Scandinavian Birch 7 1/4 x14 snare with serial # in the low 4000's. Any idea of year? Thanks, h.
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    Sonorlite 14" Ferro Manganese Rims

    Snare top and bottom. 10 lugs. Please let me know... Thanks, h.
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    Sonor Lite 14" Snare Rims...

    hey there, Looking for a pair of rims for my phonic snare. Already have die cast. Regular or black are cool. Thanks, h.
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    Ludwig 20" BD Hoop

    Blue sparkle inlay if possible . For a 60's clubdate. Thanks ! H.
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    Ludwig 20 bass drum hoop

    Hey there, Need one Ludwig 60's 20" hoop, preferably with blue sparkle inlay. Thanks! H.
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    Rogers Bow Tie T's and Claws

    Hey there, Need 8 sets for early 60's BD. Thanks, H.
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    Sonor Lite and Teardrop Rosewood..

    Just saw these at my buddies shop. If I didn't just pick up an Oak Phonic kit from him, I would be all over these! Check em out and give him a shout..I think he is asking $3200 for the Lites, and not sure about the Teardrops. Chris - 917-217-3107 H.
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    rogers serial #'s and years.

    hey there, Any idea of year? Cleveland - 10464 - 20" Dayton - 65589 - 12" Dayton - 65424 - 16" Green Sparkle.. Thanks! H.
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    Meinl Prototypes...

    Well, never had a whole lot of experience with Meinl. Stopped into a buddy's shop who had these amazing proto 27, 28, and 18 hats. If your into that large, thin, smokey, washy thing, these are it... Amazing.
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    Agop Turk 24 Ride and Flat

    Hey There, Had used these recently on a record and would like to find one of each. Thanks! H.
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    Ultimate Camco Bop and...

    Well, Being a long time Camco fan, gotta say that this cat has the real deal available. Check this out: And.. Scroll around to see all the Camco kits. The guy that...
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    Austin Fibes Copper/Fiberglass 5 1/2...

    Hey There, Here we have a 90's Copper/Fiberglass 5 1/2 x 14. Serial # 00882 which makes it fairly early in the Austin era. All original with SFT, adjustable butt, rims, and new Amb. top and bottom. Drum sounds exactly like it should. Crack, sensitivity, and bottom. In beautiful shape...
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    Camco BD Mt. and tom arm(s)..and

    Annual search is on! Still looking for an LA ( or other) BD mt. and single or double tom holders. Have an 18-13-14 bought new from Ippolito with gold hardware. Thanks all... H.
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    Any Clue?? to what this really is??
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    Camco Shot in the Dark

    I sort of post this every once in awhile...Ya never know! Many, Many years ago the 12 tom to my LA 18-12-13-14 "left" my possession.. Walnut, Slingy tom mount, Gold plated lugs and hoops. Still have the rest of the kit - 18-13-14.. If you have a drum like this, close to this, or know where...
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    Skiba 22

    Hey There, Recently got a chance to play one of Mike Skiba's 22's for the first time and have to say it is a beautiful instrument.. Just curious to know if there is any way to know whether this was a piece by him, or something that he modified... ....A fantastic artist was Mr. Skiba...
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    MD and Fidock Review

    Hey All, Heard that MD has reviewed some Fidock snare drums in the April issue. As I am traveling and cant seems to find the mag, if anyone has a link or could post that review, I'm curious as to what was said.. thanks.. H.
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    End of an Era.....

    The end of a long tradition of drummer "hang's" in NYC is about to close. Barry has run this shop for over 30 years. Actually in the later location of Ippolito's! A truly great guy who understands what this biz is about and could have been. Have had some great hangs there myself with so many...
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    WFL 6 Lug

    Hey, Got a hold of this WFL 1960 6 lug, 3 ply great sounding drum! Through off knob is a bit of a mystery. Whatever info you have on this would be great! Thanks! H.