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  1. Rich K.

    Set of 3 Ludwig 8x10 glossies; 2 Morello, 1 Roy Haynes

    Ludwig promo 8x10 glossies 2 of Joe Morello, one Roy Haynes. All have pin holes in corners. $25 for all 3 plus flat rate Priority shipping (7.35)
  2. Rich K.

    SOLD More Slingerland Catalogs - '50s - '70s

    SOLD More Slingerland catalogs for sale 1955 Very nice condition. Early versions of sound king lug drums Color and B & W SOLD Collection of "reference" condition catalog... not collectible condition, but great to browse through ($150 shipped) Included: Catalog '61 (1959) Capri, Fiesta...
  3. Rich K.

    SOLD Slingerland catalogs 1932, '38, Duall

    ALL SOLD Slingerland catalogs collection Slingerland Catalog B "Supreme" with 1932 price list inside. Has tone flange, black beauty, various color pearl illustrations, accessories, Deagan mallet percussion, etc. Very nice condition $150 "It's A Wow" early '30s foldout mailer showing the new...
  4. Rich K.

    SOLD Vintage Leedy Catalog Collection

    SOLD Leedy Catalog Collection All in good to very good condition Leedy Catalog T 1933 $100 + $8 shipping Leedy 42A (1937) Leedy 43 (1938) with original mailing envelop Leedy fold out mailer 1937 Set of the the above 3 $125 + $8 shipping Buy all of the above for $210 shipped
  5. Rich K.

    SOLD Vintage Ludwig catalogs (1932, 1938, 1975) and Ludwig 8x10 glossies (Morello, Haynes)

    SOLD promo glossies still available Will relist Vintage Ludwig catalog collection... Ludwig Catalog 32A with original mailer, very nice condition $149 Ludwig Catalog 38A "The Drum Standard of the World" with Top Hat and Can on cover very good $149 Ludwig 75-1 (Mach outfits, Super classic...
  6. Rich K.

    Not sure if you'd consider 1990 "vintage," but just cleaned up a cool old Tama set

    Couldn't resist buying this set... price was right and it was just a few blocks from my house. Got it to flip quickly, but for the heck of it I decided to do a disassemble and cleanup on the whole thing. These are heavy! Don't know how you '80s and '90s rock guys gigged with these sets! It's a...
  7. Rich K.

    pair of Zildjian 14" Rock Hats

    Selling for a friend, but I'll handle the payments and shipping. Pair of 14" Zildjian Rock Hats. Chunky / beefy. Top could be used as a bottom if you have a thinner top. Nice condition; no issues. He's asking $125 plus shipping.
  8. Rich K.

    SOLD Zildjian Z Custom 21" Mega Bell Ride

    SOLD Zildjian Z Custom 21" Mega Bell Ride. Nice used condition, no issues. $125 plus shipping (probably around $25).
  9. Rich K.

    DW 4000 double bass drum pedal

    DW 4000 Double pedal setup. Pretty clean, used condition. $75 plus shipping ($18-30 depending on zip code.) Please have paypal ready if you want it.
  10. Rich K.

    SOLD Paiste 2002 16" Crash

    SOLD Paiste 2002 16" Crash. No cracks, keyhole or other issues. Pretty clean condition with some stick marks. $119 plus shipping
  11. Rich K.

    SOLD Zildjian 16" Z Custom Rock Crash

    SOLD Zildjian 16" Z Custom Rock Crash. Nice and shiny. No issues. Thicker heavy crash. Would make a nice hi hat bottom. $99 plus shipping.
  12. Rich K.

    Cadeson (Made in Istanbul) 14" China cymbal

    Cool Cadeson Classic Series 14" China Cymbal. Made in Istanbul, Turkey. Don't know much about Cadeson cymbals. This one is fast, trashy and higher pitched. Great effects cymbal. Works well as a stacker. Very nice used condition, no cracks, keyhole or other issues. Asking $40 plus shipping...
  13. Rich K.

    SOLD Zildjian ZIL-BEL 6" $47 free shipping

    SOLD Zildjian Zil-Bel. 6". Nice used condition, no issues. $47 includes free US shipping.
  14. Rich K.

    SOLD 7 various multi clamp type things; Pearl, Yamaha, other

    Have the following clamps for sale. $12 each for the first 5, $15 each for the last 2. Would love to sell more than one. Each one will fit into a flat rate $8 box for shipping. From the first 5 we can ship two in one $8 box. We can figure it out if you want more than one or two. #s 2 and 4 are...
  15. Rich K.

    SOLD 3 different older Tama multi clamp type things

    The two Tamas have sold. The other is for sale in a new listing. Have these three different multiclamp attachments. The one that has the gears doesn't say Tama, but the wing nuts look very much like Tama. Thinking $45 for all three plus $10 for shipping ($55 total). If you need just one or two...
  16. Rich K.

    SOLD Ludwig Modular Mount era 26, 14, 16

    SOLD These are not mine... they're a neighbor's and I offered to help sell as she couldn't find a local buyer. I counted 6 plies on the tom, so pretty sure they're Ludwig classic maples. Bass drum is 26x16, tom is 14" (diameter) x 12 with modular mount and the floor tom is 16x16 with legs. Bass...
  17. Rich K.

    SOLD Old school Tama ('80s) double cymbal boom stand

    SOLD From the late '80s, a Tama double cymbal stand. Good working order. I gave it a decent cleanup. No rust, but there's pitting on the solid parts. Looks cool and works great. $49 plus shipping which I'm guessing to be around $25 depending on your location. (OBO) Send me your zip for shipping...
  18. Rich K.

    SOLD Tama Iron Cobra Flexi drive (strap) double pedal

    SOLD Through the forum I was able to find this model in a single as I don't play double pedals. It's not easy to find these Flexi (strap) drive Tamas as I don't think they make them any longer. This double pedal is well used. It's not pretty, but it works really smoothly. There's a lot of wear...
  19. Rich K.

    SOLD Tama Speed Cobra (HP310) Double bass drum pedal

    SOLD Nice Tama Speed Cobra Speed Cobra double pedal setup. Very nice used condition...never gigged, just used for home practice. Not mint... but pretty clean and works smoothly as it should. $85 plus shipping (probably $20-$30 depending on your zip code). PM me for shipping quote. Please have...
  20. Rich K.

    SOLD Want to trade an Istanbul Mehmet 15" Dark crash for a 15" ? that's a little thicker

    Got this 15" Istanbul Mehmet dark crash to use as a hi hat top but it's too thin for my taste. Want a different 15 that's a little heavier.