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  1. D. B. Cooper

    Me knew Gretsch custom kit

    Congrats, those look amazing
  2. D. B. Cooper

    Messing Around with My Slingerlands

    And you wanted to sell those?!?! You're crazy.
  3. D. B. Cooper

    Kenny Clarke

    What's up with the floor tom? Is that a metal ring around the middle? And what is that huge badge-looking thing on the shell?
  4. D. B. Cooper

    Ginormous ride on video

    Cool. Thanks for the heads up on that documentary. I'm going to watch the hell out of that.
  5. D. B. Cooper

    What actual colors are/were these..1939 WFL Hollywood snare ??

    As usual, expert detective work from you fellas. Nice job! That drum is so cool. Is it yours?
  6. D. B. Cooper

    Kenny Clarke

    What do you guys think are the dimensions on those drums?
  7. D. B. Cooper

    Single Flange Hoops

    Why do you think he insisted on them? What are the pros/cons?
  8. D. B. Cooper

    What actual colors are/were these..1939 WFL Hollywood snare ??

    That's gotta be BDP and WMP, no?
  9. D. B. Cooper

    N&C SS Madagascar Rosewood

    Wow. That's beautiful. Is it 7x14? Thanks for sharing your story in such detail. It's inspiring me to buy a N&C. Which is not good! Haha. I'm excited for a review when you get a chance to bang around on it.
  10. D. B. Cooper

    Slingerland Suggestion

    Nice! That sounds awesome. The chrome on the snare is beautiful. Good call. I'm currently playing a 14x24 Slinglerland bass drum. I love it. Going to buy some new heads soon, I think. I love a clear PS3 batter on a 24" but I'm not sure about the reso. Ive had various fiberskyn reso heads on...
  11. D. B. Cooper

    Slingerland Snare and Bass

    These are awesome. I wish I had the scratch. A minimalist kit just waiting to happen!
  12. D. B. Cooper

    PDP Concept Maple Classics

    I had a 24, 13, 16. It was nice. Super light weight drums. Seemed well made. They sounded great at low tunings, but I just couldn't get them to sound great tuned higher. Even medium tuning didn't have a ton of character. I didn't try every head and tuning combo I could and didn't own them long...
  13. D. B. Cooper

    The redesigned A Medium Ride

    Haha. I don't know why, but I do that too. Ideal set up is 15, 19, 21. Just got a sweet 22" 30th. I love it, but it still just feels a little too big. I've never had a 22 that felt "mama bear" to me.
  14. D. B. Cooper

    22" Trans Stamp

    This one is traded!
  15. D. B. Cooper

    22" Zildjian K Light

    I really love my 19" K Sweet. It's my favorite crash Ive owned since I sold my 18" IAK. Have to remember to not sell or trade this one, haha. I will say that the frequency spread on this one is quite a bit different than the Zildjians I've had in the past. It's dark and sounds slightly EQ'd. It...
  16. D. B. Cooper

    Prisoner to the sizzle Ride

    He makes that sound palette work so well. I loved that.
  17. D. B. Cooper

    montinari snare

    That strainer is cool.
  18. D. B. Cooper

    Single Flange Hoops

    Cool. Let me know once you try em, id love to get a pair if they fit!
  19. D. B. Cooper

    Single Flange Hoops

    But doesn't that mean that they wouldn't fit my snare shell?
  20. D. B. Cooper

    1950’s era Slingerland Radio King 13x9 tom, with original calfskin heads $110 CONUS shipped

    I've seen it before on old RK's, but this shade of blue sparkle is just gorgeous. I hope somebody has a home for this beauty!