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  1. skelt101

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 18" Crash SOLD!

    Hi folks, I have a Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 18" Crash available in excellent condition. No keyholing, flea bites, or funny business! Just some honest stick marks and light dusting. Would probably look brand new with a little cymbal cleaner and elbow grease! Asking $250 shipped obo. Also...
  2. skelt101

    CDE Exclusive Club Date Series Kits

    Don't know if it's been posted about yet, but just got an email about these exclusive Chicago Drum Exchange Ludwig Club Dates. No affiliation, I just think they look and sound pretty cool! Check 'em...
  3. skelt101

    New Hoops For Ludwig Club Date USA?

    Hoping to get some DFO advice! I've read and heard about "vintage" drums using 1.6mm hoops and how much "better" they sound. What kind of difference might I find on a recent set of Ludwig Club Date USAs? Would the difference be enough to justify the change? What about tuning stability...
  4. skelt101

    Sketchy Cymbal Purchase On Reverb

    I purchased a cymbal on Reverb from what looked to be a reputable seller. The listing stated the condition as "Brand New", but that didn't seem to be the case when I opened up the package. I sent the following message to the seller about three days ago, and haven't received a reply yet: Hello...
  5. skelt101

    Memory Locks for Ludwig Gull Wing Spurs...?

    Late last year, I purchased a new Ludwig Club Date USA kit in the FAB configuration. I'm trying to get the Gull Wing Spurs to a point where I'm confident in their performance. Initially, I added Pearl ISO feet to help with height adjustment. When I went to add memory locks [model P1728], I...
  6. skelt101

    Pearl Optimount On Bass Drum...?

    Am I crazy, or could a Pearl Optimount be used on a virgin bass drum to mount a cymbal/tom arm? What do you all think?
  7. skelt101

    Paiste Dark Energy Set

    I'm thinking of putting together a Dark Energy set. Already have an 18" crash, and 15" hats on the way. What would you all choose for a 22" ride, Mark I or Mark II? Also, what current production 20" would fit tonally between the 18" and 22" as a crash ride? Current suspects are the Signature...
  8. skelt101

    Aquarian Texture Coated vs Evans UV1

    Hoping to hear from folks that have experience with both these heads. My toms currently have (factory) Remo USA Coated Ambassadors and I'm looking at what to replace them with down the road. I should say that I like the tone of the Remo heads, but the coating durability seems to be their...
  9. skelt101

    Paiste FX Advice

    I'm hoping to get some advice on an FX cymbal for my (mostly) 2002 Big Beat Paiste set. Currently on the stands are: 15" BB Top Hat w/900 Heavy Bottom Hat, 18" DE Crash, 20" and 24" BB. I like the sounds of the Sig Traditionals and Masters Swishes on their own, but am not sure how they would...
  10. skelt101

    Paiste 2002 Big Beat Set

    Hello folks, First post here! It seems after the Black Friday sales, I have a set of the Paiste 2002 Black Big Beats headed my way. (Went with the "Big Sound" pack, with 15" Hats, 18", 20" and 24" Multi.) I'm very excited! From reading reviews online, one of the biggest criticisms of this...