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  1. TheBeachBoy

    Gretsch Catalina

    I got my Cat Clubs about 7 years ago for $200. I think they were a GC special because of the red oyster wrap, matte-finish hardware/hoops, and the less common sizes of 24x18, 16x16, and 12x8, so first thing was getting the bass drum cut to 14" deep. They won't sound like a $2000+ kit, but they...
  2. TheBeachBoy

    Taylor Hawkins interview

    I started watching that last night but didn't get a chance to finish yet. Maybe tonight after the kiddo goes to sleep.
  3. TheBeachBoy

    Other Drummers on your kit.

    For the most part we play 3 and 4 hour gigs doing covers and originals with only us on the bill. We do the occasional multi-band gig, but generally those have a backline provided by a rental company since they're usually festivals. For the bar scene, I'm generally not the one providing my drums...
  4. TheBeachBoy

    How Do You Market Yourself when You're Older (Mid 60's and Up) ?

    Exactly. A drummer buddy of mine is 60 and for the first few years knowing him I thought he was in his mid-40's because of the way he dresses and his demeanor. Clothing can go a long way, as long as you find a style the suits you and it fits well. Other than that I really don't have any advice...
  5. TheBeachBoy

    Other Drummers on your kit.

    I generally don't do jams, even as a guest. The few I've done I've regretted. The other people were either too drunk and/or just plain incompetent on their instrument and it was no fun for me. I have a list of 5 local drummers that I'll let play on my kit. Most of them have actually filled in...
  6. TheBeachBoy

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    I leave the arm attached to the tom when tearing down. I just pull the whole assembly, the tom and arm, up out of the bass drum. I don't use bags with this kit, so it's not in the way. It's one less step at the end of the night.
  7. TheBeachBoy

    Mounted a cymbal stand off my bass this morning.

    If you're handy with tools you could always cut the L-arm down to the correct length, if it was a priority.
  8. TheBeachBoy

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    My Export kit is from the early 90's I think, so it has the through-shell mounts. Although I'm not a fan of the look, they are solid and generally I don't have a problem getting them positioned how I like. However, that's as a four-piece. Back when I had two rack toms I did have more of an issue...
  9. TheBeachBoy

    Mounted a cymbal stand off my bass this morning.

    I do that on all three of my modern kits. No pics of the Breakbeats, but I put a mini boom (that's in the Pearl kit) in the tom holder clamp. I also use a clamp-on mini boom with my Rogers kit, but it's not a modern kit. The Gretsch kit uses a Ludwig Atlas mount that replaces a lug, so no...
  10. TheBeachBoy

    Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas...

    Love playing the song. That'll be a treat to play there!
  11. TheBeachBoy

    Help with Wonderwall fill timing at 2:07

    When we play it, I just give a short rest, two stick clicks to re-establish the tempo for the guitarists, then go into the fill. It's rock n roll, don't overthink it.
  12. TheBeachBoy

    Gigs From Hell

    Speaking of car problems, I forgot about the time we did a private gig in Flagstaff (about 2 hour drive north from Phoenix). The guitarist and I got there early so I could put some posters up in another venue that my other band was going to play at a few weeks later. When we got back to my car...
  13. TheBeachBoy

    ? about set up for singing drummers

    I just use a regular boom stand for my vocal mic. It's off to the side where it doesn't interfere with my playing but close enough to sing into easily. It just took some experimenting with position to get it right. I use a submixer to send my drums and vocals to the main board. It attaches to a...
  14. TheBeachBoy

    Cymbal Cleaning

    I'm a never-clean guy, but those "afters" look really good! I also like the look of the "befores" as well. I don't necessarily hear any difference with the patina on my cymbals, it's about the look. Mine are all from the 50's and 60's so I feel like they're telling a story, plus cleaning them...
  15. TheBeachBoy

    Hate For 18" Deep Bass Drums. Just Me?

    That's how I see drums over 16" deep :)
  16. TheBeachBoy

    When playing the drums to Rush is not impressive enough...

    Like Paul McCartney. I showed this video to our bass player who's a HUGE Rush fan and he was blown away by how accurate he played everything. I'm impressed as well, but don't follow Rush that well to comment on the accuracy.
  17. TheBeachBoy

    Equipment Problem!

    That's great! That had so much potential to be a disaster, or at minimum a huge annoyance. Instead she turned it into a brilliant comedic performance!
  18. TheBeachBoy

    Hate For 18" Deep Bass Drums. Just Me?

    There was a noticeable difference after I had my 18" kick cut down to 14". It gained attack and punch and lost the unnecessary boom. It's a 24", so I personally think 18" is too deep for that size. Most 18" bass drums I've played had to have laundry stuffed just to tame them. You don't need that...
  19. TheBeachBoy

    Interesting Video on Why We Shouldn't Play $100 Gigs

    For me, it's about 6-8 pairs of sticks a year and heads every 5-10 years, with the snare batter every year or two. My main consumable is gas, which I write off on my taxes since I'm self-employed.
  20. TheBeachBoy

    Halloween Gig Sunday

    We didn't really have any Halloween gigs this year (Friday the singer and I had two gigs & no gig Sat.), so we decided to dress up yesterday. A fan/friend of ours dressed up as our bass player. He told me and the guitarist about it a couple weeks ago, so with that knowledge I decided to dress up...