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  1. rhythmace

    Frankie Valli

    Going to see him on Sunday night. Heard that he still has the good falsetto at 82. I expect to be frustrated with the lack of the big bass and drums power background that made me a fan. Plus they think that older people don't want loud music. Who are "they" anyway? Laugh! I will report back...
  2. rhythmace

    Rogers 15" X 12" project tom

    All Rogers Hardware. Big R tom with speckled interior. Wrap it and have a small FT. I am asking $125.00 plus shipping. I spent a lot on the T-rods. (That gray paint is hard to sand off. I would cover over it) I have another bare Swivo shell concert tom the same size. It has re-rings on the...
  3. rhythmace

    New Sony TV

    The old Sony 46" LCD finally started going out. I wanted a bigger one for years, but the price kept going down as the quality went up and the old one kept on going and going. Today they delivered a 65" Sony Bravia OLED. The price on the 2018 was $500 buck cheaper because the 2019 is coming out...
  4. rhythmace

    Sultans of Swing (Rogers Sighting too)

  5. rhythmace

    Early Rogers Beavertail Lugs (a fine point)

    The first beavertails had springs to hold the inserts in place. That, along with heavier lug bodies, made them heavier. It's part of the appeal of the flat gray interior era drums. I don't know exactly when they went to C-clips to hold the inserts in place. It's the other end of the spectrum...
  6. rhythmace

    Final Touches (I think) Mardi Gras Re-Wrap Snare

    I got stuck on finishing this snare until member Idrum4fun was nice enough to send me a lug insert. One of the lugs would not take a rod without hard turning. At the bottom of page 10 in the previous Mardi Gras thread, you can see the pictures that Precision took of the donor drum and the work...
  7. rhythmace

    Article on Snare Wires So do you agree with all of this? Ace
  8. rhythmace

    Rogers Beavertail Lug C-clip Insert/ Found

    Not the ones for the spring type of lugs. I have one on my Mardi Gras snare that is too tight. Thanks Ace
  9. rhythmace

    Rogers 20 strand Snappy Snare Wires

    Excellent condition is important. Ace
  10. rhythmace

    OT-Road Trip

    So Karen and I drove from Houston to East Meadow New York for her class reunion. Saw Graceland, Monticello, Smithsonian and drove down into Manhattan. What is the deal with all of these truck drivers blocking the Interstates? They drive right next to each other and back up traffic. Virginia is...
  11. rhythmace

    Best Buy BS

    They now have a 3rd party company that keeps track of your returns. BB used to push the 30 day return policy. Now it is 15. In the last year I returned an HDMI cable for a more expensive one. I also returned a Firestick for a Roku. I had one other return. Now I can't buy anything for a year and...
  12. rhythmace


    OK, so now the XFinity 4K DVR box is finally out. Got mine today. Has to be ordered, but is free and no higher monthly fee. So I found out the hard way that XFinity Streaming ( all you current cable channels) doesn't work with the FireStick or Chromecast. Comcast only has a deal with Roku...
  13. rhythmace


    I copied this post from my stock market thread. I had also commented that J.P. Morgan thinks that Bitcoin will be legitimate. Ace "orville, on 07 Feb 2018 - 10:19 AM, said: Yes. I have invested in coins, and I also have an investment in mining, and mining equipment, with a partner as well...
  14. rhythmace

    OT-The Stock Market

    I know we have a few astute investors here. I just opened a Schwab account and was waiting for a pullback. LOL! I can't quit watching CNBC. Ace
  15. rhythmace

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Doesn't someone usually start this thread? I got a SDOTD Gator pedal board. Also a bird feeder with a dome. I got some hot pepper block feed that squirrels won't eat. Got my 3 grandkids a Casio learning keyboard. Has a nice organ sound too. Thing is cool Got the stand and stool too. They say...
  16. rhythmace

    Home Recording for Dummies

    This applies to me directly. LOL! I downloaded it from Kindle and find it to be just what I needed. I tried a Groove 3 subscription tutorial to Sonor (Cakewalk) and got bogged down in details. Now I found a good starting point to put it all together, especially since I know that I am recording...
  17. rhythmace

    Walked out on Ringo Concert tonight

    Even if we could cuss on this forum, I would have to invent some new words to even begin to vent. It was the bass and sometimes other low frequencies. . Something was horribly wrong. The low notes were way too loud and coming in delayed from the bass. The down beat was an up beat. Couldn't hear...
  18. rhythmace

    Top 5 American Rock Singers of All Time

    This is a tangent from the thread about the best American rock band. In order, best on down. Let's leave out soul singers for this one. Elvis Janis Joplin Little Richard (not really soul) Bob Seger Frankie Valli
  19. rhythmace

    The Turtles- "A Walk In The Sun"

    I had tried to remember the song with this lyric. Finally found it. I relate. Ace
  20. rhythmace

    2 Mics on snare

    My home recording studio is coming together. The guy helping me says that a mic above AND below the snare is very common now. I haven't noticed that on most of the videos I have seen. Is he right? Thanks Ace Right now I have a SM57 just on top of the snare.