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  1. Joe A

    Could you please help identify the series and date of this Premier tenor drum?

    I received this online at a great price the other day. It's a COS 10 x 14" tenor drum by Premier. It was so cheap, despite being new old stock, because it needed work: all of the tension screws were stuck in the lugs (via a mineral buildup not unlike hard water deposits), causing a couple of...
  2. Joe A

    Got my new sticks yesterday (thin sticks redux)

    A dream was realized when I got these in the mail yesterday. I never got quite around to it in the past, but everything aligned over the past couple of months to permit me to get these otherwise-unavailable sticks turned. Here they are in sort of a hodge-podge, as I'm tapping them to sort them...
  3. Joe A

    Picked up what I believe to be a Ludwig Parade Master snare—rough date?

    I was sitting down last night, having a drink, when I discovered this on Facebook: I excitedly arranged purchase over the messenger. It was just as I expected it to be: a fairly good aftermarket paint job that I may just keep despite the mahogany revealed through a chip through the primer...
  4. Joe A

    Got a bunch of vintage sticks the other day (remarks)

    I finally caught one of Jon Singer's (B'lyn, NY) inexpensive old stick lots, having missed a few previous ones. I'm a connoisseur. The leftmost are some Ludwig 7As I've wanted for quite a while. The necks are so thin! Almost scary, really, but they make the thin rides sound marvelous. These...
  5. Joe A

    Lug replacement on old DC Percussion bass drum, or, Drilling Acousticon—tips?

    This could fit in either Vintage or here. I came into a bass drum that a friend picked up at a garage sale, a 22 x 1X" DC Percussion that sounds real good, and has a "Quadura by Remo" sticker on the bottom—and the shell looks like a clipboard, so it's walking and quacking like an Acousticon...
  6. Joe A

    Haven't seen this Remo head before, that I remember...(pictures)

    There's a music store in town that sells once-used drumheads for $5 a pop. They're in with a local backline company who supplies their kits with heads to the artists' tastes and commitments, which leads to a veritable pile of drumheads—all possibly played by noteworthy drummers, which is...
  7. Joe A

    What's the rough date and model of this Ludwig Spur-Lok stand?

    Picked this up in EZ Pawn for $15; I figured it was worth a stab, even with a missing clutch, felts and a screw, and a bent pedal stanchion that causes it to angle (I figure I can bend it back). Please note the black nylon strap. I'm in the midst of cleaning it up, throwing some feet on (either...
  8. Joe A

    Found some thin drumsticks I've been wanting

    It's been a bit of a rollercoaster today, aside from the usual work, when I had a sudden jones to act upon my want for the smallest sticks possible, or bust. It began with all of the blowout cymbals off Amazon and me wanting lighter and lighter sticks to feel out their nuances. A search on...
  9. Joe A

    Wanted: drumsticks thinner than today's offerings (as thin or thinner than .500, .475)

    My recent acquiring of new cymbals, (Bosphorus and Istanbul Mehmet, thin rides) leads me to explore thinner drumsticks to complement my usual ones. I'm looking for Regal Tip Silhouettes (a 7/16" thickness according to a YouTuber the other day) or Rogers 7A (.410 thick, I read on here). Also, I...
  10. Joe A

    The recipe for drumstick varnish

    I have quite a few pairs of sticks, quite a few bags actually, gotten from GC whenever they mark them down to 10 bucks (and it used to be nine!). They pretty much have a lighter coating of the finish that they do in their first quality state, to my feel. I'd like to experiment with coating a...
  11. Joe A

    R.O.C. drums (seen in an 80s MD ad)—what were they?

    It sounds intriguing, if historically so—hand-crafted drum shells in San Francisco shops, in sizes from 6" x 5" to 24" x 35" and 5 to 13 plies, of select hardwoods. The set itself is set up in that catalog way, and the hardware looks like Pearl and Gibraltar met over at Friends Bar and Grill and...
  12. Joe A

    Concerning original DW kits that were natural maple—lets see 'em!

    Does there exist a show and tell site or a player's group for vintage DW and the procurement of such drums? Saw an old catalog and was taken with the simple appeal of it, sort of like how Gateway once was. Also, if you want to show your 1970s and 1980s DWs, I'd love to see for some inspiration!
  13. Joe A

    Having fun with "hipster" drum kits

    I decided to go three-quarter hipster Wednesday night, with the remaining quarter being shied from because I didn't want to trade my bacon-crispy 404's for a pair of 16" crash-hats. The qualifying attributes are: • A weird bass drum, in this case a Rhythm Traveler 20" x 8", which shook like an...
  14. Joe A

    A bikini kit for Easter

    I got to play my favorite type of setup. In this case, my 20 x 16" Sound Percussion kick (totally a sleeper with fresh PS3s; one of those from Steve Weiss the other day, and no muffling today), my 1979ish Acrolite, and my new Bosphorus thin ride (which is 2610 grams, but whatever). Used one of...
  15. Joe A

    What's that cymbal on "The Joker" (Steve Miller Band)

    You know, that one. You know which one I'm talking about. But, has anyone any idea which type and brand it is?
  16. Joe A

    Used a six lug Goodwill snare yesterday

    And not a Pioneer or some other such classic; I'm talking a poplar thing with ratty snares, originally sold as part of an outfit once available from Sam's Club. A veritable Sunluck. Almost. Borg is the name, yet another stencil brand among others catalogued elsewhere. It came as part of a lot...
  17. Joe A

    Guitar Center soloists, or, Pleased To Beat You

    I ran by the ol' GC tonight, looking for nothing in particular, and I took a pair of sticks and sat at the little cocktail sit-down kit that I-forget-who makes, and thoughtfully tried out the perforated cymbals with it. Neat things. While I'm sitting down, some guy is at the counter ordering...
  18. Joe A

    Used a Big Fat Snare Drum for the first time today (also: Regal Tip 7Bs)

    I decided to go by Larsen's again, one of the old local stores, for the first time in like eight years. There, I picked up a pair of 7Bs, purely on the basis of their perceived rarity. Interesting taper reminiscent of the old Ludwig 2B and Slingerland Haskell Harr model, but less abrupt. It...
  19. Joe A

    How to install gut snares on a Supra with a P-83?

    Since I now have an Acrolite which does enough of the same thing, I am strongly considering making use of the provisions for gut snares on my Supraphonic, mostly for personal amusement, but potentially for another usable voice. The only thing: what works good, and how do I install?
  20. Joe A

    I love going acoustic on cold mornings

    I came to church ready to go through another set on the kit, with a couple favorite songs in there as well. Well, this singer had fallen trees in her neighborhood due to the ice storm, that singer was on standby in Tampa, and the other one said she wouldn't come in. Bass had other plans, and...