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  1. trixonian

    Rogers bread & butter lug fix - need pix!!!

    Sweetwater sound has one size. I also recently saw someone on Facebook had fit broken bb lugs over tube lugs. That seems clever.
  2. trixonian

    60's Trixon or Vox - whats the vibe like?

    Let us know what you end up with!
  3. trixonian

    Only 1 drum set !!!

    All of us afflicted with GAS have some form of this, attributing many various qualities to a drum set. Which is what makes multiple sets make sense to us, where others would think they're just drums, why do you need more? But those of us with GAS say, well this one is size abc, with shells...
  4. trixonian

    60's Trixon or Vox - whats the vibe like?

    The Luxus shells are well made and avoid some of the problems inherent with the conical shells. They are comparable to Sonor phonic shells. As stated, the mounting hardware is the weak link. If they are the later lugs with plastic spacers, any cracked spacers should only be a cosmetic issue...
  5. trixonian

    Nesting drums

    I've been collecting for a long time and enjoy getting to rotate my kits. But my oldness and laziness is kicking in, and I find myself favoring two small kits over the others. I have a Yamaha HipGig where all the drums nest in the bass and all the hardware in a canister throne. As noted...
  6. trixonian

    Paypal won't give me my $.67 back

    LOL, no that won't be necessary. I just don't care for them splitting transactions into 2 parts. Each transaction shows up twice on the bank account, and it's just messy. The hostage $.67 is just a byproduct. I could create whatever account they want me to make, if I was really worried about it.
  7. Premier.jpg


    Premier 50's/60's with matching canister throne
  8. Beer Can.jpg

    Beer Can.jpg

    Pearl kit painted by Duco Donnie
  9. Camco.jpg


    Camco re-wrapped in BOP
  10. PDP New Yorker.jpg

    PDP New Yorker.jpg

    PDP New Yorker (Daru Jones model)
  11. Yamaha HipGig.jpg

    Yamaha HipGig.jpg

    Yamaha HipGig
  12. trixonian

    Interesting John Grey banjo - with drum wrap!

    I think it's called red silk pearl. I had an Olympic 60's kit in that wrap. I use the floor tom as a very close match to complete a Sonor kit of the same era. That's a very cool looking Banjo!
  13. trixonian

    Paypal won't give me my $.67 back

    Yeah, I figure at some point I will get another refund that should bump me up to a dollar. Meanwhile, Paypal probably has a lot of money sitting in these <$1 accounts.
  14. trixonian

    Paypal won't give me my $.67 back

    Please pardon the hyperbole in the thread title. Paypal is requiring me to create some sort of account to get the remaining $.67 of a refund issued to me. Paypal will not transfer it back to my bank account because it is under $1. I noticed a while back that my bank account is being billed 2x...
  15. trixonian

    Camco Floor Tom Legs Reproduction - It's about time!

    Also, since Camco kits are rare, there is no "economy of scale" at work to lower pricing through mass production.
  16. trixonian

    Drumstick Innovation - New Product Launch

    I am curious what they look like.
  17. trixonian

    OT. Anyone have a “Ring” door bell / camera system

    Old thread, but I think I have a "con" to add. Wife just texted asking if I was expecting a drum. Busted! LOL
  18. trixonian

    SOLD:Basically new Tackle Supply waxed canvas stick roll-up bag

    I’ll take it. Sending PM
  19. trixonian

    USPS Lost package - who opens a claim seller or buyer?

    As a buyer I had a lost package situation with UPS. They would not give me the time of day, even though I felt like the shipped/lost property belonged to me. It was frustrating to say the least. As I understand it, you (seller) are the one who has a contractual relationship with the shipping...
  20. trixonian

    Bass Drum Pedal Collection, Any Other Collectors Out There?

    Hello, I sent you a PM through the forum about one of those Oly pedals!