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  1. langmick

    Neil Peart and the Ludwig era...

    Still am not a fan of the Counterparts Ludwigs, too boingy and thin to me. I did catch him plenty times with the DWs and they were great sounding live. One show in particular in NJ they were especially good sounding. But, my faves are still those old rosewood Tamas.
  2. langmick

    O.T. Firing a Client... (long post warning)

    I'm not convinced of that. Someone gains 100lbs in a year and seeks to cause harm to others, and everything else he described leads me to that conclusion.
  3. langmick

    O.T. Firing a Client... (long post warning)

    Oof. You're dealing with mental illness it appears.
  4. langmick

    Ear protection- what do you use?

    I used to work in a loud nightclub, in the Detroit techo era, and I have to wear protection at any concert or anywhere with loud noises, it gets irritating. In a pinch, take a bar napkin, rip it in half, roll it up to the proper diameter and insert. Works as well as any earplug that I've used...
  5. langmick

    Kieth Moon isolated tracks

    I love the way he and Roger complement each other and capture the feeling of Pete's lyrics and music. You can hear what Neil heard in tunes like this. Really musical. Those fills kill me, Quadrophenia is a masterpiece.
  6. langmick

    How About Songs w/Ride Cymbals That We Liked?

    Of course, Nick Mason's Paiste on Us and Them. Live whatever he was using also sounded perfect. Sounds like a Signature. Phil Ehart's ride is just killer. That bell is insane, he played with such purpose and intentionality. Check out Dave Hope's bass lines. Focused on them when a tune...
  7. langmick

    Tom Petty Asked Dave Grohl to Be Heartbreakers’ Drummer

    I would say hitting that hard on stage in a band with those guys would be as rude and obonoxious as you could ever get, stage volume at 11, bashing huge crashes. That's just me. I caught the Foo Fighters a couple years ago and it was constant ALL CAPS at 11. That's his deal. No dynamics at all...
  8. langmick

    Music For All - Music Instrument & Pro Audio Dealer Rockford, MI, United States

    He sells accordions...I'd be careful if I were you. :)
  9. langmick

    Chick Corea has passed away

    Went own the YT rabbit hole... Gerry Brown is incredible here. Power and just hitting it all. What a piece of music. This is on another level. WOW. Mind is wrecked. Lenny is so under-rated.
  10. langmick

    Tom Petty Asked Dave Grohl to Be Heartbreakers’ Drummer

    Does one need to hit that hard.
  11. langmick

    Complete newbie looking for first kit / advice

    If you think you might not carry through, go for it. It's not a bad kit. Getting a lower-end set of drums to sound good is a great learning comes in handy when you're trying to get a high-end kit sounding good. :) As to learning how to play, get a practice pad and a copy of Stick...
  12. langmick

    Speaking of unorthodox setups, Cold Blood's Sandy McKee

    That is some burning stuff. I could swear that I saw a Jimmy Buffett concert on cable in the mid-80s where whoever was sitting in the drumchair also had his hats below the snare. Found it. 1985.
  13. langmick

    More Steve Jordan Goodness

    I think most people miss just how kick butt he was with the Blues Brothers in the 70s. He was playing some heavy stuff! Killer!
  14. langmick

    Chick Corea has passed away

    Heard this on Sirius the other day. The groove is heavy. Gadd is right there.
  15. langmick

    Chick Corea has passed away

    I would drift off into sleep listening to this on many nights. Evokes a mood.
  16. langmick

    Chick Corea has passed away

    Three Quartets, just amazing. It has such a rich sound, and some of Steve Gadd's most supportive and beautiful playing.
  17. langmick

    Chick Corea has passed away

    Terrible loss, but he had a wonderful life touching many. Went to Monsters of Rock at the Silverdome, 2nd row, missed VH to go up the street to Pine Knob to catch Chick with Weckl and Herbie. This was a watershed moment for me, seeing this on cable back then...
  18. langmick

    Crab Apple Ringo Starr's "Falling Down the Stairs" Drumming Genius Revealed on Five Isolated Tracks

    This one always puts a smile on my face. Sounds like overdubs, but the sound and those fills!. This one too.
  19. langmick

    A n g r y

    Those are better drums than the drums that were used on huge hits in the 70s. Focus on grooving on snare/kick/hats and forget about buying more drums until you've got that together, and perhaps a live gig. I kinda speak from experience. :)
  20. langmick

    Greatest Prog Drummers All Time

    Didn't look, but was Dave Grohl included?