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  1. moosryan

    Keeping track of SPD-SX samples

    Hi all, More and more lately I'm doing gigs heavily reliant on samples loaded into my spd-sx. Sometimes it's repeat gigs where I really have time to internalize everything, sometimes it's quicker stuff where I have less practice & rehearsal time. My problem is that on these gigs, every track...
  2. moosryan

    20" K Custom Dark Ride SOLD

    20" K Custom Dark Ride for sale weighing in at 2248 g. Acquired last year in a trade with Bonzoholic and just too similar to other cymbals I use more often. Soundfile available (just a simple Zoom H1 recording) upon request. Looking for $200 shipped in the US. Update: SOLD locally via...
  3. moosryan

    SPD-SX Bag/Case

    Anyone using anything they like? I have this SKB case for touring ( but it's a total tank and too unwieldy for toting around on a regular basis. Would...
  4. moosryan

    Thin Crashes in Louder Music

    Thinking about the cymbal setup I want to use for a new band. It's got an 70s-80s synth/glam pop vibe (think maybe Tango in the Night-era FM, with some Cars, Siouxie, and Blondie) and so far nothing I've tried out sounds dark enough. Started out with Paiste Sigs/2002s and A Customs, and it...
  5. moosryan

    SOLD - 6 prs of Vic Firth 5Bs

    I'm unloading 6 pairs of brand new Vic Firth 5Bs! Made some changes in my musical situation and I'm no longer playing in the band where I felt I needed 5Bs. A pair of these runs $8.50 at Guitar Center, so let's say $40 (shipping included in the US). Would trade for VF 55As, and I'll happily...
  6. moosryan

    Whitney Nesting Drums

    Hey all, due to lack of storage space, I'm consider a set of nesting drums, and the Whitney drums look very intriguing to me. Has anyone seen them or played them? Any thoughts? Thanks, moos.
  7. moosryan

    Rick Marotta Hipgig

    Hey all, I'm curious to hear if any of you have any experience with these? Seems very convenient but I'm not sure if I could get used to the odd sizes (20x16 bass? I'm used to trad. bebop sizes). Anyway, the reason I ask is this: I may have an opportunity to get one (very used) for free. Most...