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    1960s Ludwig 14x20 Bass Drum : Oyster Blue

    Looking for a rail mount 60s 14x20 in Oyster Blue Pearl. No mods - must be in good condition with rail mount.
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    1920s / 30s Gretsch WMP Snare Drum. Banjo Style Hardware. Info Wanted

    Hey gentlemen! I recently picked up this Gretsch snare and am hoping that someone might be able to shed a little light on what it might be. My assumptions from the remnants of the sticker, is that this is a late 20s, early 30s Gretsch snare the borrowed Duplex hardware (like many of the drums...
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    Gretsch Anniversary Drums : Bass & Tom

    Looking for Gretsch Anniversary Sparkle 20" bass and 12" tom.
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    Snare ID Help : Ornate Brass 1910s?

    Completely clueless on this drum. Any insight would be very helpful! Sure has some beautiful ornate patterns. Closest guess would be a very early Wilson & Bros snare.
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    1920s / 30s Snare ID Help.. Slingerland?

    Any information on this drum would be greatly appreciate. The initial thought is that it might be a Slingerland from the 20s or 30s. Thanks -
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    WANTED : Wire Wound Snares OR Gut Snares

    WANTED : Wire Wound Snares OR Gut Snares Any old snare strands of full length wanted.
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    Ludwig 1966 Oddity : 10 Lug, 20" bass drum

    Ludwig 1966 Downbeat Outfit (14x20, 8x12, 14x14) in original Champagne Sparkle outfitted with nickel hardware. These drums are a factory family, all featuring beautiful white painted interiors, excellent untouched bearing edges, and no modifications to the shells. This is an excellent collector...
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    1970s Ludwig Blue Vistalite Drum Kit : 26 - 12 - 13 - 16 - 18 : $1199 LOCAL ONLY

    1970s Ludwig Blue Vistalite Drum Kit : 26 - 12 - 13 - 16 - 18 : $1199 . LOCAL PICKUP ONLY : Houston TX Beautiful 1970s Ludwig Blue Vistalite in BIG sizes! These drums are in good condition with NO cracks in the shells. 14x26 : The bass drum is in excellent condition. This drum is a part of an...
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    Gretsch 1960s Round Badge 16x16 Floor Tom

    Gretsch 1960s Round Badge 16x16 Floor Tom Any color / condition considered depending on price. Would prefer with original hardware.
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    1960s Pre Serial Ludwig Downbeat Snare : Oyster Pink Pearl : 4x14

    Early 1960s Ludwig (Pre Serial) downbeat snare drum in the original Oyster Pink Pearl finish. This drum is in absolute stunning condition. Easily considered a time capsule, everything on this drum is original down to the snare strands, tension rods and unplayed Ludwig 60s heads. First introduced...
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    1960s Gretsch Rewrap Gold Sparkle Bop Kit : 18 - 12 - 14 - 4x14

    $3900 (+ PP Fees or Gift) + ship. These drums are simply stunning.. and this is an original Gretsch 18" bass drum. Please, no offers. Gorgeous 1960s Gretsch Round Badge Bop Outfit topped off with the correct Max Roach model 4x14 snare drum. These drums have been rewrapped in the correct...
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    SOLD : 1960s GRETSCH 'BOP' Outfit : 20-13-16 : GREEN Glass Round Badge Kit Vintage

    1960s Gretsch 'Bop' Jazz Green Glass : 20 - 13 - 16 SOLD $1150 + Ship! ** Please note ** There is no cymbal arm included in this sale. Gretsch Round Badge Cataloged 'Bop' Outfit in a very rare Green Glass wrap. This kit came into the shop as a 14x20 and 9x13 set that featured original...
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    1926 Ludwig Stipple Gold 'Super Ludwig' Snare : 5 x 14

    1926 Ludwig Stipel Gold 'Super Ludwig' Snare : 5 x 14 $1100 + Ship! Only offered in 1926, the Ludwig "Stipel Gold" finish was soon phased out due to its fragile nature. This particular drum features the "Super Ludwig" snare strainer system sporting original art gold hardware and gut...
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    1920s Leedy Black Elite Snare Drum 5x14 : Non-Engraved Vintage Rare Knobby Gold

    1920s Leedy Black Elite 5x14 $699 + Ship! 1920s Leedy Black Elite Model #704E Snare Drum. These drums were offered between 1925 - 1930 and featured hand engraving around the shell for an additional $3.00 back in the 20s. Most of these models were made with the engraving, so it is more rare...
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    1926 Ludwig "Stipple Gold" Super Ludwig 5 x14 Snare. Original Stipple Finish.

    1926 Ludwig "Stippel Gold" Super Ludwig Model Snare : 5 x 14 Ludwig introduced a new textured gold finish in 1926 called Stipple Gold. This finish proved to be very fragile and was replaced that very same year by a more durable finish, Ludwigold. Typically these drums surface in terrible...
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    Looking for 8 clean beavertail (early style) double ended snare drum lugs.
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    1920s Leedy Jade Green "Separate Tension" Snare Drum

    1928 - 1930 Leedy ‘Separate Tension’ Snare Drum Finish : Jade Green Du Pont Pyralin Beginning in 1895, U.G. Leedy along with his roommate, Sam Cooley, starting manufacturing percussion instruments in their apartment. By the 1920s, The Leedy Manufacturing Co. was producing some of the best...
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    I recently picked up this early 30s tone flange snare. Luckily, the drum was in great condition when it was acquired. The original owner split the resonant head and stopped playing the drum. Due to the oversized nature of these tone flanges, it is extremely difficult to find batter side heads...
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    1950s Slingerland Radio King Drum Kit : 24 - 13 - 16 - 5.5x14

    $2400 + Ship 1950s Slingerland Radio King outfit in the original White Marine Pearl finish featuring a 14x24, 16x16, 9x13, and 5.5x14 snare. These drums are in great original condition! All of the drums have 100% original hardware with no modifications and in addition, all of the drums have...
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    Ludwig 13" 60s COS : Steel Hoops Wanted

    Found. Thanks.