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  1. Talktotommy

    How do the pros do this?

    Years ago when I was playing out regularly I had some help with set up and breakdown. But no matter what timeslot we were playing I would always have to go on stage when the drums are being set up to make sure they were set comfortably for me to play. Any Professional show I’ve seen where...
  2. Talktotommy

    Any evidence that modern Delmar wraps will fade at all

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed any fading or change in color over time in the Delmar wraps in the last 20 years or so. I know they’re made differently than the vintage ones just curious if anyone could reply “definitely yes”.
  3. Talktotommy

    Worst decision you ever made related to drumming.

    This can be anything but for me it was after one band had broken up playing in and around Boston. Got together with a few people to try and do a wedding band thing. Two weeks into it I threw my sticks down and said I’m done. First time I ever quit a band. Went from playing mostly originals to...
  4. Talktotommy

    Finally finished 40’s Radio King set

    I Put this together from single drums which was not my initial intention. I picked up the 26 inch bass drum to use in the studio as an option and absolutely fell in love with it. A 9 x 13 popped up shortly after I picked up the bass drum. It was pretty badly yellowed as well as the bass drum...
  5. Talktotommy


    I can’t imagine being faced with that task But I know three things. 1. better not try and outdo him on snare rudiments 2. Forget about trying to overwhelm him with speed because that’s what he does to everyone else 3. Forget about cymbal and hi hat technique as well Ed Shaughnessy on the...
  6. Talktotommy

    Ever see a professional band get booed off stage?

    I went to see rush at the Boston Garden early to mid 80s I would say. The opening act was a blues band. They were playing fine but people started booing so much that the singer actually apologized and said they would only do one more song. I think they only got through three songs. I felt...
  7. Talktotommy

    Does any company make this?

    Trying to find or make protector for vintage l-arm cymbal holders. If you’ve ever had one slip and fall over during the show it’s not a pleasant experience for you or your bass drum. Thinking of some rubber wedge that could be clamped on to the arm as a safety. Anyone ever seen anything like this?
  8. Talktotommy

    Largest kit ( number of drums) that you regularly giiged.

    Through the 80s and early 90s for me was a seven piece set.Three crashes one ride. Not too bad to deal with. Four toms went into two cylinder cases. Bass, floor, snare and cymbal case. One trap case. Used to dream when I was a kid about the Octa plus. Can’t imagine actually packing it up and...
  9. Talktotommy

    Don’t be shamed into hiding! Show off your power Tom kits

    Seems like a lot of people just don’t like these kind of drums. I understand they are very heavy to carry around. These would’ve been very expensive to make with the amount of materials used. I never had a problem with the Ludwig modular hardware as it worked flawlessly for me and I actually...
  10. Talktotommy

    Why are all the small drum sizes so popular

    I don’t own any modern kits just vintage ones ranging from 40s to early 80s. Back then I might’ve been above average in size at six two but by today’s standards I would think that would be pretty average. Regardless of sound when I see a tall or large person sitting behind tiny drums it just...
  11. Talktotommy

    Does size matter to you?

    I’m talking about the size of logos on bass drum heads. Ringos beetle heads look great but would they have looked as good with larger Remo stamps? I love the old crown logo that Remo users on their classic fit heads. I don’t really like printed bass drum heads where the whole surface is a giant...
  12. Talktotommy

    Winter dance party kit

    Hi all. Wondering if anyone can identify what I assume is Carl Bunch’s kit used on the 1959 Winter dance party tour. This photo is of Ritchie Valens filling in for Carl when he was in the hospital. It’s a pretty good photo but I can’t quite make out what brand it may be. Any guesses?