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  1. Joe A

    Stick bags

    I've a good number—lots of sticks after all—but my favorite one is a waxed nylon one, with a camouflage print, and wide enough to hold charts if needed.
  2. Joe A


    I treat wood and nylon like different hardnesses of mallets. I used to be one way or the other, but there's so many colors available with nylon. Plus, if you're covering a tune where the drummer used nylon (like something Paul Leim played on), well... But I'm the guy who would insist on using...
  3. Joe A


    Another of the "grandkids" of Papa Jo's stick. ;)
  4. Joe A


    I've got that pair of 5As, one of which I have pictured in my other post. I don't really know about weight, but they're not incredibly heavier than the maple—RTs were never really heavy in my experience. There's also Jazz (which does come in wood, had a pair, although they thicken the tapers on...
  5. Joe A


    I recommend buying in person when possible! There's always some QC with them. But! A good pair of them is a good pair.
  6. Joe A

    Question: Bought a used 21inch Sabian AA Dry Ride for $130

    Did the Dry Ride start off as the Larrie Londin signature, by chance? I ask because I picked up a used LL the other month—I'm a fan—and it seemed very close to a brilliant Dry Ride that I played every Sunday and Wednesday for years. Great all-purpose ride sound with little wash or build-up...
  7. Joe A


    It does seem that way! Have you tried the Regals though? Very light models with thin tapers.
  8. Joe A


    It was perfectly relevant. If you don't know how to answer, then that's fine...plenty of people here do. :)
  9. Joe A

    John Denver 1981 Japanese Tour - Take Me Home, Country Roads - Hal Blaine on drums

    Hal wrote very kindly of his years with Denver in his autobiography. It seems to be almost a climax of sorts, really. He wrote with such rapture that I ended up getting his greatest hits on iTunes after I finished the chapter.
  10. Joe A

    Snare drum heads

    If you want it to go "KRAK", I guess that's the way to do it. :) . I did it myself as an experiment in my youth and got similar results as listed.
  11. Joe A

    Piccolo snares

    I'm still regretting selling my Pearl steel 3x13. Such a tight little drum that was. I do have a couple Pacific 3.5x13s that I'll play with; I'll have one cranked and then another treated with a full sheet of Mylar from a discarded 13" head (a la BFSD) and a towel taped to that, for a "drum...
  12. Joe A


    I've at least 100 pairs of almost every conceivable width, length, taper, and tip style, though not nearly every permutation thereof. What can I say? I like to explore. :) This morning, I tapped a few minutes in a snare and bass with a pair of Weckl originals. And most of my favorites are of...
  13. Joe A

    Amazon deals thread

    There must be a browser extension or an app that will invert the colors...?
  14. Joe A

    Anybody Play Super Cheap Drums?

    I've got a Sound Percussion 12/15/20, with a 5x13" snare, that I picked up for $80 a few years ago. It was my only actual kit for some time, and it fit the bill well! I used it with good success for a few situations. After removing the satanic and otherwise crude stickers from the reso head...
  15. Joe A

    Ambassador X heads.

    I've enjoyed them as a nice middle ground between Ambassador and Emperor. Just a bit tighter sounding, and the added durability isn't bad either.
  16. Joe A

    Bass drum hoops... Do they make a difference?

    Not the OP, but I have one and it's six lugs on either side. Maybe it makes a difference on 20" and below; I don't know. I've only experience with 22" and both styles of hoops, and I can't really tell. In fact, my favorite 22" is this old Remo Acousticon shell with stencil hardware on it; it...
  17. Joe A

    Any tips for tuning 12 and 13 toms?

    I was thinking of this this morning while hitting balls, and arrived at a similar conclusion: just tune to where each drum sounds good. Think of it like an augmented or an inverted sixth chord rather than a major or minor triad if you like, if you need to think in terms of intervals, but I'm...
  18. Joe A

    It's National One-Hit Wonder Day. Post Your Favorite Drum-Heavy Chart-Toppers

    My stepfather subscribed to Sheet Music magazine throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, starting with Standard Organ and shifting to piano around 1989. Anyway, the transcription of this was considered by them to be a big deal, like a new standard.
  19. Joe A

    13" floor tom/drumstick between a 2S&3S.

    The thing with "between a 2S and a 3S" is that drumstick sizes aren't standardized between companies; that is, a 7A will run the gamut between .510 to .540 in width to between 15 and 16 inches in length, and so on with other models. If you have dimensions in mind, you can plug them into the...
  20. Joe A

    Amazon deals thread

    I managed to carefully file smooth the one that was damaged in my case, a 20" Mehmet Legend they gave me for like 100 after I reported it. It sounded too nice to send back. It's holding up as we speak! Of course, you can't stop watching these things, though.