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  1. megaphoneman

    Bosphorus Traditionals

  2. megaphoneman

    Bosphorus Traditionals

    Bump willing to split up the set.
  3. megaphoneman

    Bosphorus Traditionals

    Yes! 15" hats 1072/1280 18" crash 1370 19" crash 1426 22" ride 2700
  4. megaphoneman

    Q Gentlemans Brass Seamless Shell Snare

    Q 5.5x14 Brass Gentlemans Snare. Q drums out of LA makes their own deep drawn seamless shell snares. 8 lug, Inde Throw off. Just a great workhorse snare with a wide tuning range. $550 shipped to the lower 48. Email [email protected]
  5. megaphoneman

    Bosphorus Traditionals

    Selling a great set of Bosphorus Traditionals. 15" Crisp Hats 18" Medium Thin Crash 19" Thin Crash 22" Medium Thin Ride Great set that can cover a lot of ground. $700 plus shipping in the lower 48. Email [email protected]
  6. megaphoneman

    Montineri 9 ply Snare Drum For Sale

    More wood less glue so more tone.
  7. megaphoneman

    Austin Era Fibes...Anyone know what happened to Tommy and why he never re-opened?

    I know this thread is long dead but I just got a Fibes Topaz Orange Kit and reached out to Tommy. Seems like he's gonna launch at some point again.
  8. megaphoneman

    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    Looking for a 20 or 22 Fibes Austin Era bass drum and 15 or 16 floor Tom.
  9. megaphoneman

    Sold Jenkins Martin Spun Fiberglass Drum Set

    Monday bump. $2,200
  10. megaphoneman

    Sold Jenkins Martin Spun Fiberglass Drum Set

    Mako Grey Slate Lacquer kit one of a kind. 14x20,15x15, 8x12. These drums have incredible projection and low end. I can ship to the lower 48. Asking $2,200Email [email protected] or send me a pm. Here's a quick iPhone video.
  11. megaphoneman

    Sold 21" Bosphorus Flat Ride Mint Condition 2150 grams

    21" Bosphorus SW Series Flat Ride. This cymbal has a tremendous amount of stick. Great for low volume gigs. Nice shoulder crash. $250 shipped to the lower 48. Sound file below. Email [email protected]
  12. megaphoneman

    Jojo Mayer Pedal for DW 9000

  13. megaphoneman

    Bosphorus 14" Hi hats

    14" Bosphorus Syncopation SW(sand washed) hi hats. These are in mint condition. Great versatile pair with excellent stick articulation and foot chick. 910 grams top and 1076 bottom. Email [email protected] or pm me. $250 shipped inside the U.S...
  14. megaphoneman

    20" Bosphorus Dirty Crash

    20" Bosphorus Dirty Crash. Very cool left side or far right crash. Top logo removed, no keyhole or cracks. Light patina has developed. 1703 grams. Purchased from Cymbalsonly. Asking $250 shipped. Soundfile Email [email protected]
  15. megaphoneman

    19" Lauritsen Ride 1682 grams

    19" Lauritsen 1/2 Turk is SOLD.
  16. megaphoneman

    Vintage 16" Zildjian Hi Hats

    Great pair of 70's era Zildjian Hi Hats. No keyholes or cracks. $225.00 email [email protected] Soundfile here