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  1. Targalx

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    I'm surprised to hear that you couldn't find good positioning with those mounts. It just goes to show how specific drummers can be (yes, myself included, I am quite particular!) with tom placements and our ways of doing things. The drummer who was in a band before I joined was so specific...
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    Wow! Those are impressive tom tones. I am very surprised to hear that much sound out of a kit like that. Really cool.
  3. Targalx

    The High End Yamaha Pedals? FP9?

    Interesting! That's the one issue I DON'T like about the new FP-9. The pedal surface is too smooth! There are a certain pair of shoes I can't wear while using that pedal because my foot just slips off the pedal. Am thinking about getting some skateboard grip tape to slap on the pedal surface.
  4. Targalx

    Anybody Play Super Cheap Drums?

    Yeah, that's impressive. "It's not the tools, it's the carpenter."
  5. Targalx


    Rock: cheap Guitar Center Sound Percussion 2B wood tips Jazz: cheap Guitar Center Sound Percussion 7A wood tips
  6. Targalx

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    Are you folks talking about this Ludwig mount? And if so, what makes it worse than the Pearl design?
  7. Targalx

    Yamaha DTX760HWK

    Ah, yes. Haven't even begun to dig into that yet. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. Targalx

    Sabian Manhattan Set Demo

    The Manhattans are fantastic cymbals! I use them for jazz gigs AND rock gigs. I love this series. Great work by Sabian. I, too, have received compliments on my Manhattan cymbal sounds. I usually add a little tape to the ride to deaden it just a little more. If you want rivets, Sabian will add...
  9. Targalx

    WORST Sounding China Cymbal?

    EVERY China crash is the worst. Ooof, can't understand why they're popular. I had one in 1993, thinking I could make some use out of it, and it was gone by 1994! B)
  10. Targalx

    Looking For a Portable Kit

    PureCussion RIMS kit/Arbiter Flats. Here they are being used by one of the heaviest drummers in the biz...
  11. Targalx

    Yamaha DTX760HWK

    Thanks. What do you not like about the cymbals?
  12. Targalx

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Yamaha Club Customs with SD495 inside the rehearsal room...
  13. Targalx

    The High End Yamaha Pedals? FP9?

    I've never played a 9000. I had three 5000s. They were nice pedals but definitely the opposite of "beefy," which is why I switched to Yamaha.
  14. Targalx

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    Really? Yamaha? Tell me more.
  15. Targalx

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    Ha! You mean the ones where the 12" and 13" rack toms are 20 feet apart? Looks like Mickey Mouse ears!
  16. Targalx

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    My second drum set was one of those late 1980s Taiwan stencil kits. I think all of those generic Made in Taiwan/China brands of the time used these mounts. Even back then, I used a second snare stand (the stand was from my first kit) to get around having to use the pipe-style mount.
  17. Targalx

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    I haven't played a kit with the big Pearl-style pipe tom mounts in a while, but did so at a rehearsal studio recently. No matter how hard I tried to work with the pipe-mount adjustments, I couldn't get my rack tom positioned where I like it. I must admit, they do make for a very steady and...
  18. Targalx

    Sabian 21"

    Can't say for sure, I know they've been offering that size for several years, though. I had a 21" Sabian ride at one point. I didn't care for the in-between size, never felt "right." It's like a 5-cylinder engine: the fuel economy of a V6 with the power of a 4-cylinder.
  19. Targalx

    Yamaha DTX760HWK

    Hi all, I just bought my first real electronic kit, a Yamaha DTX760HWK. I haven't had much time to spend with it yet, but I would appreciate any tips, cool ideas, advice, things to try, from those who are experienced with the Yamaha DTX 700 series. What are some cool things you're doing with...
  20. Targalx

    Mounted a cymbal stand off my bass this morning.

    It's always a neat idea, and my very first drum set (a 1960s Japanese stencil kit) had that feature. But it wouldn't work for me. I play my ride cymbal just a few inches above the kick drum. Also, I'm not crazy about adding more drill holes to my bass drum shell. I'd rather use the extra...