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  1. VinSparkle

    22” Mehmet Versa Ride 2604g for light 20” Zildjian

    Looking to trade my 22” Mehmet Versa for a light 20” K crash or Avedis. (green on the bell is just some weird light reflection; no gunk on this cymbal!) Perfect medium weight. Does jazz and rock equally well. Scratch lathing on the top darkens it up just right.
  2. VinSparkle

    20" K Sweet Crash

    Anybody got one? If so, pics/vid? I'm in northern NJ. Would also consider a 20" K Cluster Crash.
  3. VinSparkle

    Damaged cymbal

    Hi guys, looking for a cheap/free 14-15" damaged cymbal. My neighbor would like one for a home improvement project he's working on. I don't get it either. v
  4. VinSparkle

    SOLD 19” A Classic Orchestral Selection, 1895g

    $120 shipped No dings, clean logos, no issues. Crashes and rides... Developed for suspended orchestral crash applications. BUT, has the same shape/bell & bow profile as the Beautiful Baby ride and weighs about the same too. Steve Gadd and Elvin Jones both used the A Classic Orchestral...
  5. VinSparkle

    SOLD 22” Istanbul Mehmet Vezir Jazz Ride, 2306g

    Reluctant to let this go, but need to balance the books. Vid below. See updated shipped price below For those who don’t know the Vezir series, they feature a traditionally lathed top and Turk bottom, which adds a dark, woody character, while preserving the brightness that traditional lathing...
  6. VinSparkle

    TRADED 21” Zildjian Dark Complex Ride

    2,772g Now $225 shipped! Holy moly! Good stick definition, dark controlled overtones with a touch of dryness and a solid bell. Complex jazzy, bluesy, rocky (is that even a word? Who cares, it’s a an amazing price!)...great all around K ride here, folks. Generously hammered all over, including...
  7. VinSparkle

    TRADED My new Paiste Bluebird for your 22 K Con / Open to $ offers

    Just got this from Duskjacket. Was going to build out an entire Paiste jazz outfit, but changed my mind. Mostly just got lazy. Beautiful silky smooth ride. The stick dances on this one. Clarity and tone are fantastic. New condition. Barely a stick mark. The video is the exact one for trade...
  8. VinSparkle

    SOLD 22” Istanbul Mehmet Sahra Ride, new

    Video of the exact cymbal: 2350g. The Sahra offers dark, controlled overtones and has a nice woody stick definition overall. The finish is absolutely stunning. $OLD Would also consider trades for a jazzy 22” medium thin zildjian
  9. VinSparkle

    TRADED 20” Istanbul Mehmet Legend Dark, 1990g and 21” Legend

    $190 shipped for either. $325 shipped for both. Open to trades. Recently got the 20” Legend Dark from Dogmanaut. Weighs 1990g. There is an edge blemish on this, just FYI. See pic. The 21” Legend weighs 2175g and has one edge blemish too.
  10. VinSparkle

    14” K Hi Hat Bottom

    Anyone have one lying around? Thanks!
  11. VinSparkle

    GONE Istanbul Mehmet Legend Dark 20” for 20” Mehmet Empire/Vezir Medium

    Recently got this from Dogmanaut. Weighs 1990g Looking for something heavier like a medium 20” Empire or Vezir. Open to suggestions. There is an edge blemish on this, just FYI. See last pic.
  12. VinSparkle

    Swap my 19” Zildjian Orchestral for something lighter

    This weighs 1895g and is basically a Beautiful Baby sans rivets. Same shape / bell+bow profile. Looking for a 19” in the 1400-1500g range.
  13. VinSparkle

    Sold 20" Istanbul Mehmet Origin Dark Sizzle Ride, 2 rivets - 1784g

    $220 shipped. Mint.
  14. VinSparkle

    22" Istanbul Mehmet Origin Dark Sizzle Ride, 2 rivets - 2315g

    $230 shipped. Mint. Works great with or without rivets. Only letting this go because it sounds too close to my 22 61st Anniversary. Will post a sound file. You guys gotta hear this thing.
  15. VinSparkle

    When did Reverb start collecting tax?

    Just noticed this!
  16. VinSparkle

    13” K/Z Custom Dyno Beat for 15” New Beat Redesigns / 14” Ks

    Hey fellas, Looking to swap this 13” K/Z pair (excellent condition especially for its 2003 vintage) for a 15” New Beat redesigned pair or 14" Ks. These K/Z hats sound great on their own, but looking for a certain tone interval with my 14” KC Dark / Z Custom Medium pair (I have two sets of hats...
  17. VinSparkle

    FOUND Yamaha 3 hole mount

    Looking for just the 3 hole receiver unit/tom mount. No hex rod arms needed. Before I pull the trigger on a brand new one via Amazon, thought I’d ask here.
  18. VinSparkle

    Wanted: direct drive double kick

    Trade for my 22” Agop Turk. 2100g
  19. VinSparkle

    SOLD 22” Istanbul Agop Turk

    Looking to trade my 22” Agop Turk (2100g) for a direct drive double kick
  20. VinSparkle

    SOLD 22” Istanbul Agop Turk Ride, 2100g

    $325 $285 shipped CONUS 2,100g