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  1. Sinclair

    22" A Zildjian 50's Small Stamp Thin 2264g

    Just bought this form member Stpdrummer. It's too similar to other 50's A's I play so off it goes. The thinnest I've seen. Eight factory rivets none installed. Same price I paid. $200 plus shipping. 2 day prioroty. PayPal Friends/Family. Thanks
  2. Sinclair

    DW Ultralight Snare and Hat Stand

    These are really nice. No issues. $150 plus shipping lower 48 for BOTH. Lower 48 PayPal F&F. Time to lighten your load.
  3. Sinclair

    New 18" Agop Xist ION Crash

    If you don't have a trashy crash these are pretty nice. Fun to play too. New never gigged. $145 plus shipping Lower 48 PayPal Family Friends. No trades. Thanks
  4. Sinclair

    New '"Aged" Bettis

    This 22/20 set from 2015 represent some of Matt's excellent earlier work. Made in his Simi Valley shop long before his move out of CA, these are new and have been on the shelf since Matt finished them. Hats are from 2016 and are also new. For info and pricing please contact...
  5. Sinclair

    22 Agop Epoch (video)

    The Epoch's are know for a clear stick, due to the very small bell, riding above a darker trashier but controlled wash, due to a downward flanged edge and tons of hammering. A beautifully lathed cymbal with nice projection. New. 2534g's. You can spend over $500 for a new 22 on Reverb. DFO...
  6. Sinclair

    22 Istanbul Mehmet Onurhan (video)

    New, never gigged. 3181g's of smooth stick projection with a bell that'll put you cigar out. Just under $400 elsewhere. DFO price $300 shipped 2-3 day priority. (lower 48) Surprisingly smooth and warm for a 22 in this weight range. Even your deaf guitarist will stop complaining he can't hear the...
  7. Sinclair

    Ari Hoenig Lesson in LA May 10

    Ari Hoenig will be teaching private, shared or group lessons for drums or other instruments including duo, trio, quartet playing on Thursday May 10 in Glendale. PM me your email if interested. Thanks.
  8. Sinclair

    Oriollo Phantom Kit Demo

    I've been playing this kit since l think, last October and finally got around to making a demo for Vukan. I think it was the first small jazz kit he made. I was very excited to get it and have been amazed with it's sound, versatility and durability since I started gigging it. There are two...
  9. Sinclair

    20" Small Stamp 50's A 1996g (video)

    Great example of the A ride sound on countless recordings. 1996g's. Pristine stick great bell. Very good condition. Sounds too close to the Block Stamp I use. $210 SHIPPED. Lower 48. PP friends family. Thanks.
  10. Sinclair

    Gretsch 70's Black Nitron 8x12 Tom

    Not using this and thought someone might need it. 8x12 1970's Black Nitron Stop Sign badge. Some pitting on the chrome but could be brought back to life. Some scratching in the finish. Also Appears to have a Rogers mount (?) Inside shell is clean. More pictures on request. $200 plus shipping...
  11. Sinclair

    Oriollo Jazz Kit

    Just got these from our friend Vukan at Oriollo. It's the first "jazz" kit he's done. You probably know by now that he's offering these Phantom seamless aluminum kits in many different sizes and finishes. An industry first to my knowledge. Edges here are what he calls an Oriphonic shell layout...
  12. Sinclair

    22 Z 50's Block Stamp 2486g (video)

    This sounds too similar to a Trams Stamp I have. 2486g's beautiful spread and stick. Drilled for 6 rivets. None installed. Will include a few if requested. No issues. Shipping included. $240 to your door two day priority. Lower 48. Will ship further for additional charge. Paypal Friends/family.
  13. Sinclair

    Blue Whale This Monday Jan 9

    For any LA area forum members I'll be playing at the Blue Whale in downtown LA this Monday night Jan 9 at 9PM. A really fun and swingin' piano trio with pianist Chris Dawson, outstanding bassist Putter Smith and yours truly drums. Only $10. Two sets. Drop by and say hi. Thanks.
  14. Sinclair

    New Orleans Mardi Gras

    I'll be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras next week. Haven't been there for many years, since the I was on tour and only there a few days. Despite all the usual tourist stuff next week, are there any gigs, bars, bands or restaurants you consider a Do Not Miss that some of you local cats could hip me...
  15. Sinclair

    6.5x14 Ludwig Reissue Acro

    6.5 seamless aluminum, 10 Bowtie lugs, P-85 strainer, and Blue/Olive Badge. Ludwig reissued these in 2012 and for good reason. Bought new, light studio use only. A few very minor surface smudges. $340 Paypal gift INCLUDES shipping to lower 48.
  16. Sinclair

    Hoshino/Camco Bop

    Hey gents. Joined awhile ago but just now posting. I took some new pictures of this bop kit I've been gigging and thought I'd post them. I've seen only one other Hoshino badge Camco kit like this that belongs to a drummer in Iceland (I think). Funny that his kit apparently was purchased in the...