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  1. Sinclair

    Shipping 22 ride across the US...cheapest route

    Perhaps not the cheapest but when I was shipping Bettis cymbals I used USPS and would avoid shipping ground, when for a dollar or two more it would go priority air. Less handling and delivery in 2-3 days instead of 5-7. I shipped hundreds of cymbals and never payed for insurance. (priority...
  2. Sinclair

    Uh oh. Ginger Baker Critically Ill

    Always loved his solo and song playing with Cream. He's an original. I mean who else would even think to play snare on 1 and 3 on Sunshine of Your Love and make it sound that great.
  3. Sinclair

    50's 24" A Zildjian SS

    Surprisingly controlled. Wasn't expecting it to be so dry.
  4. Sinclair

    Zildjian Sweet Ride Set (21/23)

    $390 with the hats. What's the price on the pair now that the hats have sold? Thanks.
  5. Sinclair

    Where to buy 16 inch wooden bass drum hoops

    A quick story if I may. I was looking for 16 BD hoops as well a while back. From the very few options I found on line, I couldn't find any thick enough. I was in Pro Drum a few days later for something else and on a whim asked Stan if he had any. He says hold I'll look, and disappears into the...
  6. Sinclair

    Oriollo Phantom Kit Demo

    Thanks much!
  7. Sinclair

    Oriollo Phantom Kit Demo

    Yep, good eye.
  8. Sinclair

    Spizzichino Asian Alloy 22"

    Old Stamp K pirice. Must be nice.
  9. Sinclair

    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    Congrats on such an amazing find. How do the edges look? I'll assume the snare edges are find, just wondering about the other drums.
  10. Sinclair

    Wikipedia Rabbit Hole

    That is great although I couldn't follow the drum break at all. Nice singer and arrangement. Didn't get his name. The B3 seals the deal for me. Killer. Thanks J1. Tell the Mrs. she has my sympathy.
  11. Sinclair

    Bell hole crack?

    I would grommet that. My 22 TS has no cracks but the keyhole is just as bad. Grommet fixed it and it's been 6 or 7 years now.
  12. Sinclair

    14x6 N&C Alloy Classic

    Your killing me with these high end snare sales. Another great one here. GL!
  13. Sinclair

    Bell hole crack?

    Whose the guy that (arc?)welds cracks by using the B20 from the cymbal he's actually fixing?
  14. Sinclair

    What setup do you bring to club/bar/restaurant gigs?

    Last nights restaurant you can't park there Pearl Gretsch Ludwig jazz kit. 14 BD, 14 snare, 10 tom.
  15. Sinclair

    Gig Schizophrenia

    Holy Hell it's worse than I thought.
  16. Sinclair

    Slingerland Bebop set for sale with 16x13 bass drum

    One of the most eye popping kits I've seen. If I walked into a club and saw these on stage during the break I'd have to stay for the next set just to hear em. I don't care what my girlfriend was whispering in my ear. Some one grab these.
  17. Sinclair

    Die cast hoops, should I?

    I would do it just so you could tell the difference yourself. I have TF's and DC for my bop kit. It's good to have options.
  18. Sinclair

    22" A Zildjian 50's Small Stamp Thin 2264g

    This cymbal is SOLD. Thanks.
  19. Sinclair

    22" A Zildjian 50's Small Stamp Thin 2264g

    Just bought this form member Stpdrummer. It's too similar to other 50's A's I play so off it goes. The thinnest I've seen. Eight factory rivets none installed. Same price I paid. $200 plus shipping. 2 day prioroty. PayPal Friends/Family. Thanks
  20. Sinclair

    WFL Auditorium magic

    I just picked up a Keystone 6.5 School Festival w/ baseball bat muffler. 16 single lugs. Not as old as the WFL's but I believe they are more or less the same shell. The WFL's I think have a thicker re-ring. One other difference might be the Keystone's do not have brass hoops (?) Please enlighten me.