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  1. zenstat

    20" A Zildjian with 7/16" mounting hole and a 60s stamp: one for Cliff

    For those who don't know there is some history to the whole "1954 stamp". Let's just say it was contested, was claimed for some years but with no type specimen or identifying features ever published. Bill Hartrick who claimed to have found it has now let that go (earlier this year). Here the...
  2. zenstat

    Which Old K Stamp is this? A DIY tool for easy id

    Announcing the beta test release of my project to identify your K Zildjian Istanbul stamp: Which K Stamp? This is a 95/5 project. That means I'm hoping for 95% of people can use it (including beginners) 95% of old K stamps can be correctly classified in 5 clicks or less 5% of cymbals can't...
  3. zenstat

    Ludwig Transition Badge 12/14/18

    Apologies if this has already been spotted, but it just caught my eye. Very pretty: Apart from the inability of the seller to recognize that two of the three interiors are Mahogany, it looks to me like that 18" bass drum is the 12" deep (Jazzette and Gold...
  4. zenstat

    The three different kinds of Paiste Formula 602 stamps

    A few months back I took a breather from endless slaving over a hot Avedis stamp and went back to my Paiste 602 research work with fresh eyes. I noticed that there are three different sorts of 602 stamps. Solid: Mixed: Outline: The written description of my surprise and what I...
  5. zenstat

    Earth Ride help requested

    It is coming up for the anniversary of this thread on Earth Rides: which dealt with the die stamp on Earth Rides which looks just like the late 50s small stamp. This one (not on an Earth Ride obviously): although we've...
  6. zenstat

    Misidentified Large Stamp as Trans Stamp?

    I'm very sure this is a Large Stamp with the 3 dots which was misidentified as a Trans Stamp (and as a Crash at that weight). It's obviously not a Trans Stamp. Is it a Large Stamp? I figure the stamp is Large (> 1.75") by comparing the distance from the...
  7. zenstat

    Paiste Sweet Ride (Bluebird) gone from the Masters lineup?

    I just noticed that the 20" Sweet Ride (Bluebird) is gone from the Paiste Masters lineup... I've still got it visible in my SoundRoom but it seems to have been removed otherwise. anybody know anything about that?
  8. zenstat

    possible virus infection: Antivirus Security Pro

    Raising this on behalf of Premierplayer (Glen). A few days ago when CH was temporarily and partially back up he was on DFO in one tab and CH in the other tab (CH was his home page so it opened automatically). His Windows machine caught the "Antivirus Security Pro" virus. Since then the computer...
  9. zenstat

    memory alloc failure on editing

    I've had this message twice: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 523800 bytes) in... The rest of the message got cut off but it was in a parser routine. I'll try and trick your system into getting the whole message properly next time (or copy it onto a piece of...