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  1. egw

    The ‘sizzle’ chains

    I've always had good luck just wrapping the chain up around the post of the stand (up on top of the bell) when I don't want the sizzle. It does tend to slide back down after a while, but you just have to fix it every couple of songs.
  2. egw

    Anderson no longer carries Keller!

    I sent a message to Bonnie about an order and was informed that they are no longer in the shell business. Quite a bummer. Looks like Precision is the only place left, not that that's a bad thing. I'm all for supporting Precision. Anyway, just spreading the word. Sorry if this is already common...
  3. egw

    Vintage Supraphonic/Acrolite Vs. Modern Supraphonic/Acrolite

    Ah, gotcha. My "Acro" began as a raw shell I got years ago off Ebay. All non-original parts currently, and it didn't even have a badge when I got it, though the outline of the B/O badge is still visible. So I guess I'll never know what year it was born, not that it matters anyway.
  4. egw

    Vintage Supraphonic/Acrolite Vs. Modern Supraphonic/Acrolite

    Hey, Mark. Good to see you here. How do you guys know what year your drums were made. My Acro (granted, it's just the shell) doesn't have any kind of a stamp or anything. It was originally a b/o badge drum, if that makes any difference.
  5. egw

    What's With The Chinese Knock-Off Parts on Ebay?

    Thanks. Yes, those are the ones I was referring to.
  6. egw

    Piccolo snares

    One of the best drums in my collection is the blue Yamaha David Garibaldi brass piccolo. Though honestly speaking, with the DC hoops, it's VERY similar to my Gretsch 4160. The inch or inch and a half less doesn't really make a whole lot of difference (that's what she said).
  7. egw

    What's With The Chinese Knock-Off Parts on Ebay?

    Thanks for the link to the previous thread. I was sure I couldn't have been the first one to notice. Part of the reason I was wondering is because I bought the non-plated, non-assembled Trick strainer from Drum Factory Direct a few months back to the tune of about 80 bucks (plus what it cost to...
  8. egw

    What's With The Chinese Knock-Off Parts on Ebay?

    Forgive me if this has been talked about before, but I can't help but notice that there's some company (companies?) selling obvious knock-offs of Trick and DW strainers on ebay. Like less than $20 shipped from China. Super cheap DC hoops and things, too. I suppose the hoops are what they are...
  9. egw

    Ride cymbal question

    A "medium" 20" would be something in the area of 2200-2500g. Zildjian A Medium Ride or Sabian AA Medium Ride would be a good place to start. Your ping ride probably weighs somewhere in the 3200-3500g range. Not ideal for jazz.
  10. egw

    How do you NOT lose your drum key?

    I'm of the keychain crowd, so I know that doesn't help you. But short of that, how about a retractor or one of those coiled key holders attached to your belt loop, or better yet, attached around a tension rod on one of your drums? That way it's long enough to reach all the places you need it...
  11. egw

    Acrolite mods?

    This drum is an Acro shell with tube lugs. I currently have aluminum DC hoops on it that were in the used bin at the local shop (not sure what brand, definitely not Yamaha), though this drum sounded amazing with simple steel 1.6 hoops and Ambassadors. Contrary to what others have said, I think...
  12. egw

    Grommet! No, not you, the cymbal

    You should be careful about using the words "but" and "plug" in the same sentence. Haha! Anyway, that cymbal may sound amazing. Who knows. Can't knock it til you've tried it. Cymbalholics have been known to do crazier things.
  13. egw

    Remo Ambassador X

    Thanks for your answer. I've only ever used tom heads on my 16" bass drums though.
  14. egw

    Remo Ambassador X

    Has anyone ever tried them on a small (in my case, 16") bass drum? On mine, I've been having trouble finding a balance of heads which get a fairly rich sound out of such a small drum, but don't make it sound muddy, which 2-ply heads seem to do. I've been thinking of trying the Amby X, but can't...
  15. egw

    Remo Ambassador X

    I really dig that head on my brass snares.
  16. egw

    Canopus Vintage Wires: Chrome vs Dry (non-plated)

    That's what I was trying to say. Thank you.
  17. egw

    Where is all the copper plated hardware???

    Well, considering how much the majority of drummers can't stand BRASS-plated hardware, I'd would think that bringing a kit with copper hardware to a gig would be a sure-fire way to get yourself beat up in the parking lot. Especially if you had the Dejohnette-style copper stands and everything...
  18. egw

    Canopus Vintage Wires: Chrome vs Dry (non-plated)

    To me, the difference in the Canopus wires is that they respond comparatively more than Taiwanese snares at lower volumes but with more tension. Whereas to get the same response from cheaper wires you'd have to loosen the wires' tension on the strainer, the Canopus wires respond more without...
  19. egw

    Canopus Vintage Wires: Chrome vs Dry (non-plated)

    Just like Seb, I like the chrome ones and have had good luck with them on all types of drums, brass, wood, and aluminum. That being said though, I've tried the non-plated ones too, and don't find them to be too terribly different.
  20. egw

    How many drum sets have you owned in your lifetime?

    8, if my memory serves me correctly. 9, if electronic drums count. I currently have 3 (or 4 including the electronic Yamaha's).