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    Needed Camco Experts

    So I have a Oaklawn Camco bop kit for and am looking for approximate value of the kit, 14x18, 8x12, 14x14, they were rewrapped over 20 years ago, there are 3 extra holes in the rack tom and 4 in the base drum tom mount. They sound fabulous but the rewrap and extra holes devalue this kit...
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    Pearl Late 70's early 1980's Maple Shell Bop Kit plus More

    Late 70's, perhaps early 80's Pearl Bop kit, includes an 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 14x14, 14x18, all matching white wrap toms, a dark lacquer 16x18 floor tom and a maple lacquer 8x14 snare with a parallel strainer. bass drum has some crack in the wrap, the drums truly are amazing to me, They have a...
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    Ludwig Stainless Pro Beat / Ron Dunnett made shells 13,14,16,18,24

    Without a doubt the biggest, most resonant, sweetest toned drums I have ever played. These shells are just amazing, no rolled edge, just strait perfect and thicker than snare drum shells. the drums are heavy, I am not wanting to ship these. 9x13, 10x14,16x16,16x18,14x24. Ron Dunnett made a...
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    Oriollo Goodness

    OMG! Just received a Manganese kit, These drums are amazing, they have so much sweet tonality, they are delicate and powerful, from a whisper to a roar. this kit is a 22, 13, 16 and could work in a bop setting or rock, huge tuning range. The have a great feel to them, The lugs, shells and...
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    Potyondi 7x14 Cast Iron Snare

    Pictures coming tomorrow, this is an amazing drum, Rob Dotto and I have passed this back and forth for many years, not wanting it to go away forever. it is the best cast anything drum I have every played. very heavy. $850 shipped Potyondi 7 x 14 Cast Iron snare, Canopus wires
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    Ryan Payne Solid Bubinga 7 x 14 Snare Drum reduced price $500

    Those who know Ryan know that he built some of the best solid shell snare drums ever made, I think they were the best but I am biased. amazing drum was built in 1985. Noble and Cooley die cast hoops. 7 x 14 Solid steam bent Bubinga shell, tube lugs $650 shipped pictures coming tomorrow morning
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    Vintage Slingerland Charcoal Satin Flame

    I have a cool Slingerland Charcoal or it looks like moon glow to me satin flame, 12, 13, 16, 22, the wrap is in really great condition, the inlays and also really great, needs heads, 3 ply maple poplar maple. chrome over brass hoops, they are dirty The entire kit could use a nice cleaning...
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    Sabian HH 22" Sound Control Hi Bell Early one

    A Rare Gem..Beautiful sounding Sabian HH Hi Bell Sound Control 22" Ride, it is in great condition. has normal patina and logo wear. $250 plus shipping via paypal
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    Ludwig Stainless Dunnett Ludwig Pro Beat

    Found this picture from a few years back, I always thought it was stunning! the drums....well lets just say they can certainly fill up this big room with a thunderous, sensitive, powerful sound, they have a very pleasing tonality, are very melodic and easy to tune. huge tuning range. I like...
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    hard bop stave kits

    Anyone here play on Hard Bop Stave kits? wonder what you thoughts
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    Hayman 24, 14 rack, 16 floor

    pics coming Hayman 14x24, 10x14 rack tom, 16x16 floor, toms are midnight blue, it looks purple, the bass drum is black, more details coming, the 24 is missing the front original hoop. I have all the correct claws and T's, pretty good condition, These drums sound enormous $500 oh the rack tom...
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    Noble & Cooley CD Maples 18, 10, 12, 14

    really nice N&C CD Maple kit, drums only, yamaha tom brackets, 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, 16x18bd deep blue finish is beautiful in person, there are some very light marks in a few places, great condition, these are great sounding drums. priced to move, the bass drum sounds great with a ported head and...
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    Solid Set of Sonor Phonics

    Really a kick a$$ set of Phonics, Pewter Green, seems to have zero fade. perfect edges, been babied I would guess. the spurs were changed to a later Phonic spur, has the old holes showing, one non original bass drum claw, Kit totally will blow your mind if you like to tune up kinda high for...
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    Noble Cooley cd maple 14x14 for a cd 16 tom

    I have a mint honey maple 14x14 N&C CD Maples tom, no mounts or holes, looking for a 16" cd maple to trade for, color does not matter
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    Ludwig Black Beauty Snare 6.5 x 14

    Like new Black Beauty Ludwig snare drum, 6 1/2 x 14, has a small keystone badge, really great drum $500 plus shipping will get pics up ASAP
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    15" Istanbul K hats

    Beautiful matched pair of 15" K Istanbul Hats, excellent condition 1249gm top, 1335gm bottom, for anyone who knows Emmett Ramirez, these were his and many people raved about these particular hats over on cymbalholic before I bought them, they are gems $750 shipped
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    Sabian HH Orchestral 20 and 18 cymbals

    Two nice thin Sabian HH Orchestral cymbals, they sound nice together, 18" and 20" $150 each about two years old and perfect condition with some fingerprints
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    Paiste 2002's for sale

    15" hats Sound Edge 24" crash 24" big Al's Ride 20" Giant Beat thin 20" Giant Beat Multi all sound great and are in great condition will post prices and pictures tomorrow and may make make a deal if someone wants them all
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    Some Really Great footage of Russell Kunkel with James Taylor

    some great music here, check out the end of to clip on Fire and Rain, not nearly enough footage out there of Russell
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    George Way Walnut Kit FS

    I bought these when they first came out, amazing drums, George Way Walnut 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, 6 1/2x12, a few rubs on the rack tom, coated ambassador batter, clear reso, coated ambassador reso and batter on kick. Great Condition $1200 paypal gift plus shipping