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  1. MillerMav

    21" Agop Sultan China *SOLD*

    This has sold
  2. MillerMav

    Meinl 20" .... SOLD.....

    Sold, thank you
  3. MillerMav

    North Beech shell pack *SOLD*

  4. MillerMav

    New snares with old shells.

    I am in no way a "drum builder", just a guy who likes to make his own stuff some of the time. Anyway; I got a shell from North in the UK a couple years back for free because it took them so long to send me the shell pack I ordered. I have sat on that shell for maybe 2 years until last week I...
  5. MillerMav

    Tackle Leather Stick bag

    I'm selling my brown leather Tackle Instruments leather stick bag. Its the zippered bag with the "kick-back" stick attachment so it can stand on its own. It's a great bag but I recently got a hold of a VF leather stick bag that more fits my needs (mallets and aux stuff more than just...
  6. MillerMav

    Finally pulled the trigger.....INDe!

    I did not come to gloat or brag or whatever but I am overly excited to share that, at 38 years of age, I finally put down a deposit on my first EVER new drum set. After a two year journey filled with tireless research, opinion searching and video watching as well as some playing here and there...
  7. MillerMav

    North custom shells.....finished/unfinished

    18/14/12 shells with hardware sold. Due to that (even though I thought I had more) there is no hardware for the 20/15/13/10. I have decided to hold on to that for now. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  8. MillerMav

    22" Zildjian Dry Complex Ride *Mk1*

    Sold, thank you
  9. MillerMav

    22" Zildjian Dark Complex Ride

  10. MillerMav

    If you can.....please experiment!

    Good morning all, This isn't going to be any big break through post or change anyone's life or anything but I recently did something that confirmed an experiment I tried years ago. MANY years ago I purchased a set of 13" Z custom hats. Ended up being WAY to much for anything I was doing. At...
  11. MillerMav

    Kudos to C&C

    Let me just start by saying I do not own a C&C drum of any kind.... That being said; in my search for a new drum kit I found the C&C 12th and Vine in Walnut/Poplar/Walnut which certainly tickles my fancy. I reached out to their "info" email address expecting a generic reply or something of...
  12. MillerMav

    Vintage *NOS* Sonor Ferromanganese 5x14" snare

    Sold! Thank you....
  13. MillerMav

    Vintage Ayotte 7x13" Snare

    The time has come to sell a snare that I never thought I would sell. Long story short, I sent the batter hoop out to "current" Ayotte a few months back to have it modified only to have it turn in to a big fiasco and then got it back a couple weeks ago (it was never modified, FYI). The time I...
  14. MillerMav

    Roland SPD-SX *Like New*

    I purchased this back in early May of this year. I took it out of the box once and played around with it for 3-4 hours and then it went back in. Turns out my assumption that the reason I wasnt getting better was due to not having electronics was somehow incorrect. Hahaha! Weve all been...
  15. MillerMav

    Help with Ayotte.....

    Good morning all, 20 years ago, almost to the day, I purchased my first really nice piece of drum gear at 18 years old. It was a "Ray era" 13x7 snare in purple with wood hoops and matching inlay. I played it exclusively for at least 18 years and since then have purchased a few different...
  16. MillerMav

    10" Zildjian S China splash

    Good morning all, I'm not trying to get rich on any of these; there is some nice stuff and some used stuff and some in between stuff. All cymbals are in perfect working condition, no nicks, chips, keyholes, etc.... All prices are shipped to the lower 48! All 8"s have sold! 10" Zildjian S...
  17. MillerMav

    Drum builder "writers block"??

    Good morning everyone, I am not a retail builder but I have built one kit and a few snares for myself over the years. I'm not making my own shells or anything but I do my own veneer work and edges and all of that. Below is a picture of the current kit I am building. The veneer is fumed red...
  18. MillerMav

    Theoretical shell construction....

    I've been tossing around an idea that I will most likely never get around to making but I thought I would bounce it off of any of the builders here. Reading over the MANY bearing edge threads (and I don't want to rehash all of the angle/sound/etc. discussion) here and elsewhere I think one...
  19. MillerMav

    Making ply hoops

    Good morning all, As I continue on with my current kit build I am thinking about going with yamaha style wood hoops. I know these hoops are a ply layup and then routed to hide the head and drilled for tension rods but my question is; has anyone tried making this style of hoop? Would you just...
  20. MillerMav

    Dunnett Carbon Steel snare. 6.5”x14”