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  1. Malc

    Ear protection- what do you use?

    As I close in on my 50th year I've become more aware of how damaged my hearing is and am noticing my tinnitus more now. My issues stem from a combination of drumming,motorbikes and generally enjoying the louder things in life, and albeit a bit late I've decided to try and slow the damage down by...
  2. Malc

    Evans hd dry tuned high.

    At last weeks band rehearsal I decided I'd like to try out the hd dry snare head I had laying around for a while,and duly plonked it on an old 80's Pearl export 14" steel snare. Now, this snare has seen plenty of action over the years and it's always been a rather ringy drum that I've previously...
  3. Malc

    Premier Signia v Resonator

    I've just been offered a Premier Signia 5 piece shell kit for a reasonably good price but haven't pulled the trigger on them yet as I've already got a Resonator. Is there a big difference in these two,apart from the Resonators being birch and the Signias maple? I'm being a touch hesitant as I...
  4. Malc

    Sabian aax Freq crash - anyone use them alongside aax stages?

    Hi, Currently got the Sabian aax stage pack (8 splash,16 crash,14 hats and 20 ride) and have been offered an aax freq crash 17. Has anyone used these together and are they suited? Cheers.
  5. Malc

    Hello from me.

    Good morning all. I'm a returnee to drumming,having put the sticks down some 12 years ago but have recently joined a local band and have been using my time during the lockdown to clean and re-head my old Premier kit.