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    DIY Sparkle Finish?

    I began with a Ludwig Pink Champagne set that just kept getting bigger and bigger from the 60's through the 70's. I was just looking at that Roger's Day post, and the color swatches. I have a greater appreciation for Champagne sparkle today than when I was growing up. So, my question is, has...
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    Tony and Buddy on the Same Stage?

    I was just doing a search and came upon this hit. For Jazz fans, not only Buddy and Tony on the same stage but, the names on this stage is pretty mind blowing. This is on the Tony Williams tribute page on FB. Would love to have seen Buddy and Tony trade licks back and forth. *******I just...
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    These Drums Are Trash

    Okay, so, here's the trashy drum set, along with some trashy playing. Sorry about that. Just one of those days and I finally said, "I'm done. It is what it is." I will say playing a big, deep, 4pc drum set is definitely not my thing. o_O On the other hand an 18" BD, 26" deep: yeah, a l - i - t...
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    Opinions - Band video/film

    This has probably come up before. I would like some honest opinions and thoughts. Bands in concert film/video. Do you appreciate the scenes changing every 2 seconds, close-ups of faces while hands are moving all over the place, radical scene speed changes trying to keep up with the drummer's...
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    Account question

    I just noticed my posts say VA for location. I went into my account to change it to TX, where I've permanently been some years now. Once again I tried to also include a link to my website but, no matter how I type in a URL I get a message saying I have to type in a URL. It didn't work when I...
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    Moon Gel substance?

    Does anyone know what the substance is that Moon Gel pads are made and where to get it if I don't want to pay for a Moon Gel pad with their frame and all? Is it some kind of silicone? It seems to be the substance used for "sticky," stretchy stuff that sticks to windows and refrigerators, etc. I...
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    Wooden (Walnut) Bi-Lateral Bass Pedal

    I didn't know if I should post this here or in the builders section but, seeing it isn't a drum, I placed it here. For the last six months I've been experimenting with pedals, turning everything into the bi-lateral footprint, a la - the OffSet, my first experience with one back in 2008. So...
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    Tama throne seat post size?

    Does anyone know what size the post is that Tama throne seats attach to? I'm hoping 7/8" (22mm).
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    Buddy, Mike Douglas Show, 1970

    Never saw this before. His usual quick hands and quick wit but, playing a different feel on the tunes than big band swing; though Buddy always "swings."
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    Soloists - Palmer, Appice, Buddy, Phillips

    Some of you may have seen this four part series this guy posted. I mainly posted part 1 because, of all the solos of Carl Palmer I have watched, aside from tossing sticks behind his back, this solo seems to have about every entertaining trick I've ever seen him do since the 70's till now. He...
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    Old Friends Cleaned Up

    Here's what they looked like last week: Here's what they look like today after a ton of work on my drill. And it is still cranking. The 26 was a beast. First time I ever had to use a lock washer between the nuts to keep the cymbal stable and not spin out. Lots of centrifugal force.
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    Cleaning and Modifying Cymbals

    Just thought I'd make some videos out in the shop.
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    Old Friends return 40 years later

    Long story short, below is my set when I was in my early 20's. I sold the set to a guy 40 years ago. Back in July he finds me online. We corresponded. I had just done the interview for the Legend reissue and mentioned this guy and wondered what happened to the set. He told me he still has it...
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    Cagwin - Turkish

    This is insanely cool. Just found out about these things. Just when I thought I had all the sounds I want.
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    Roland TD-20 System Initialize?

    My module has been in storage for a long time. Years. I forgot how to use the thing. I dug it out this morning and turned it on. I'm getting a a window that says system initialize, and that I will lose all saved data, and to hit execute. I do not want to do that and I don't see a way to leave...
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    One head, multi-floor tom

    I just looked for an hour for a picture I saw a few days ago and cannot find it. Maybe someone here has seen it? The picture is of a vintage floor tom, white pearl, odd-shaped, like a Trixon bass drum. Lots of lugs on it. One head, growing from smaller at one end, to larger at the other. I...
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    Tympani drums?

    I was watching a gentlemen's video in the video section this morning of his tympani playing. Many years ago I wondered what a drum set, fiberglass or copper, would sound like if the shells were shaped like tympani bowls. Has anybody ever seen that attempted?
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    Triangular Drums? Deltadrum

    I thought this had to be a joke; But then I saw this: I looked them up. Found nothing. Nothing on YT. That is just freaky. I had seen pictures of "sqrums" years ago (square drums). Even tried to make my own version. Sounded terrible. Does anyone know anything about the Deltadrum company...
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    Tama Superstar Pics?

    Just wondering if anyone here has any pics of their Tama Superstar kits from above, behind the set, drummer's view. I'll be in a situation using a backline Superstar kit, and I have never used Tama bass drum tom mounts, nor L-rod mounts from any company before. I'm just wondering what kind of...
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    Anyone play a festival in Europe?

    Just wondering if anyone here has ever played a festival in Europe. Specifically, Germany. I have never been to Europe, nor have I ever played a festival. Just wondering what experience, observations, tips anyone might have, even from playing an American festival. I'm playing a German festival...