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  1. hefty

    Other Drummers on your kit.

    Every time this subject comes up I'm reminded that most people on here must not play multi-band bills where one of the (usually 3) drummers often offers up their kit for everyone to use. That scene must have less drunks or assholes or something because I've pretty much never had a problem with...
  2. hefty

    Nerves worse when you know people in the audience?

    Me too. I love hearing a pro like you admit it!
  3. hefty

    Looking for 15" Paiste Modern Essentials hihats

    Get in line ( ;) I've been looking for a couple months. They apparently aren't popping up in the used market much. They get rave reviews but are crazy expensive new so there ya go...
  4. hefty

    Paiste Suggestions want to add another crash

    Dark Energy crashes are awesome.
  5. hefty

    Tama Dyna-Sync Double Pedal. Love it!

    Yeah Markkuliini, dang, nice work. I've been working on my right foot for a couple years and I'm *well* behind where you're at. I'm liking the Dyna Sync too. Bass drum pedals are weird things though-- i feel like there's a psychological thing to them or something. A couple days after getting...
  6. hefty

    Remo Ambassador X

    These were my go-to heads for a couple years probably, for snares and toms. I've since moved on to coated CS on snare and Emperors on toms. But the Amb X's are a nice midway point between an Ambassador and Emperor, I think.
  7. hefty

    George Way COB Hollywood Snare

  8. hefty

    Paiste Modern Essentials 602 15" Hi Hats

    You must be right. Looks like there's been nine pairs sold on Reverb in 2019 so they do come up. Just not since I started looking.... Also according to Reverb, prices have gone up. Maybe in part due to threads like this one! Maybe I'll just keep quiet and wait and watch....
  9. hefty

    Paiste Modern Essentials 602 15" Hi Hats

    Weekly bump.
  10. hefty

    Paiste Giant Beats?

    My 24" reissue is 2942 grams. From 2006. FYI...
  11. hefty

    Keeping stable time

    As mentioned above, try LiveBPM. It's a speedometer and not something you all are trying to play to. Note where you speed up / slow down, work on it, etc. I've even used Live BPM for recording in cases when not recording to a click. I do sometimes hear bands in neighboring practice spaces...
  12. hefty

    Paiste Modern Essentials 602 15" Hi Hats

    Still looking...
  13. hefty

    Tama Powerpad single pedal bag

    Dangit, I should've gone with one of those too. I figured the Irin would take too long to arrive and bought the Tama, which sounds like might be the exact case as the Irin but different logo. Ah well..... Thanks for reporting back.
  14. hefty

    Paiste Giant Beats?

    Holy crap, I didn't know about this! Super exciting. Big kudos to you and the team zenstat. I'll try to get the weights together for you in the next week or so.
  15. hefty

    Canopus Vintage Wires: Chrome vs Dry (non-plated)

    Would fans of these wires say their sound benefits are more heard at lower volume playing? Or maybe low to moderate volume anyway?
  16. hefty

    Paiste Giant Beats?

    I (and I think many others) would love it if someone gathered and curated a Paiste weights wiki! I miss the old one... Used to reference it all the time. If you're serious about it I can weigh my lot, which isn't a ton of cymbals but still like 15-16 Paistes.
  17. hefty

    Canopus Vintage Wires: Chrome vs Dry (non-plated)

    I had them on my Yamaha seamless copper and more recently my Ludwig 402.
  18. hefty

    Canopus Vintage Wires: Chrome vs Dry (non-plated)

    I have the chrome vintage wires and honestly didn't notice much difference from generics on the snare I tried them on. You guys have better ears than I do I guess.
  19. hefty

    "Vistalite Black" is our kitchen whisk

    I for one think it's good to have a few naysayers around. They keep things from always going down the group-think rabbit hole. I ignore the "top 10 drummer" baiting posts though...
  20. hefty

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    last night. Whooeee that was fun.