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    New vistas in push pull.

    And yes, he can play music too. This takes the Kenwood/Rabb thing to new levels, I think.
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    Food for thought

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    Just saw on Baltimore CL - large Tama cordia kit

    These aren't mine. They are nearby, but too many huge drums for my tastes.
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    Mr. Tamborine Man session

    Here's Hal Blaine helping a song come become a hit.
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    Cold Blood 1971/6/30

    This is the whole gig, some tunes of which were in the Fillmore: The Last Days movie. This was with late Sandy McKee. He was a feisty puppy who played a la BR in the early 40s, with the right hand under the left to play the high hat. One vicious band.
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    Jeff Ocheltree

    Another Steve Smith clip crossed my YT feed yesterday: .
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    Philly Joe Interview, early 80s, Howard U.

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    Another sublime Craigslist moment

    Great moments in advertising - this is not one of them:
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    WTB: RIMS mounts for 12"Gretsch (5 lug) tom

    PM if you have one. Looking for one made by Gauger, new or older, not one made by Gretsch.
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    A new take on a tune some of us may know.

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    Flatheadz Tuning Hoop review

    Review : Flatheadz 14” tuning hoops I recently picked up a set of 10 hole 14” Flatheadz tuning hoops from Eccentric Systems. The idea is to help accelerate the tuning process. Each rim comes with laser etched markings inside the rim at each tension rod. The idea is that if the head is at the...
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    Art Blakey, BC, SiPhi. 1982 Montreux.

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    For sale: 20” Paiste Trad ride prototype

    No nicks, cracks, keyholing, etc. It has a nice bell and plenty of wash. $200.00 PayPal gift plus shipping from 21054; PM if interested. Video:
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    New and legal King Crimson, 2015 Toronto

    King Crimson's Toronto gig is available for download off the DGM site. It's killing. Apparently there will be a DVD in the fall.
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    New, to me, Steely Dan 1977 outtake

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    Alan Child's radio program

    This may be of interest to many among us.
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    Gee, Twelves.

    I recently put a set of clear G 12's on the acrylic kit. I like them a lot. They let me get the Lenny White/Cobham clear ambassador sound (think RTF's Where Have I Known You Before). On the larger drums, tuned just under midrange, they can sound very fat and full, so if you have to hit tom...
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    On backsticking and maximizing the development of an idea

    John B. Arnold. Bad man. &ab_channel=JOHNB.ARNOLD
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    VC and ZPZ, 2015