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  1. Izual

    Ocheltree Heavy Metals 22 snare, 6.5 x 14 Solid steel, black

    Hi folks, I'm offering up this beast of a drum because I haven't gigged or even played for quite a while now and am clearing out some gear. This is by far the most versatile snare I've ever used even though I mostly tune a snare high. It can be incredibly sensitive at low volumes, is fantastic...
  2. Izual

    8" Agop splash, 18" Dream Bliss crash

    Hi folks, long time since I've checked out the forums, I've got two items for sale and probably more to come. 8" Agop splash, 160g $70 shipped, I think I can attach pics. Also an 18" Dream Bliss crash, real beauty this one, 1305g, great patina, $130 shipped. I do have soundfiles I can email, pm...
  3. Izual

    DigiTech RP255 guitar effects pedal

    DigiTech RP255 guitar effects pedal, used about 30 minutes total, power adapter and box included, $100 shipped in the US, PP gift preferred, thanks for looking -db
  4. Izual

    SOLD: 14" Istanbul Agop sig hats

    edit: sold, thanks! Hi, this is a pair of 14" agop sig hats, more medium weight than a lot of sigs these days so a little harder to come by, about 1030 over 1140g. The weight makes these a lot more versatile, at least to me. An excellent pair of hats that have done it all for me, see pics...
  5. Izual

    (SOLD) 15" Istanbul Mehmet crash, 850g

    EDIT: Sold, thanks. Hi, this is a 15" Istanbul Mehmet crash, 850g, used but in excellent condition. Fully lathed, beautiful patina, pretty thin weight so a very nice, easy crash that will fit into any context. Sorry, still can't make soundfiles since my studio PC is toast. Nothing "fancy", just...
  6. Izual

    (SOLD) 14" die cast snare hoop set, 10 lug

    EDIT: sold. Hi all, This is a set of die cast hoops for a 14" snare, 10 lugs. Not much else to say, excellent condition, have the 'handles' on the snare-side hoop, $75 shipped in the US, paypal 'gift' or money orders work for me. thanks! -d
  7. Izual

    SOLD: 22" Bosphorus masters turk

    EDIT: sold Hi, this is a 22" Bosphorus Masters turk ride, 2000g. Amazing cymbal in perfect condition. Pics and sounds below, sorry for the crap phone pics, I can take better ones if anyone wants more detailed imagery.. This has a few rivet holes, two light aluminum pop rivets in it right now...
  8. Izual

    (SOLD) 14" Bosphorus turk hats

    edit: Sold, thanks. ------------------------------- hey all, I have to let these go even though these are the best turk hats I've ever owned. these are IT, but I need the money.. ugh. anyway, they weigh 1000 over 1200 and are stamped "bright" underneath, although I'd say "bright" may be a...
  9. Izual

    (SOLD) 14" old A Zildjian hats, THIN, pics and sounds -->

    Got a great pair of vintage Zildjian hats here, about 760g over 820g. I was told one is a 50s stamp and one a 70s but I don't know enough about old A stamps, or really care to be honest. See pics and sounds below for all details, these have a beautiful slosh and great chup, very nice old Zs...
  10. Izual

    (SOLD) 14" Bosphorus masters turk hats

    Edit: SOLD. Got a great pair of Bosphorus masters turk hats here, perfect condition, 810g over 1060g. See pics and sounds below for all details, logos removed from the top hat. I've used these with my jazz quartet and occasionally flipped them over for a blues-rock trio. Beautiful hats, Asking...
  11. Izual

    (SOLD) 20" Paiste Dark Energy Mark 2

  12. Izual

    (SOLD) Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary ride

    EDIT: Sold, thanks. ------- Hi all, this is a 22" Agop 30th Anni ride, 2415g, see pics and soundfile below for details, perfect condition (some stick marks is all). VERY NICE AGOP, I was quite surprised actually, NO BARKING SEAL around the bell, strong stick response all over, very nice...
  13. Izual

    SOLD: 20" Spizzichino turk, THIN

    EDIT: sold, thanks! 20" Spizz turk, THIN at 1873g, two rivets, no issues. Beautiful. RARE. asking $800 shipped in the US. thanks for looking, -db SOUNDS
  14. Izual

    (SOLD) 22" Istanbul Agop Sig

    (SOLD) Hi all, this is a rare pie, it's an older 22" Agop sig that actually has some meat on her bones. A 22" @ 1700g may sound good by itself but it's versatility can be quite limited. This one weighs about 2750g and can thus actually carry almost any kind of ensemble you might be involved...
  15. Izual

    20" Spizzichino ride (sold)

    EDIT: sold, thanks. This is a turkish alloy 20" Spizzichino, about 1930g, high profile with an icy stick over a trashy wash. Great tension throughout, no mushy areas anywhere in the profile, six light aluminum pop-rivets. I've used this quite a bit but it's never been abused, there are no...
  16. Izual

    FS: 22" Bosphorus turk flat ride (sold)

    EDIT: sold. Hi, this is an older Bosphorus flat (Ferit series), 22" and about 2850g. Sounds heavy and it is but still wobbles and is surprisingly crashable, kicks the stick back at you but still feels softer than you'd expect. Rivets add a nice layer of sound. I've used this quite a bit but...
  17. Izual

    FS: 14" Istanbul hats (sold)

    sold, thanks.
  18. Izual

    SOLD: 14" Stanbridge maple snare hoops

    Edit: SOLD, thanks. --------------- Hi, these maple snare hoops are in great shape, only one tiny nick in pic #4 near the hole and a few scuffs in the insides here and there. Otherwise perfect and solid. These are no longer available to buy separately so here's your chance to get an amazing pair...
  19. Izual

    22" Istanbul Alchemy flat *edit- Sold

    edit - SOLD This is a 22" Istanbul Agop Alchemy flat ride, lathed on top, raw underneath and buffed all over. Weighs 2250g and some patina has developed while I've used this one, see below for pics and soundfile. No cracks or damage or such issues, I take great care. This is a stunning flat...