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    oil on wire brushes

    This is what I wiped off my new wire brushes that came from China. I think that might have turned my white heads ugly. These $4 brushes are nice though. Thick rubber handles are comfortable compared to my old skinny aluminum tubes and the gauge of wire seems finer, makes a nice sound. I also...
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    New snares for my drum

    What are the qualities that you look for when buying new snares for your drums? What determines a cheap set compared to a perfect set? Are there any that are better than the originals for your drum?
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    bass wood drums

    I know that there are a lot of products that are made with basswood. I know that it is a light weight and soft wood similar to balsa wood but maybe more rigid. I believe the issue with basswood is that it will not hold hardware well. I have no real information about it. Are there drums made...
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    Acousticon drum shells

    I didn't want to step on toes in the Remo thread, but I'm curious if the other drum makers used this material in their drums and what has been the long term effects of those drums. How stable is the material? How weather-resistant? What down-sides? Anything else?
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    Nesting drums

    I would like to hear your thoughts on an idea I have. I am too old to make several trips to get a kit into a venue. I need to make one trip. I am thinking about "nesting" several drums into each other and using a two wheel cart to carry them in. That would mean that I would not be using...
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    Thoughts on getting old

    Getting old is no fun, although it is better than the alternative. We go through life and acquire beliefs based on our experience and logic and then in our later years, society tells us we are wrong in what we hold dear. It is down-right maddening. Case in point: I have used only my Ghost...
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    Can a kid's drum be made to work?

    What problems are there with using kid's drums? I want to get a 8" and 10" drum, but of course I'm a drummer so I have no money. I think I could pick up a kids drum set for almost nothing. Obviously I have zero experience so I'm asking you. Can they be made to work or are they just trash? I...
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    What are some memories of your tour or being on the road?

    I'd like to hear about some parts of your life on the road as a drummer.
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    Where to buy a screw?

    I need a set screw for my cymbal stand that has a head shaped like a drum key and is 3/4" or 1" long. Where can I buy those?
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    I was trying to explain what my old sizzler looked like to my wife. Then I found this on ebay. $95. I went to Menards, got a 12" length of square rod, I'll cut a piece of guttering and bend and drill for rivets then drill for attaching. I still have the attaching screw. It's more fun my way.
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    How to ruin or improve a cymbal

    I just bought and received a 18" Glarry cymbal. I paid $18. I got what I expected but now I have a 1082g cymbal I can mess with. I drilled three holes and put roofing nails in them, but I still can't hear the sizzle, I will get some rivets. What other things would you like to do to a cymbal...
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    bass pedal info needed, please.

    I need to learn what is a great pedal and why. I started on a Slingerland, then moved to a Rogers with a leather strap, and settled on a Ghost, which has been on the drum since the late 60s. There have probably been at least a couple of things that have changed since then. Is there something...
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    Rogers Holiday Drum help needed

    Two questions concerning Rogers Holiday drums. I replaced the 13" tom heads earlier this year. I have two 13" toms mounted on the bass. I just checked and re-measured those toms. They measure 12 1/2 " outside the rim. Does that sound right to you? They measure 12" inside the rim. I'm old...
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    Slingerland bongos

    My mother bought me a Slingerland bongo set back in 62. They had a normal rim and lugs, but the rim was higher than the head so that it tore up my fingers when I tried to play them. Have any of you seen anything like this?
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    Stage personality

    What are some of your techniques and tricks that you use to create a stage personality and get friendly with an audience?
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    closed roll help needed please

    Hi, I've been away from drums 40 or so years. I'm trying to regain what I had but I'm 75 so I won't get it all back, but I am having trouble getting a smooth pleasant closed roll. Could someone give me some ideas on how to go about getting it to happen, please. Just like my wife's gravy, it's...
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    cocktail set needs a new drum, but how?

    Hi, I just bought a cool new cocktail set. It's fantastic. I have lowered the snare and side tom 12 inches so that I can sit while playing. That leaves the bass too tall. I thought about cutting off 12 inches of the 15 inch bass, but thought that would make the sound too high pitched. It...
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    Need advice on heads

    Hi. I bought my Rogers set in 64. I still have a couple of original heads. Most heads are Remo weather heads. I would like to upgrade the heads. I stopped touring in the 70s and haven't touched them since but now I want to use them in a community band playing concert and swing tunes. How...
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    Ludwig tension lugs

    I will begin by saying that I started playing a set in the 50s and have treated drums with the respect they deserve, but no more than that. I started with a 4 piece Slingerland set, then got the Rogers, the bass pedal failed and I have a ghost, and I replaced two heads that failed. Nothing...