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  1. AaronLatos

    Canopus Yaiba Sword Bop Kit (First Gen)

    These are so sharp. I've played a couple sets of these and I quite like em... great drums.
  2. AaronLatos

    How similar? Pearl Wood Fiberglass new VS old

    The original WFs are quite common on eBay. Might take you a bit of waiting, but I'd bet you'll find anything but the rarest sizes on there some time over the course of a year. There is a really active vintage Pearl Facebook group that's a good resource for orphan drums and knowledge, too...
  3. AaronLatos


    User "joeming" has been sending me cut-copy-paste scam emails in response to wanted ads. A quick search shows that the same username and same email address have been used on a couple other forums for the same purpose (vintage Chevy club for one). It's getting annoying. Some mod wanna block them?
  4. AaronLatos

    Gretsch SSB #2 ('79-80ish)

    So here's the deal. Putting out a feeler... The badge is on a drum that I'm refinishing in a month or two to match some RBs, and the thought crossed my mind to see if anyone really needs the badge (the drum is already a super player with a bunch of holes and is about to get refinished, so to...
  5. AaronLatos

    Maple tom scrap or cutoff for patching holes (keller, gretsch)

    Send me your tired, your poor, your shattered drum shells, yearing to groove freely... Need a small piece of a tom shell for patching holes in a 10" Gretsch mounted tom. I need to be able to get ONE 1.25" diameter circle and SEVEN .25" plugs out of it. Past that, I don't care. Can be a little...
  6. AaronLatos

    WTB: Gretsch parts, Sonor 10" tom

    EDIT: Found a bunch of stuff, deleted it from listing. Looking for the following Gretsch parts: 14" diecast hoops, batter and snare side (doesn't have to be specifically Gretsch, but no "drop-gate" snare sides... this is going on an 8x14 and it'll be tight fitting in my cases as-is! :) )...
  7. AaronLatos

    Early 80's Yamaha Piano Black RC's Price Drop!!!

    that's brilliant! Been there... remember doing a background music gig where the manager repeatedly asked us to turn down. It got crazy. The last time they did... "You're all still too loud!" we had to break it to them that for the past fifteen minutes, I had been air-drumming, the guitarist...
  8. AaronLatos

    Early 80's Yamaha Piano Black RC's Price Drop!!!

    Great drums, great price. Trey, not to detail the conversation, but what's up with the volume/tone knob on your Inde kick?
  9. AaronLatos

    Getting replaced/replacing someone

    David and McSnuff are on it. Your relationship is with the bandleader, not anyone else. If you're working for a while, this comes up. I've been in all three sides of this before (the drummer replacing, the drummer who doesn't get the call when it makes sense that I would, and the bandleader...
  10. AaronLatos


    Do I remember correctly that when Gretsch outsourced their shells to Jasper, they sent Gretsch's existing molds to Jasper? And that those molds then moved again to Keller (I mean, I've heard that, as of fairly recently, some Gretsch drums fit heads snugly?)? Anyone know that for sure one way...
  11. AaronLatos


    Agree with all of that. The shell geometry is the key thing. I had a conversation with a C&C employee years ago that said they believed that Jasper era Camco were maple/gum, as well. They said that when trying to replicate the Oaklawn sound, they were able to get really darn close with...
  12. AaronLatos

    Another Please ID This Old Snare Drum

    Duplex! I just sold one nearly identical, except mine had A perforated vent patter around the all metal part of the shell. I really wanted to fix mine up and play it, but too many drums, not enough hours in the day...
  13. AaronLatos

    Nesting drums

    I have a precision style 10/13/16 kit (plus a 12 that doesn't nest) I built from Ludwig Rockers that has seen hundreds if not thousands of gigs. Sounds fabulous. Also owned a Whitney Penguin in the same sizes that I sold the day after I bought it to a good friend who needed it for a tour...
  14. AaronLatos

    Ordered 2 Kentville roo heads today.

    Tried 'em, love 'em. Next time I have a regular gig or well budgeted session they'd work well for, I'm picking up a whole kit's worth. I really dig calf, and think I like these better.
  15. AaronLatos

    Hidden gem of a drum?

    Yeah. The mariachi band down the street threw a 6.5x14 6-lug Pulse steel shell into the trash. I had heads, wires and a throw, so figured why not, I'll fix it up. At midrange tunings, it's within spitting distance of my 20s NOB Ludwig. Can't do anything else, but I'm not complaining.
  16. AaronLatos

    Black Panther with mod finish under

    Looking good! It's such a cool color!
  17. AaronLatos

    Black Panther with mod finish under

    I had a 12/13/16/22 set that I bought in 2014 for $400. Stripped em to citrus and sold them (with some work left to be done, from what I remember). It would have been a great deal on even a beat up 3ply kit in a common color, and these sounded GREAT. Man... there's a lot of stuff I remember...
  18. AaronLatos

    Rogers Holy grail find.

    Fantastic! when I saw the thread title, I predicted it would be either a bop kit, a wood Dyna, or something in a super clean onyx finish. Two out of three is nuts! I totally understand the impulse to flip. If it's not your thing, no shame in that at all. I got a 70s black beauty for acro money...
  19. AaronLatos

    Graduated thickness drum heads

    Great trick. Back before thicker single ply heads were available, my teacher Matt (jazzdrummer on here) hipped me to using coated Ambs on racks and coated Emps on floor toms. I have a fantastic 70s Sonor bop kit (12/14/16, 18) but was having a hard time with the 14 and 16 floors for a while...
  20. AaronLatos

    OT: Favorite hot sauces?

    Mmm. We'vee gone through a lot, but our favorites: Daily driver around the house is Valentina. Mexican-style, just enough heat and great flavor. Keep El Yucateco Black Label Reserve Habanero around for when I want a little more kick. I'm also a HUGE Sambal Oelek fan, too. Just a bit in miso...