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  1. MrDrums2112

    What do you recall about drum marketing when you were a kid?

    Pearl drum catalogs and I had a great poster of Chester Thompson with his Pearl kit at the time that said, “When you rock in a band like Genesis, you’ve got to roll on drums like Pearl.”
  2. MrDrums2112

    N&C SS Madagascar Rosewood

    Beautiful drum!! N&C is simply the best. The badge placement is typical. Looks fantastic and I bet it sounds just as good as it looks.
  3. MrDrums2112

    What kind of drums are these?

    Schagerl- they are, I think, an Austrian company(?). I have seen these at DCP, and the shells are brass. They also make copper drums.
  4. MrDrums2112

    The Great Steve Gadd - Please recommend his best tracks.

    Steely Dan - “Aja” The Gadd Gang albums
  5. MrDrums2112

    OT: Which Is Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album?

    Physical Graffiti for the win. Though there isn’t a bad Led Zeppelin album.
  6. MrDrums2112

    Who Is the Best Rock Drummer of 2019?

    Exactly. There are many not listed in this “best of 2019” list. That’s why I added a few of the best.
  7. MrDrums2112

    Who Is the Best Rock Drummer of 2019?

    Does it matter the age? If they are still playing then they are relevant.
  8. MrDrums2112

    Who Is the Best Rock Drummer of 2019?

    Charlie Watts. Jason Bonham. Nicko McBrain. Ringo Starr.
  9. MrDrums2112

    Wilco - Seth Meyers

    Very nice!
  10. MrDrums2112


    We have no rules about stage wear. None of us are slobs, so there’s no worry. If it’s summer and outside, I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Also a hat, if I’m in the sun. Formal concert/performance I usually wear black, similar to theater work. Otherwise, we’re on our own best judgement.
  11. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD** TRS 6x14 Snare - LOWER PRICE

  12. MrDrums2112

    Confession of a drum snob.

    I love my N&Cs, and I have worked hard to be able to afford and play drums of this quality. But I do find myself gigging the old Acrolite quite a bit. It's a workhorse.
  13. MrDrums2112

    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    Noble & Cooley SS Maple 5x14. Had one for over 20 years and then foolishly sold it. Finally tracked another one down and it’s not going anywhere. This drum can do it all.
  14. MrDrums2112

    Seeking input from those who have played a N&C Alloy Classic snare

    I have the 4.75x14 alloy classic and I love it (I have not played the 6x14 yet). It’s cast aluminum, and it’s a very lively drum. You can tune it up to the stratosphere, or it can go low and fat sounding. It is quite a contrast from the solid shell drums, though with the right heads it does...
  15. MrDrums2112

    **SOLD** TRS 6x14 Snare - LOWER PRICE

    I’m in no rush. Thanks for the bump anyway.
  16. MrDrums2112

    Very unique Buddy Rich Video

    Great vid thanks for posting. He seemed to get even more intense each time he hit a rim by mistake. He never ceases to amaze me.
  17. MrDrums2112

    Cool Finishes

    Here’s another....
  18. MrDrums2112

    Two Toms or One Tom Up

    Since 2012 it’s been a 4 pc. kit for me and I love every minute of it. It’s all personal preference of course, and for me I don’t think creativity has suffered at all by having less drums and cymbals in front of me.
  19. MrDrums2112

    So, my whole approach with regard to drums and drumming has completely changed...and I'm having the time of my life.

    Great post, Bob! For me, it’s been a different story. I was kind of losing my passion for drums until I reconnected with an old friend (JoeyBoom). Through him I discovered the CT Drum Show and the vintage drum scene, and that sparked a whole new passion and love of drums and drumming. I have...
  20. MrDrums2112

    Why Does My Snare Sound Like This?

    Could be the bottom head is tuned a bit too low. Hard to tell from the vid, but the first thing I’d try is tuning the bottom head up some (1/4 turn increments, recheck for the sound/feel you like).