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    Ginormous ride on video

    Check it out.. this ain't no backline kit :-)
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    Austin Craigs List - Not mine but a great Gretsch Deal
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    Ambassador snare heads- hazy vs clear ?

    About to order from drum factory direct, and they have no collar Remo's YAY. What's up with the clear vs hazy tho ? When did this start ? Any sonic difference ? However minimal or perceived ha ha
  4. J

    10 hole hoop not necessary:-)

    Hi everyone. Maybe someone has one of these. I need to replace the top hoop on a 70's Supra and definitely do not want a new Chinese 1.6 So I'm looking for an older American or even Japanese 14" Batter, 10 hole. Hopefully cheap :-) Or maybe swap some parts or something. Thanks. Be well
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    Wood hoop users ?

    I'm one, I got them "aftermarket" so to speak from Stellar. My original plan was to warm up the 12 and 14 toms on a set of Yamaha Live Oak's. And it worked, I really like the sound and vibe. Here's my question... When I take the drums out of the bags at the gig, people, and I mean...
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    Random musings - Popularity of the 22 ?

    Hey all- Thinking out loud here. Yes, that's how it starts... I'm not asking what people play and why, tho I'm sure I'll get that. It's just the nature of a forum for people to post their preferences. That's cool I suppose but not what I'm after.... What I'm thinking, and this has been...
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    Ordered 2 Kentville roo heads today.

    Anyone else tried or using these ? I ordered a medium and a heavy, I know theyre expensive but I want to hear for myself, they come highly recommended from 2 friends of mine that I trust. Especially for brushes I'll know soon.
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    Getting replaced/replacing someone

    I find myself in a 'situation". where a bandleader has asked me to do a gig that his current and long term guy was available for. And of course, now that drummer, someone I know, not well, but somewhat , is being extremely passive agressive to me. I won't get into it. It's less about...
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    Random Paiste comment

    Just a quick comment about my cymbal selection. When the Big Beats came out I wasn't yet a Paiste player. But I played the 21 at Rupps in Denver and thought " this is a good cymbal" Didn't buy it tho.. 2 years later I'm assembling a Paiste collection and starting to use them on all my gigs...
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    Snare question - How to make it darker/mellower but keep sensitivity

    ok, so.. hear me out.... I go out to hear A LOT of music. Like... A LOT... And one thing I notice, maybe because I'm old with fatigued ears, is that IN CERTAIN CLUBS, snare drums can come off as really aggressive and bright with too much cut. Now, I don't want to bring a marching snare or...
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    Update- no definition in your washy ride...

    Update - So it finally happened... I go on a gig the other night. I'm the 3rd call drummer for a guy here in Austin. His other guys are younger and have the contemporary songwriter sound of washy cymbals with no definition and snares tuned like marshmellows. You know what I mean. It's...
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    18" Turkish K - 1490g - price drop

    Hi all- Selling a very clean 18" Turkish K, the weight of 1490g makes it probably a left side crash ride. It's very very clean, no issues at all. Signature still visable. I bought this a number of years ago from a guy on Cymbalholic. I like it, it's a good cymbal, but it doesn't fit any of...
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    questions and experiences with cymbal mods

    I'm not a novice, but I haven't been proliferic either. I've done I thnk 2 mods. The first was to Mike Skiba ( RIP) to thin down a Zildjian Hi Def 22. Apparently he did a lot of these and it worked out well. I sold it unfortunalely, but I'd love to hear it now. The second was to Heather...
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    Sabian half ozone rides

    What are these cymbals I'm seeing ( mostly endorser models I think) with the back half being ozones ? Anybody ?
  15. J

    So dig it.... I can't hear any definition in your washy ride. None. Nada.

    Americana my ass. I'm sitting in the audience and I hear nothing from your Istanbul Agop or K Con. Certainly not stick, not even wash, just noise. It's not hip, it's not cool. It's just..... nothing. There's no overheads bro. It's not working. Man up and get a ride cymbal... Rant over...
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    Hi Hat clutch - how to cover the threads to prevent keyholing ?

    Hi all- Bernard Purdie clinic in two hours here in Austin ... cool.. So I break down and buy the Yamaha Crosstown hardware pack. Love it. But..... the clutch is old school and the shaft is completely threaded. I've been using the Remo and a newer Pearl, but this clutch is very light and...
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    Talk to me about Sonor Tyrko/Super cymbals

    Hi all- I suppose this would have been a better topic at cymbalholic but here goes... I've been hearing about these off and on for years. Can someone explain them and what the " good" ones are ? I've played a few cheap cymbals that were cool, I think one was a Kingston. Anyway, thanks in...
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    17" Paiste Dark Energy F/S - SOLD

  19. J

    16 Gretsch T Rods w/washers - SOLD !!

    Hi everyone. Hopefully someone can use these. I'd like to avoid ebay. The price is around half off of new. They came with a Broadcaster kit but I use key rods. Which is a drag cause these look super cool. Again, 55 shipped just to get them out of here :-) Thanks.
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    Zildjian Avedis 20" Cymbal - the new series

    Hi everybody- Thanks for looking at this, hope you're well. Selling some cymbals and here's one of them. This is a Avedis series 20", I guess it's a multi a crash ride. Zildjian doesn't specify on this series. Great shape, it's hardly been gigged. Coloring is all there, no issues at...