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  1. nickrobotron

    Paiste 20” Signature Full Crash

    $250, shipped?
  2. nickrobotron

    Paiste 20” Signature Full Crash

    $275, shipped. Lightly used and in excellent condition. There’s one flea bite (last photo).
  3. nickrobotron

    Best All-around Zildjian Ride (20”/22”)?

    Absolutely agree with this. I'd throw in the 22" K Custom Dark Ride for controlled volume and wash. It's a great weight in the K world.
  4. nickrobotron

    Ranking Tom Petty's Drummers

    Buster Sidebury, obviously. Probably the best drummer of all time.
  5. nickrobotron

    I need a 1.6mm Ludwig 14" 10 lug hoop for my Supra.

    Can you someone sell me decent round hoop that lays flat? Doesn't need to be perfect.
  6. nickrobotron

    1971 Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5” value?

    Thanks to you all!
  7. nickrobotron

    1971 Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5” value?

    I have an opportunity to purchase a well used, deep Supra with the pointy badge. Serial number dates it 1971. The bad: There is some pitting and scratches. Lugs are dinged up. Top hoop is definitely not original (pretty heavy) and needs replaced. The good: No dents. Good strainer, good butt...
  8. nickrobotron

    Wanted Orphan Yamaha RC toms Piano Black finish

    I have a 9x13 and a 16x16 on loan right now to another musician. When he's done with them, I'd sell them.
  9. nickrobotron

    Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Silver Sparkle 13x9 Tom

    My Google search proves they exist. This is an image of the exact tom that I have been hunting for. Triple flanged hoops and glued on badge. I'll make it worth your time.
  10. nickrobotron

    Hate For 18" Deep Bass Drums. Just Me?

    Best sounding bass drum I ever owned was a 17x22 Maple N&C. And I cut it down to 12x22. It doesn't have the same power, but I still like it.
  11. nickrobotron

    Oriollo Phantom Kit Demo

    Are you the best drummer in the entire world?
  12. nickrobotron

    1960s Rogers 12x22, 8x12, 16x16 Black Diamond Pearl Drum Kit

    I just a custom kit built with a 12x22 bass drum. No doubt I would have be all over these if I had the money. I’m crazy about 12x22 bass drums.
  13. nickrobotron

    Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials

    24" is sold.
  14. nickrobotron

    70’s Zildjian A 10” Thin Splash

    70’s stamp with ink on top and bottom. Looks like it was never played. $50, shipped.
  15. nickrobotron

    Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials

    Dropped the prices a little.
  16. nickrobotron

    Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials

    Part of my massive purge! A big purchase is requiring me to sell a couple more of my favorites. 24" ride and 20" crash. Both are from 2016 and both are in perfect condition. I paid full retail price for the 20" crash (OUCH) from a local drum shop because I liked the weight. Even though these...
  17. nickrobotron

    I ordered a Jenkins-Martin 3-piece drum kit.

    I am super stoked about it and I just had to share with my fellow drum dudes! I have a 5x14 snare in White Shimmer (micro sparkle) that came from Electrical Audio (Steve Albini's studio) in Chicago that I absolutely love. I traded in my 7x14 Jungle Green snare to Scott Jenkins for this one and...
  18. nickrobotron

    Full set of 60's Zildjian A's

    Bun has dibs. Sale pending. Check your PMs, Bun!