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  1. Drum Kat

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Please keep fellow Drum Brother and our former DFO leader in your thoughts and prayers. He is battling leukemia. He is in the hospital for the next three weeks for treatment. He sends his love to all his friends, drum brothers and sisters. He is one of the good guys, so keep him in your...
  2. Drum Kat

    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    Hidey-Ho good neighbors! I know I am late in posting, but better late than never! A quick show of hands who is planning to attend this years' Chicago Drum show! Eric and I will be there, as usual. Be sure to check out for the raffle items and the Artist schedules. I will try...
  3. Drum Kat

    2018 Chicago Drum Show

    Hidey-ho good neighbors! Load in went smoothly. From the number of vendors that got there early, looks like this is going to be a great show! A few of us DFO members already got together. TroyH and lovely wife Tammy. We finally got to meet the famous Mlayton. Bun Carlos, RickP, Lperdomo, Joey...
  4. Drum Kat

    2018 Chicago Drum Roll call!

    Hidey-ho good neighbors! It's getting close! I usually post this thread earlier in the year, but life gets in the way sometimes. Me and Eric will be there or be square!! Who all is planning to attend? 28th Annual Chicago Drum Show May 19 & 20, 2018 Daily 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Daily admission...
  5. Drum Kat

    DFO member Clue has gear and vehicle stolen!

    This is from a Facebook post earlier today...Forum Brother Clue: Please be on the lookout for a black (charcoal) 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer EXT LS Missouri License Plate PE4-N7B. It was stolen from our home last night. Please call 911 if seen. Possibly in the House Springs/Cedar Hill area. And...
  6. Drum Kat

    RIP Mickey Jones

    I am so sad to hear of Mickeys passing. He was just an everyday guy, who lived through the world of Rock n roll to he one of the most filmed actors anywhere. I walked past him at NAMM in Nashville one year and did the double take..."That dude looked just like Mickey Jones" . .."Nah, couldn't...
  7. Drum Kat

    It's a Mod Christmas for me!

    Santa Eric brought me a new Mod Orange Clubdate kit. Still waiting on the snare to ship. Fab sizes, 22,16, 13 with a 6.5 x14 snare. Ho, ho, ho and mistletoe! They sound as good as they look. Will post pics of the snare as soon as it ships! Thanks to Liz and Terry Hawkins of Skins- N Tins Five...
  8. Drum Kat

    DFO: the forum that really brings drummers together.

    Howdy neighbors and friends! It's Drum Kat with a quick story about how DFO really brings us drummers together. It started with my pic post about the Chicago DRUM show. I get a pm from forum member Fatdrummer that he was floored to find out I live in Soddy Daisy, TN. Turns out he is an old...
  9. Drum Kat

    2017 Chicago Drum

    Hi gang! I will post as I have opportunity. The show load in was cold and rainy! Lots of friends and drum stuff rolling in. Stay Tuned for details
  10. Drum Kat

    Congratulations to Bun Carlos! Cheap Trick to be inducted to RRHF!

    So Happy to announce that Cheap Trick is finally being inducted. I am stoked to say the least. Cheers and salutations to our Forum Brother Bun Carlos. Miss you bunches, buddy. It's so cool that you and Ian both are being inducted. My two favorite lefties! :headbang: :hello1:
  11. Drum Kat

    Passing the torch....

    Hi folks, this is Kat again. I have a young student named Zella that gave her very first public performance at summer Theater camp yesterday. she did great! Zella is 9 and the daughter of one of my fellow local musician's. She has grown up with music as part of the household and it shows...
  12. Drum Kat

    2015 Chicago Drum Show

    Well gang, this year's show is off and running. Since it's the 25th anniversary, there is an extra day. Fri. from 1-8pm. Load in began began today 3-7pm. Quite a few folks already here and there are more vendors yet to arrive. Troyh and Ricco got here this afternoon. I already spent my...
  13. Drum Kat

    Chicago Drum Show 2015! Who's Going!?

    Greetings DFO friends and family! The 2015 Chicago Drum Show is literally right around the corner! This year is gonna be BIG! Come help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Rob Cook's Rebeat's production of the biggest drum show in the Mid West. Wow! It's been 25 years already! May 15, 16 & 17...
  14. Drum Kat

    Preston Ritter

    Hi DFO brothers and sisters. Just a quick update on forum brother Preston Ritter. His daughter says he is having severe hemorrhaging and is in the hospital. He is okay for now, but they are worried about his overall health. Please keep Preston in tour thoughts. He is the guy that turned me onto...
  15. Drum Kat

    Prayers for Preston Ritter...

    Hi folks! it's Kat. I want share with you guys an update with Preston Ritter. For those of you who don't know Preston, he is the drummer for the Electric Prunes. I want to send warm, genuine wishes for a speedy recovery for him through our fellowship here at DFO. Without Preston, I would not...
  16. Drum Kat

    Miss you Tommy Wells....

    It's been a whole, unbelievable year since we lost DFO forum brother Tommy Wells. He was truly one of a kind. He touched so many of us drummers. The NAMM show and the Drum shows were not the same without him. Miss you brother ~Kat
  17. Drum Kat

    Nashville Drum Show is right around the corner!

    Howdy's Kat! A reminder that the Nashville Drum Show is coming soon! The Nashville Drum Show is just around the corner, September 20 & 21. Six weeks away! It’s not too late to rent an exhibitor booth or enter your snare drum into the Olympics. All the info is at...
  18. Drum Kat

    OT: Congratulations to Forum Brother lperdomo13

    I would like to extend congratulations to Brother lperdomo13 on the arrival of his new son Canon Atom Perdomo. Born 6:44 am July 25, 2014. We all hope he loves drumming as much as we do! Well wishes to mom and the entire family!
  19. Drum Kat

    B.J. Wilson

    Howdy folks! it's Kat. Okay....B.J. Wilson. This guy is probably one of the most under rated, hardly mentioned and a shame he passed away back in 1990. I can't say that I ever knew his name until recently. My current band Scarlet Love Conspiracy is taking on a project for Halloween this...
  20. Drum Kat

    Roll Call for the 2014 chicago Drums Show

    Howdy folks! Another Chicago drum Show is right around the corner. A show of hands of who all is going? :hello1: Here is the link to the Show program: