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  1. JazzDrumGuy

    A nice surprise!

    Nice kit and nice gig!
  2. JazzDrumGuy

    The Rim Riser

    I made one out of a 60's Slingy bass drum reinforcement hoop, made it adjustable so that it fit 14" snares with a 6, 8 or 10 lug config, and it was cool but really useless. Cost me nothing, though, adn I would have certainly made more had I not thrown that bass drum (& R. hoops) away....dang...
  3. JazzDrumGuy

    Possibly refurbishing and rebuilding Vintage Ludwig Kit: Anything specific I should know?
  4. JazzDrumGuy

    Lead on a drum set

    Not ZBT.....thinner grooves and color is muted not brilliant B8.....just do it!
  5. JazzDrumGuy

    OT: Which Is Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album?

    Pretty compelling argument for LZ II........I didn't know it booted Abbey Road from the #1 spot!
  6. JazzDrumGuy

    6.5x14 Hammered Bronze for 5x14 version?

    If you decide you want a large Keystone badged one, hit me up. I have a nice unhammered 5x14 BB.
  7. JazzDrumGuy


    Does it come with the shoulder strap? Is it just the one outer pouch? Thanks.
  8. JazzDrumGuy

    20" Zildjian Bounce Overhammered Proto, 20" Bettis

    No listings on Reverb link!
  9. JazzDrumGuy

    Austin Craigs List - Not mine but a great Gretsch Deal

    Nice kit, good price! I have a friend with this same color kit and gigs it Thurs-Sun. for a jazz gig 3+ hours/night every weekend - they still look great and the few times I've sat in sounded great. The bass is a sleeper and thumps......No comment on the hardware color, though! However, that...
  10. JazzDrumGuy

    WTB: 18" gretsch shell for 12x18 vintage build out project

    Hat, I've bought 3 drums from that eBay Gretsch guy - all 14x14 - all were fine, playable and worked great. I sold two of them but still have one........
  11. JazzDrumGuy

    Slingerland 1950's Super Gene Krupa (clamshell strainer) and Gene Krupa (3 pt. strainer) Radio King Snare Drum Question

    I have a late 50's in red (glass glitter) sparkle - nickel hardware - sadly, it did not come with hoops but still is a fantastic drum! I think the '90's or '00's last leg of import Slingys (or maybe the USA Conways) had "engraved" or vintage style S-hoops, but not sure if COB or COS. I do have...
  12. JazzDrumGuy

    Possibly refurbishing and rebuilding Vintage Ludwig Kit: Anything specific I should know?

    I did a Ludwig "Jazzette" refurb from gawdy chrome plastic wrap stripping off, full down to the washers and back refinished in a satin mahogany........check the archives.....I'd be glad to give any info as to a specific problem/issue, too.....just PM me. And take plenty of pics - before, during...
  13. JazzDrumGuy

    dw True Cast bronze snare

    Bentley's is having a DW day on 11/16 - I wonder if this snare will appear?? It would be cool to play a $4K snare! I know John G. is supposed to be there with Greg Bisonnette and a "surprise guest" - unfortunately I will be out of town on a conference!
  14. JazzDrumGuy

    Anyone using a flat ride???

    I have a super portable setup - 10x14 "bass", with a snare stand built in on top, and I mounted a cymbal arm. I gigged it recently for the first time with a HH and my sole cymbal was a 19" Soultone old school patina flat ride - worked perfectly for the acoustic outdoor art gallery gig I had...
  15. JazzDrumGuy

    Nerves worse when you know people in the audience?

    I've played gigs for coworkers and family/friends - no big deal. I still sucked! My bigger issue is if it's YOUR retirement party, I'd be out mingling with your coworkers and have another band doing the gig! Congrats either way......
  16. JazzDrumGuy

    OT: Which Is Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album?

    LZ I. I love most of them, but LZ I came out of nowhere - between Good Times Bad Times and the intro drum fills setting the tone, blazing Communication Breakdown, epic Dazed & Confused, and dark How Many More times, the wailing guitars (yet also acoustic brilliance), thunderous bass lines, and...
  17. JazzDrumGuy

    Repair this?!

    I don't see it happening, man......maybe cut it out to a 14" diameter, add some jingles and make it like one of those Dream snare cymbal thingies that Scott Pellegrom endorses......
  18. JazzDrumGuy

    Did I even showed you guys my kit being built?

    Great videos but where are the drums?