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  1. FloydZKing

    Mo' TTO - Who's Gonna Mow your Grass / Golden Brown

    Blaemire 18/12/14 with 6.5x14 George Way Aero plus the usual ukuleles and keyboards.
  2. FloydZKing

    Halloween TTO, covering Funkadelic's "I'll Bet You"

    Sonor Acryls again, 24/13/14/16/18, George Way Aero.
  3. FloydZKing

    TinkeyTone Orchestra - Share your love wth me

    Drums are Sonor Acryl, George Way Aero snare.
  4. FloydZKing

    New TTO, The Back Seat of My Car

    New TTO, covering Macca from 1971. That Blaemire CT thing...
  5. FloydZKing

    TinkeyTone Orchestra - Sweeter Memories (rundgren cover)

    Blaemire concert toms!
  6. FloydZKing

    Another TTO, Baby Plays Around

    TTO covers Elvis C from 1989. Blaemire 18/12/14 with 5x14 SlingerYo "maple" snare, Dream cymbals, Fanner Expsphere, GoldTone ME-Bass, Yamaha Clavinova, Deagan Electravibe.
  7. FloydZKing

    Late august TTO, a Guess Who 2-fer

    Here's a new diptych 2-fer covering the Guess Who from 1970. Drums are Ludwig stainless steel, other instruments are bass, ukuleles, organ and vibraphone (and that's it - no guitars.)
  8. FloydZKing

    furthermore with the TTO... Rag Mama Rag cover

    Covering the band's 1969 composition with guest appearance by Gary Viebranz on tuba. Drums are WFL 10x28, 12x16 snare with 13" & 14" Remo PTS heads as tom-toms. You hear drums, piano, vibes, ukuleles and tuba.
  9. FloydZKing

    New TTO - Look What We Have Joined Together

    The usual keys/ukuleles/bass and drums, this time an early 80s Yamaha Tour 8000 set.
  10. FloydZKing

    New TTO - what gets you going?

    I remembered another magic B-side. Covering Ed Thomas' 1969 composition. Sonor Acryl 24/13/14/16/18 with George Way aluminum 6.5x14, keys and ukes. Recorded April 2019 in Athens, GA.
  11. FloydZKing

    New TTO for April, Do You Miss Me Darlin'?

    This time TTO covers the 1970 Burton Cummings/Kurt Winter composition. Recorded March 2019. Drums are Yamaha 8000 Tour with a Ming Pure 5x14, everything else is keyboards, ukuleles and vocals.
  12. FloydZKing

    Yamaha STRAINER for 1980s Recording Custom snare

    Got a lovely 7x14 RC drum here with no strainer, looking for an original-era replacement. It's the square 4-hole bolt pattern.
  13. FloydZKing

    TinkeyTone Orchestra - Summertime's Calling Me / Darlin' (Catalinas/Beach Boys cover)

    Here TTO covers first the 1975 Johnny Barker composition, then segues to the 1968 Brian Wilson/Mike Love composition before returning to the first song. Just a friendly go, no rights implied.
  14. FloydZKing

    TTO - Just Another Whistle Stop

    WFL 10x28/12x16, Blaemire toms.
  15. FloydZKing

    TTO - Housework

    Answering the question of "why all the covers" again. Wanky drum solo with bass and pointy guitar from my gal. A sexual metaphor of frustration. mid 60s Rogers Holiday 20/12/14 with 5x14 wood Powertone and a KCON flat ride.
  16. FloydZKing

    2019 TTO - Next Stop London (Union cover)

    Blaemire drums, Paiste cymbals, Lowrey Holiday, Yamaha Clavinova, Deagan Electivibe, Peavey Fury, Fanner Exosphere, Mahalo surf uke. Covering Frank Ludwig's 1979 composition.
  17. FloydZKing

    TTO - It Must've Been the Wind (fun & games cover)

    Blaemire drums, Ludwig LM306, Bosphorus cymbals, Lanikai LU-21 CE, Lowrey Holiday are from 2014. Just added more vocals, Goldtone ME-Bass-FL and remixed.
  18. FloydZKing

    New TTO, "Old Friends/Bookends" (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

    Just air drums on this one, though the "vibraphone" is a WFL glockenspiel through a Lester K pedal. Keys, strings and bass.
  19. FloydZKing

    TTO - The Grooviest Girl in the World

    Blaemire toms, Ludwig LM306, uke, organ and bass.
  20. FloydZKing

    TTO does When You Awake by The Band