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    Armand Thin 18 or Kerope 18 for K sweet crash (18 or 19)

    I have an 18” Armand thin crash and a Kerope 18. Looking for K Sweet crashes sized 18 or 19. Send me a pm if interested.
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    Mastersound question

    Are the tops of the A and K Mastersounds the same as the New Beat or Regular K hats? Thinking about just getting a mastersound bottom for kicks and grins.
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    70s Supra for Downbeat snare

    I have a chance to get a 70s deep Supra for $100 more than my vintage Downbeat snare in a trade. Only issue with my snare is the throw off. Does it sound reasonable??
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    Shipping 22 ride across the US...cheapest route

    In your experiences, is the post office cheaper than UPS when shipping a 22” ride over a long distance?
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    Diplomat vs Ambassador bottom

    How much of a difference is there in using a diplomat bottom head vs an ambassador? I’ve always used ambassadors. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a diplomat.
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    Paistes...a tough resale?

    I just sold a Paiste Sig crash. I felt like I needed to go too low to sell it. Are Paistes a tough sell these days? Seems like Zildjian and perhaps next Sabian are the first choice for most people in current times. This is only my impression though.
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    Armand 18” thin for Zildjian 19” A Custom Projection or A Medium Thin crashes

    I have an 18” Armand thin crash that I’d be up for trading towards a 19” Zildjian of some sort. Looking for A Custom or A Redesign or New Avedis or K Hybrid...send pm.
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    Roc n Soc

    I had a gig today. Used their house kit with their Roc N Soc throne. I’ve played there before, but it had been awhile. I realized today that, while I was playing, I was nearly as comfortable as sitting on my couch. That Roc N Soc is by far the best throne ever. I must have one.
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    Gospel gig this weekend

    Finally getting back into the saddle after my 2nd child. I have a church gig this weekend. I’ve played there before but it’s been awhile. The music is fairly diverse and usually ends up being a combination of gospel and modern praise and worship. The drums are behind the glass and mic’d, but...
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    P85 snare throw off

    I know that Ludwig started to replace the P85 at some snares recently. Personally, I don’t have any trouble with the p85. Is it the best? Probably not. Does it work? Yes. I’ve never had it give me problems during any gigs. What are your thoughts on it?
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    Ludwig downbeat snare throw off

    I have a vintage downbeat snare. Something happened to the throw off and it isn’t working. Not pulling it up or down properly. I’m sure I’m missing something, but I’m not that familiar with this mechanism. Any ideas?
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    Zildjian Avedis 22 (new version) 2552 grams

    $320 shipped USA
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    $399 shipped USA. Mint.
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    Stuff to get for home studio

    Seriously thinking of setting up a simple home studio to record drum tracks. What specific gear (as well as software) do you recommend getting for this setup? I’m interested in doing tracks remotely, and not concerned with having a setup for other instruments.
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    $220 shipped USA
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    22/12/14 setups

    Anyone running the 22/12/14 setup? I noticed this is the setup used by Memphis Drum Shop on their demos.
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    Paiste Signature Fast crash 18”

    Selling this used cymbal. Good shape, but a few slightly rough spots around the edge. Sounds great. Send me a pm. $230 shipped USA
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    Zildjian cie crash

    Send me a pm