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  1. charlesm

    Cissy Strut played a new way by original songwriter

    Total respect for all the technique on display. Not easy to develop that ability, and it has its place. For me, that place is not on "Cissy". And, for me, it seems like SO many drummers are doing this whole mathematical displacement thing with fills now that it is losing any sense of wonder or...
  2. charlesm

    Helping our base players sound

    I also play some bass and had a steady bass gig for about 5 years at one point. P-bass into small combos with DI if necessary. If my sound seemed muddy in a given room, my solution was subtractive: cut the bass eq and boost volume a bit if needed to make up gain. That usually gave me a much...
  3. charlesm

    TRADED 21” Zildjian Dark Complex Ride

    That clears it up, then. Different series. K Custom Dark Complexes were only made in 21" and 22". Notable differences: The Dark Complexes feature medium-thin weights, satin finishes, cluster hammering and larger bells. Some similarities in aesthetics but different sonic character.
  4. charlesm

    TRADED 21” Zildjian Dark Complex Ride

    19" K Custom Dark Complex? I didn't know they had made that. I thought there was only a 21 and 22. I don't see a reference to a 19 anywhere. Are you sure you're not talking about something else?
  5. charlesm

    TRADED 21” Zildjian Dark Complex Ride

    These are some of my favorite modern K rides that Zildjian has ever put out. Stick that mixes both a woody and slightly metallic attack with warm, smokey, complex and dryish body. Warm bell tone. The weights of these varied all over the map. Seemed like as much as a 400g difference was...
  6. charlesm

    Keller Maple vs Keller Mahogany

    Close mikes tend to homogenize drum sound, yes. But, in my opinion, the acoustic qualities of and differences between drums often still come through and project more than you might think. Just saying this based on years of recording, hearing how different brands and shell types take to mikes...
  7. charlesm

    Keller Maple vs Keller Mahogany

    I took a watch/listen to the videos above. First thing to mention: because of the setting, not a lot of lows coming through. Not much proximity effect. So, my ear is tuning in mostly to mid- and high-frequency characteristics. Based on that, among the three Keller test drums with the wood...
  8. charlesm

    Vintage Ludwig "Blackrophonic" 6.5"x14" snare drum (10 Imperial lugs, black-coated aluminum shell)

    Definitely looks taped off. My call would be that this is a 402 that was badly pitted/flaked and someone stripped and repainted the outside.
  9. charlesm

    Vintage Ludwig "Blackrophonic" 6.5"x14" snare drum (10 Imperial lugs, black-coated aluminum shell)

    Interesting. You'd think it was a repaint, but it looks like the badge hasn't been off the drum. Unless it's a new badge and/or grommet. Seems to be coated only on the outside and not onto the edges. Odd! Very cool, though. Hope it is original!
  10. charlesm

    Advise on cutting down a Yamaha cymbal arm-rod

    Yeah, I would think that just purchasing a replacement part would be a whole lot easier than what you're/OP suggesting. Plus, you will still have the original boom arm if you need that option again.
  11. charlesm

    Zildjian ideas...R&D. Let’s hear your ideas.

    I would love to see the A. Uptown concept developed into a whole series. I would move it to the K designation, since, imo, it really has more in common with K than A. The design of that cymbal...dry but easily crashable, large hammering, very shallow lathing, thin but not too trashy, reminds...
  12. charlesm

    Zildjian K Orchestral weight?

    They may be on the heavy side, if anything.
  13. charlesm

    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    20 and 22 MTLs here. Nice examples that really work well as a set. Had a 20 Medium (first run) for years. Around 2200g. It was my first real Turkish-inspired cymbal of any kind. It was a nice one but it started to feel kinda stiff and a little too high-pitched for me at some point compared to...
  14. charlesm

    Zildjian ideas...R&D. Let’s hear your ideas.

    At the very least, I think they should add something in the K Custom Dark line. A 21" K Custom Dark China would be very cool, especially if they kept it thin. How about a 21" K Cluster Swish? Or Sweet Swish? Seems like the cluster concept applied to a china would produce some very interesting...
  15. charlesm

    Jim Gordon's Camco set

    It seems to be lost on some people here that thin shell has established an actual grain match between the drum in the auction and the drum in the Jim Gordon photo. I see it plain as day, myself. And, no, it's not just a coincidence. This is beside all of the other physical and circumstantial...
  16. charlesm

    Joke Thread

    Two necrophiliacs are lying in bed together in awkward silence. After a while, one turns to the other and says, "Y'know, sometimes I really wish you were dead."
  17. charlesm

    Gretsch 6ply shell makeup- the definitive answer

    This is fantastic.
  18. charlesm

    Which throw for a Supra?

    I guess I'm one of the few fans of the original P85. Over the years, I've probably had about 6 or 7 ones on different drums without any problems. Oldest one is the original on a late-'70s 402 and it works like new. As far as problems with sticking...maybe just a few drops of oil on the points?
  19. charlesm

    MIJs - getting sucked up into collections?

    Because the truth is that musical usefulness and validity often gets into very abstract territory, exceeding whatever was intended or expected from a given instrument...or object. That's why Tom Waits can get music out of a giant seed pod. That's why Jim Keltner can play garbage-can lids on a...
  20. charlesm

    Keller Maple vs Keller Mahogany

    Ah, yes. Thanks for the correction. Had completely forgotten about them. Definitely another resource to check out. Two great options there, then, if you're looking for something in the true Slingerland style.