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    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    Cleveland Rogers Powertone!
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    Ludwig Transition Badge Oyster Pink Pearl "Jazz Festival"

    I'm probably wrong, but wasn't this called the Barret Deems model?
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    Early 80s Gretsch Rosewood lacquer kit

    Somebody get these, the temptation is killing me!
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    Why Don Henley Switched to Tama in '78-'79

    So you remember Al! What a great store that was. Spent all my extra time and money there!
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    Zildjian "Flange/Bop" Hats questions.

    I have a set of trans stamp 15 inch flange hats. And they sound pretty much like that sound file too. CHUP!
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    Why Don Henley Switched to Tama in '78-'79

    Was that at Sodja's or DiFiori's?
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    B,S and T's Spinning Wheel isolated drums and bass!

    I'm pretty sure he recorded all the BST stuff with a Rogers Londoner kit. 20, 12, 13, 16. Dynasonic snare too from what I remember. I think In a wine red ripple finish. Also seem to remember Mark Knopfler buying them.
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    Does Rock’s Worst Singer Have “The Craziest Drummer”?

    Needs to switch to a heavier stick.
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    It's my understanding there weren't very many sets in this finish with beavertails. If somebody along the line switched out the original lugs for beavertails the shell would have to be drilled out. That would not be good for resale. That along with finding original tall boy reso hoops, would it...
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    I used to scour the Tradin Times back in the day!
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    yeah that bummed me out too.
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    Just struck me odd that the seller told me he had a "pending" sale. He said he would not ship, so if someone local came in, wouldn't he have cash in hand and buy it on the spot? Done deal!
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    Who knows what is really going on, it sure isnt me! I would love to go see them, talk to the owner and try to find out everything I could about them. Who was the original owner? Was he a professional? Why did he pick that particular color? yes I'm bummed I didn't get them, but did i really need...
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    I just got a text from him. He said they were tentatively sold. If anything falls through he'll let me know. Oddly anyone going to look at this set will have a pocketful of cash. Tentatively sold. Odd.
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    I let the seller know I was free all day and could see it when it was most convenient for him, he never got back to me so I figured he must have been swamped with calls. I know he had people scheduled to look at 6:00.
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    I was in touch with the seller and he said 2 people were coming to look at it at 6. I told him I had all day off and I could come look at it any time. Haven't heard back yet. If he comes back and says i can see it at 6, I think I'm out. I don't want to get stuck in a bidding war.
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    Thanks jp! Wish I had the money, I'm only 15 minutes away.
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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    I don't know how how to post a link but in Cleveland Craig's list there's a Rogers Mardi gras set with what looks like nice swivo hi hat and old zildjian s for 500 or best offer!
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    Otis - "Let Me Come On Home" What gives with the tambourine?

    I think it's Al Jackson and a Rogers wooden Powertone.