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  1. TrickRoll

    Old school Yamaha was on another level!

    I had this kit in 14x20, 14x14, 9x13, and 8x12 sizes. Wonderful drums. The bass drum punched above its size. A friend and former student has it now and he continues to use it as his primary gigging set. Thanks for the memories!
  2. TrickRoll

    10 Most Important Developments in the History of the Modern Drum Kit

    Zildjian’s development of cymbals for jazz drummers in the 1920’s
  3. TrickRoll

    Calfskin/Rawhide Drum Heads... anyone use them?

    I have used them on the top of my snare and toms quite a bit. They sound wonderful at high, low, and medium tunings. These days I use them on my snares for jazz gigs. Weather is a factor as others have noted. I recently played an outdoor gig next to a lake. It was warm and humid, and by...
  4. TrickRoll

    How many drum sets have you owned in your lifetime?

    1967 Ludwig Club Date; Pink Champagne; 20, 14, 12 with Acrolite 1973 Slingerland; Natural Dark Walnut; 24, 18,16,14,12 (2 up 2 down) 1970's Gretsch; Burnt Orange; 20, 14, 12 1970's Gretsch; Walnut; 18, 14, 10, 8 1950's Slingerland; Mardi Gras Pearl; 22, 13, 16 1940's Leedy/Radio King; 18, 14...
  5. TrickRoll

    Steve Smith doing Steve Smith things!

    Such beautiful hands He seems like the 21st century version of Jo Jones
  6. TrickRoll

    K Cons vs Paiste Trads

    My experience is that the CONS [that I've played and heard] were clanky and harsh compared to the Trads. Nice cymbals but not suited to acoustic music. However, they seem to vary A LOT like all Zildjian products. So I believe there are some very sweet ones out there - it's just tough to find...
  7. TrickRoll

    ***SOLD***Slingerland 1973 80N Buddy Rich Set WMP

    I was the original owner but no longer have the set, and don't know the serial numbers. I do know who has them, though.
  8. TrickRoll

    ***SOLD***Slingerland 1973 80N Buddy Rich Set WMP

    My 73’s didn’t have the vent holes/badges up high like that. I agree it is a cool set.
  9. TrickRoll

    No Work

    I’ve tried retiring a couple times. Just started back with my consulting business. My observations/advice: (1) make sure ‘things’ are in a good state before you retire. Replace devices at end of life, upgrade computers, upgrade/renovate the house, take care of car maintenance, etc. before...
  10. TrickRoll

    From The Practice Room: Base Five Rudiments

    Thanks, Kevin I would love to see your variations. These are really opening up my playing, i.e “shakes things up”! In regards to the 10 stroke roll exercises, I think I goofed up. They should have been rrllrrllrl/rrllrrllrl or llrrllrrlr/llrrllrrlr and rllrrllrrl/rllrrllrrl and...
  11. TrickRoll

    Flat rides

    Nope Love it!
  12. TrickRoll

    Buddy Rich Knew About the Tapes: Trombonist Recounts Bus Firing

    You have to have a sense of humor to be a professional musician.
  13. TrickRoll

    Buddy Rich Knew About the Tapes: Trombonist Recounts Bus Firing

    I imagine Buddy spent a lot of time on the phone with the accountants and booking agents trying to keep his band going day to day. And then having to keep a bunch of young men focused on the job. Yikes. Once upon a time I think I was one of the ‘a**holes on the bus’, too - at once immature...
  14. TrickRoll

    Nels Cline 4, Holy Cow!

  15. TrickRoll

    2002s...what styles do you use them for?

    In the 70’s, Jack DeJohnette used a lot of 2002 cymbals. His recordings on ECM provide some good examples of those cymbals in a progressive Jazz context.
  16. TrickRoll

    Songo beat
  17. TrickRoll

    Foreign car, foreign cymbals..?..

    Old K’s and an Anadol sedan?
  18. TrickRoll

    Elaine Elias w Rafael Barrata Brazilian Jazz

    Excellent. Thanks
  19. TrickRoll

    Eames Owners!!! Show Yer Stuff!

    Very nice!